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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 255 of 1043 players
Randall Lee Tate
Born: October 23, 1952 at Florence, Ala.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.03 Weight: 195

Randy Tate was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on January 2, 2010, January 3, 2010, February 15, 2011, August 4, 2011, and December 2, 2013.


First Mets game: April 14, 1975
Last Mets game: September 27, 1975

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June 26, 2001

I just remember that he came so close to a no hitter. And I was 15 very excited to see it but it was not to be I think he lost it at 8 1/3 ining but it was fun I remember you randy

Don Hahn Merlis
August 13, 2001
What was symbolic of Randy Tate's no hitter bid, was that not only did he lose the no hitter he lost the game.

Tom Galvin
November 24, 2001
I remember that Randy Tate almost no-hitter so well. I was 10 years old and it seemed to sum up the hapless Mets. Close, but no cigar - he even lost that game. The next year I seem to remember they sent him to Single A (Single A!) and he was never heard from again.

November 27, 2001
I'm glad you guys remembered that game. I think I'm on this site recalling this game, but with Jackson Todd pitching. Shows my recall when I was 9 can't be trusted. All I remember was that it hurt -- bad!

January 4, 2002
I remember the no-hitter bid against Montreal on August 4, 1975... Eight inning, Mets winning 3-0... He walks a batter.. a basehit.. It rattles him.. Next batter is Ellis Valentine (remember him??).. Three run homer... Montreal goes on to win that game.. I never could understand what the Yogi's infatuation with this pitcher was?? They said he had a great curve ball.. but he walked half the team most of the time.. oh well

April 4, 2002
I remember that game. I was really rooting for Randy Tate to pitch that no-hitter! My memory of that game is clear. It was at Jarry Park, and I am CERTAIN that the guy who hit the home run off of Tate in that game for the Expos was MIKE JORGENSEN! (not Ellis Valentine, as someone previously said).

Mike Cohan
May 31, 2002
I absolutely remember Randy Tate's almost-no-hitter. I was 10 at the time, and in Florida visiting my grandparents (all grandparents live in Miami, don't they?) The headline in The Miami Herald the next morning was "Homer stuns Mets' Tate."

The thing is, nowadays a 4.43 ERA would be considered pretty good.

Dennis From Jersey
July 18, 2002
Randy Tate has to be on some list somewhere as a pitcher who had the most decisions or pitched the most innings in his only season in the major leagues. His stats are very strange. You'd think he would have come up again somewhere after pitching over 100 innings and getting 18 decisions. Randy was an early omen of the Mets miserable era of 1977-1983 that was to come and one of my earliest childhood memories of Met futility that was to distinguish them during my teenage years.

August 13, 2002
First ball player I ever wrote to who sent back an autographed pic...for nothing! Randy Tate where are you?

September 11, 2003
I too wonder why he never resurfaced. His rookie season wasn't spectacular, but he was effective enough to warrant another shot. I remember that when the season ended, the Met's brass was high on him. Go figure. BTW, I just 'Googled' RT. Looks like he is the superintendant of a golf course in Alabama:

Paulie Walnuts
April 13, 2005
Sorry guys, but DEADMET above is incorrect. The Randy Tate that he says is a superintendent in Alabama is not the Randy Tate that graced the Shea Stadium mound. I made the trip to that golf course in Alabama, and unfortunately it was not him.

I am really interested in finding him though. I would love to have that 1976 Topps card and 1975 SSPC card autographed. Believe it or not he is one of my favorite obscure Mets along with Billy Baldwin, Butch Benton, Brock Pemberton, Amado Samuel, and Greg Harts.

April 19, 2005
Count me as another who remembers the no-hitter Tate took into the 8th. I still remember who broke it up -- former Yankee Jim Lyttle.

Tate was also a remarkably weak hitter. I believe he was something like 0-for-43 that season.

Rob R.
May 18, 2005
I remember when Bob Murphy, the Mets announcer, declared on a broadcast in early 1975 "He's gonna be a good one." My brother thought that was so far fetched at the time he wrote it down and put the date on it. Guess Bob was wrong.

Roy Trousdale
September 27, 2005
Randy grew in in a small north Alabama town named Center Star, which is almost 12 miles from my hometown of Rogersville. My father-in-law coached Randy's Little League team, and is still close friends with Randy's father.

I played on an Independent League team during the decade of the 80's and Randy pitched in a game for us in Columbia, Tennessee. I think it was the '81-'82 timeframe. I caught, so catching a former Major Leaguer is a special memory of mine.

Mark Corrao
December 23, 2005
I saw him pitch two times in 1975 for the Mets at Shea; my father took me and my brothers when I was 11 years old. They lost both games. Always hoped it would be Seaver pitching when we went.

