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Del Unser
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Del Unser
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Del Unser
Del Unser
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 157 of 1043 players
Delbert Bernard Unser
Born: December 9, 1944 at Decatur, Ill.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.01 Weight: 180

Del Unser was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on August 18, 2008, August 26, 2012, March 30, 2016, and September 8, 2016.


First Mets game: April 8, 1975
Last Mets game: July 20, 1976

Share your memories of Del Unser


Mr. Sparkle
March 16, 2001
He was one of my favorite players back in the mid 70's (him and Bruce Boisclair) although he really was only an average player. Came over in the trade that made Tug a Phillie (that one still hurts) but left in a trade that got us Pepe Manguel. I guess he was on the bad end of two trades, one coming, one going. Overall, a solid player while he was here.

Cheeba Wilson
April 10, 2001
Del Unser was my favorite met as a child. At a very young age I remember him to be a solid outfielder. He played very hard and could field like a diamond. Good ole number 25- back in the age when a ballplayer was a ball player. He led the Mets in batting average in 1975 hitting .294. I was happy when he won a ring with the Phillies in 1980, in the World Series he had some huge pinch hits. I salute you Del wherever you may be. You will always be a winner to me. I heard a rumor he was suffering from pro

James T.
August 24, 2001
It makes no sense to me now, but he was my favorite Met of his era. Must have been his unusual first name. I requested and received an autographed picture. My dad's favorite Met was Felix Millan and we used to argue who was better.

January 4, 2002
Best defensive CF Mets ever had!! I remember he got beaned by a St. Louis pitcher (Lynn McClondike??) on purpose after Mets were pounding him with home runs.. He was on DL and the pitcher was suspended for 7 days I think.. Del never became the hitter that he was after that.. Too bad..

Tom Noonan
May 9, 2002
Del Unser played baseball at my high school, St. Teresa High School in Decatur, Il. Del played with my dad and uncle. He was friends with my dad whom shared the outfield with him. Del is coming back to Decatur, this weekend May 11, 2002, for the dedication of out baseball field, Del Unser Field. I have never personally met Del but hopefully this weekend I will. I have seen his bat in the Hall of Fame and heard stories from my parents going and hanging out with all the ball players. Being from my high school Del is very special to people in this area and we are proud to honor an area star this weekend. I am a senior and I hope some day I can leave behind and mean as mch to this baseball program and teammates as Del has done with my family and school. If youre in the area game is at St. Teresa High School, South Field, at 10 oclock May 11th, 2002.

Etch 35
April 5, 2003
The only Mets player ever whose name started with the letter "U" (according to the all-time roster on this site). Thats METS HISTORY! Go Del!

No Mets have had a last name starting with "Q" though, huh. Weird wild stuff.

Scott Peters
April 10, 2004
Ed Kranepool may be the ultimate Met and Bruce Boisclair my favorite player for reasons even I don't understand. But Del Unser had a special place in my family's heart when I was a kid. We named our hamsters Del and Rusty. Guess where Rusty's name came from.

Joe Figliola
April 13, 2004
It sucked to lose Tug McGraw, but getting Del Unser in return was what my then 11-year old mind thought was something good. And I was right.

Del's average didn't dip below .300 until sometime in August. Steady and reliable, even in '76 despite subpar numbers. I was always hoping that he would one day break out of it, but it wasn't the case.

It sucked to lose Del Unser (and Wayne Garrett), but getting Pepe Mangual and Jim Dwyer was what my then 13-year old mind was something awful. And I was right.

Jonathan Stern
August 6, 2004
We trade Tug for Del, then trade Del for Mr. "Baseball beena very, very good to me," himself, then watch both Tug and Del play key roles in the Phillies winning the World Series in 1980. How often do you see a team helping another team in its own division that much while receiving so little in return?

September 12, 2004
I am right there with one of the early postings- Del and Bruce Boisclair were my two favorites as well. My two clearest recollections were everyone in school being all agog when Del was hitting over 400 about two or three weeks into the season. Well we were young. Then on banner day his first season there was a banner I will never forget- "We needed a centerfielder, and Del was our Unser" Classic! Thanks for the memories Del and whomever came up with that great placcard.

Richard A
July 21, 2005
Del Unser was always one of my favorite Mets. A very good fielder, who covered lots of ground in center, and hit for average before he was beaned. I always thought the trade for Pepe Mangual was one of the more brainless moves they made (although not quite up there with Amos Otis, Nolan Ryan, and the Rusty Staub for Mickey Lolich doozy).

February 24, 2006
Del Unser Is my favorite player of all time. My Yahoo address is delunser2003 And I asked him if he minded when I met him at a Senators reunion. He was very gracious and friendly. After a Senators game in 1970, he spent about 30 minutes talking to us after everyone else was gone. From that moment on he was my hero. He played hard, covered a great deal of ground in center in his early years and was the Topps Rookie of the Year in 1968, even though he hit just .230. He had 20 assists and 10 double plays defensively that year. Thanks for letting me use your name Del. Best wishes from your biggest fan! (The guy with the Senators tattoo on his chest.)

pete hamner
September 16, 2007
In 1968 I was 12 years old and used to go to RFK stadium in DC. Del was a rookie centerfielder for the old Nats. I'd sit in the upper deck in center and yell hi to Del. He'd always turn and wave. Eleven years later I was a washed up minor leaguer with the Mets in spring training in St Pete. The Phillies were at our place playing some "B" games. I came out of the locker room and saw Del sitting on a bench. I couldn't believe it. I went over and talked to him for about 5 minutes. He was very nice. I told him about me sitting in the upper deck in DC etc. He just laughed. A true pro.

scott r
March 2, 2009
Don't remember much about him as a Met; I was 8 when he was there. I do remember horrible trade to Expos and him playing for Phils in 1980 World Series.

Feat Fan
March 9, 2009
Made an early season splash as a fleet footed, sure fielding lead-off hitter for the 68 Senators. Put together a solid career, always ready to contribute and make the most of his abilities. I never liked the Pepe Mangual trade and losing him to Montreal.

Mr. Roboto
July 27, 2012
In July of 1976, Del was traded from the Mets to the Expos. This happened at the same time that the city of Montreal was hosting the Summer Olympics. Two days after the deal, he homers in extra innings to beat his former team at Jarry Park. I wonder who got more cheers in Montreal that week - Del or Nadia Comaneci.

David A Summers
January 4, 2013
I was 12 in 1975 and it was my first visit to the USA from Plymouth UK.

My Uncle Freddie introduced me to the wonderful game of baseball and as well as watching the Mets on tv, I got to see a 7-6 win over the Braves after 14 innings at Shea Stadium.

Del Unser's bat was particularly hot during my visit and he instantly became my favourite (note the correct spelling) player.

I have now been a Mets fan for 37 years and I watch baseball as much as I can on tv, sometimes very late into the night. Del Unser and his contemporaries played no small part in my enduring love of the game, and the Mets in particular.

Bob P
January 12, 2013
David, thanks for sharing that memory! The game you are referring to took place on Sunday afternoon, June 8, 1975. The Mets beat the Braves 7-6 in 14 innings thanks in part to three hits by Del Unser and four hits and three RBI by Joe Torre.

Unser scored two runs in the game, one brought the Mets to within one run in the fifth inning, and the other tied the game 6-6 in the bottom of the seventh. The Mets scored the winning run on a wild pitch by Elias Sosa with the bases loaded and nobody out in the 14th.

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