February 1, 2006
Randy Tate's one season in the big leagues (1975) was very strange. He started over 25 games and was never heard from again. What happened in 1976? Let me tell everyone some inside info. In the winter of 1975 as most fans know the Mets acquired starting pitcher Mickey Lolich and Billy Baldwin from Detroit for Rusty Staub. It was told by Tate from Met brass he would not compete for a starting job at the MLB level in 1976. Tate was a very sensitive young man at the time and although he did not enjoy pitching in the pressure of NYC he did not wish to continue his career in the minors.

Ed Rising
August 19, 2006
That near no hitter was something else! I was 14 and like everyone else, I was really rooting hard for Randy to pitch the Mets elusive no hitter! I remember watching the game at home in our 'family room'. Then having to switch to the tv in my parents room. This was in the 8th inning. No sooner had I gotten up to the other tv - Randy lost the no hitter and eventually the game. I felt awful for him.

When my brothers and I played whiffle ball, I would always 'be' Randy Tate. For some reason I became a fan of his. I suppose I'm just drawn to underdogs and the Mets had a few dogs on the pitching staff in '75 such as Hank Webb and Rick Baldwin.

Its a shame Randy didn't get his control together and made it back to the majors. At least he'll always be amongst my favorite Mets - lord knows why!

Bob P
October 4, 2006
Just to clear up the previous accounts of Randy Tate's near no-hitter:

The game was played at Shea on Monday night, August 4, 1975. Randy struck out a career-high 13 Expos that night. He allowed no hits through seven innings and took the mound in the eighth with a 3-0 lead.

With one out in the eighth, pinch-hitter Jim Lyttle singled to left. After a walk to Pepe Mangual, Randy struck out Jim Dwyer for the second out of the inning. But rookie catcher Gary Carter followed with a single, and there went the shutout. Mike Jorgensen was the next batter. Jorgy hit one over the fence, and there went the win.

Randy wound up the losing pitcher, dropping his record to 4-10 (the team at this point was 56-51). He finished the year 5-13 for a team that was over .500.

VIBaseball's post is correct in two ways--not only was it Lyttle who broke up the no-hitter, but Randy Tate finished the season and his career 0-for-41 as a batter, with one walk, 22 strikeouts, five sac bunts, and a caught stealing.

In his final major league appearance Randy had the bad luck to go up against Steve Carlton. Randy was pulled after allowing six walks and a double to the first eleven batters he faced. Carlton went on to pitch a one-hitter as the Mets lost the game, 8-1. Larry Bowa was the last batter Tate ever faced in the majors (as you might think, he walked).

Mr. Sparkle
October 4, 2006
He started 26 games and had only 41 at bats. That's less than 2 at bats a game. He averages 5 and 1/3 innings pitched, which is pathetic for the 70's but the fact that he didn't even get 2 ABs a game, means no one else on the team was hitting either. What a disaster. Unfortunately, I just realized I share the same birthday with Randy, only he's 10 years older. He was a disaster.

March 31, 2007
Does anyone have any idea why he only played one season? From what I remember he had some nasty stuff and was very young so I wonder what happened?

June 12, 2007
After many years of trying, after many wild goose chases... I finally met Randy Tate! A great guy. He looks exactly like his 1976 Topps card, just a little bit greyer. Now on to my next conquest of Greg Harts, Randy Sterling, Brock Pemberton, Billy Baldwin and Butch Benton!

July 21, 2007
I remember Randy Tate in 1975. He, as well as the team, was brutal. The first professional ballgame I went to was June 1, 1975 - Mets against the Padres at Shea. Randy started, and the Mets lost 4-0. I was one of the 3500 Mets fans to witness it live that day. I don't remember him with the Mets or any other team after that...

Mr. Sparkle
July 21, 2007
My parents just bought my son a Mets hat for his 8th grade graduation. When he put it on, with his hair, he looked exactly like Randy Tate. I had flash backs of Randy Tate all day.

Kave Dingman
October 19, 2007
I was 7 going on 8 the summer of Tate's near no- hitter. Funny thing is I was definitely listening to the game on the radio, and I remember he was racking up strikeouts like nobody's business, but I have no memory of it being a near no-hitter.

Anyway, so where's Randy Tate today and what's he up to?

He's a 55 year old man in Muscle Shoals, and he's just been charged with stealing $20,000 worth of copper from a chemical company.

Brock Tate
October 19, 2007
For anyone out there who is wondering about Randy, he is my uncle. Although he was a young legacy of a pitcher, he is but that of a person. Randy traded to Pittsburgh Pirates the next year and pitched in Triple A. He tore his rotator cuff and was forced out of the league.

After he went home in hopes of surgery, but opted out to start a career working. With numerous calls from Yogi Berra, Hank Aaron, etc. begging and pleading for him to come back to try and play or coach in the Newly formed Mexican leagues, he said NO. Furthermore, he ran from his career of reckless baseball performances, drugs, and alcohol into downward-spiraling career.

I went and played a couple of years in college before tearing my rotator cuff then transferring to Alabama to play, and he still won't even come to watch me play. He truly will not talk about the game.

March 5, 2008
I don't remember the near no-hitter but I do remember Randy Tate well. Mostly for the fact that he never got a hit. He could sometimes hit the ball hard and the Met announcers would state that one of these at bats a hit would fall in, but it never did. Leaving him a career 0 for 41, with his one walk offset by a caught stealing. I always wondered how close he was to the record for most ML at bats without a hit. I think he was pretty close and that the record is about 50, but I could never confirm that.

As to why he didn't pitch in the majors after 1975, it's probably because his 1976 season at Tidewater was pretty brutal.

mike DiSciullo
March 5, 2008
I remember listening ( on my transistor radio) of the game in which Randy flirted with a no-hitter. He of course did not do it but also lost the game. After that year he never made it back up to the big league level. But for that one night (listening to the Murph) I was pulling for him as if he was a legendary Met!

I sure hope life is treating you well my
March 29, 2008
I met Randy in 1981 in Knoxville, TN. He was trying to get his life on track after his shoulder injuries. The Randy I knew in the early 80's was a kind hearted man. I remember a summer in the early 80's when a catcher rolled into town for a few months trying to talk Randy into going to some walk on tryouts with him. He hung around town for a couple months, got to watch Randy pitch to him a few times, but Randy's shoulder was still giving him too much trouble to consider going back.

I vaguely remember someone saying that Randy's fastball was clocked at 102 mph. Just watching him on the local high school field throwing with that ex-pro catcher (Joe somebody) that one summer, was enough for me to realize that Randy probably was a very promising pitcher in the mid 70's. Injuries just ended his career before it ever took off.

April 19, 2008
His stats weren't so bad as much as the team was lousy and a lot was put on his shoulders. Tom Seaver missed some starts with a sciatic nerve injury. I remember a newspaper headline that September proclaiming the Mets to sink or swim with Tate. We all know what happened.

david lozano
July 20, 2008
I was a teammate of Randy's in 1974. He was a talented young pitcher who went from A" Ball Anderson S.C. to the Major leagues the next year. He was big shouldered and threw very hard with an outstanding curve ball. The Mets front office had high hopes, in fact he was being referred to as the next Nolan Ryan.

March 14, 2010
Interesting that such a non descript Met, has so many "memories"...though most relate to that one fateful game he pitched against the Expos. Anyway I just looked up the boxscore and the Mets were 3 hit that day (the Expos ended up with 4) and in an ironic twist, the opposing starter was an equally non descript pitcher--current Met pitching coach, Dan Warthen!

Jay Tysver
May 15, 2012
I lived in Florence, Alabama from 1999-2009. That is where Mr. Tate is from. There was a story in the newspaper about four or five years ago that he was arrested for stealing copper from some homes. Not sure on the outcome of that.

August 21, 2012
I remember one of the announcers (I think it was Bob Murphy) suggesting that Tate might get only three hits all year, but they would be home runs.

tony bracci
April 1, 2014
To answer some of your questions on "what happened to Tate?", here are his minor league statistics after 1975 courtesy

1976 Tidewater: 7-14 6.20 122ip, 136h, 93bb, 10hp, 14wp, 58k

1977 Lynchburg: 11-8 3.57 141ip, 134h, 100bb, 13wp, 79k

1978 Shreveport (Pirates AA), 3-8 4.46, 101ip, 107h, 66bb, 13wp, 62k

1978 Columbus (Pirates AAA), 0-2, 5,87, 23ip, 26h, 17bbb, 2wp, 6k

And quite honestly, the Mets called him up prematurely. Prior to '75, here are his numbers

1972 Marion: 0-9 6.00 60ip, 65h, 54bb, 20wp, 56k

1973 Pompano Beach: 4-10, 4.38, 117ip, 105h, 88bb, 14wp, 82k

1974 Anderson: 7-11 3.68, 159ip, 111h, 150bb, 23wp, 153k

1974 Tidewater: 2-0 1.06, 17ip, 10h, 8bb, 9k

Definitely a hard thrower whose pitches jumped out of the strike zone.

Jack from Floral Park
May 12, 2015
Today is Yogi Berra'a 90th Birthday. Yogi loved Randy Tate, so it's only fitting to mention Randy today. I remember hearing a radio interview with Joe Garagiola shortly after Yogi was fired from the Mets in '75. Apparantly Joe called Yogi on the phone to check on his well being after losing his position. Yogi was listening to the Mets game on the radio. Joe asked him if he listens to all the games. Yogi told him "no, but Tate's my boy!" That's all that needs to be said about Randy Tate. If he's good enough for Yogi, he's good enough for me.

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