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Mac Scarce
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Mac Scarce
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Mac Scarce
Mac Scarce
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 624 of 1043 players
Guerrand McCurdy Scarce
Born: April 8, 1949 at Danville, Va.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.03 Weight: 180

Mac Scarce was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on January 23, 2015, April 11, 2015, and April 15, 2017.


First Mets game: April 11, 1975
Last Mets game: April 11, 1975

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The thing I remember most about Mac Scarce is that he pitched for the Phillies, because I actually saw him pitch. I missed the game he presumably appeared in for the Mets, but I heard he didn't impress anybody. He was pretty scarce after that.

If I recall correctly it was opening day in '75. Scarce came in with at least one runner on base for the Mets opponents (Philly). He gave up a hit to his ONLY batter. The game had been deadlocked when he came in the game. Hence he gave up the winning hit without retiring a batter. In my opinion he barely made the roster just to save face because he was part of the Tug McGraw trade. He was unable to fill Tug's shoes.

Andy from Rego Park
February 6, 2002
Memories? His name was Scarce and so was his performance. He ranks right up there with Doc Medich, Dave Liddell, Mike Bishop and Luis "Papo" Rosado.

September 14, 2003
I remember Mac Scarce from his Phillies baseball card. For some reason I always thought he looked kind of cool on this card. I was somewhat excited when the Mets got him from the Phillies (although I was quite mad they traded Tug McGraw). I guess he was not as good as I thought as he lasted one game with the Mets and was then traded for Tom "The Blade" Hall.

December 6, 2003
I think Scarce was the guy the Mets got who retired almost as soon as he found out he was dealt to the Mets. He did come back briefly in '78 though.

rudy k
January 8, 2004
It actually wasn't Opening Day, but the third game of the 1975 season. I remember listening to it on the radio. (I was off from school, sick. Listening to the game on the radio was a big thrill.) The Mets were playing in Pittsburgh, and were up 3-0 going into the the bottom of the ninth. Then...uh-oh... Koosman, going for the CG shutout, runs out of gas. He gives up three straight singles, so it's time to bring the brand new relief corps in to action! Fingers crossed...

Rick Baldwin comes in and throws gasoline on the fire - - a walk, an out, another single, and suddenly the game's tied 3-3, with runners on first and second. Time to bring in Mac Scarce, the guy we got for Tug McGraw! He'll be good, right? Whammo, Richie Hebner singles off him. End of game, and end of Mac Scarce's Mets career.

This is when my flu-ridden 7-year-old mind first began to suspect that perhaps the Tug McGraw trade wasn't a particularly good one for the Mets.

Jonathan Stern
February 10, 2005
It's hard to have that last name after compiling that pitching record, especially in New York. I knew Mac's output was Scarce, but I didn't know until today that it consisted only of one fraction of an inning!

The Mets traded my all-time favorite player away to get him along with Del Unser and John "Awesome Name" Stearns from the Phils. Then they toss Unser back and both Tug and Del help the 1980 Phils win it all, while the Mets contend for the basement for the better part of a decade. So it was with the mid-70's Mets.

Mike A
November 21, 2007
I was way too young to remember this guy in the 70's, I didn't follow the Mets until 1984.

But during the 80's, SportsChannel would show really old and rare videos of 70's Met's season highlights and previews.

The one night they had on a season preview/promo of the 1975 Mets, and featured interviews with the new GM (Joe MacDonald, I think) and 'new pickup' Joe Torre (complete with a hideous 70's polyester leisure suit and bad hair comb-over!)

Torre was featured prominently, as the local boy coming home, and was allowed his opinions on the pick- ups of Gene Clines & Mac Scarce. It was hilarious, Joe was all excited, it was if the Mets had secured their berth for the World Series according to him.

They really thought of Scarce as the main piece of that deal, Unser and Stearns were pretty much chump change to Mets top brass. What seemed like 5 minutes of footage of Scarce in a Phillies uniform (striking out the same two batters) was shown, giving the viewer that he was the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Almost as comical as the '79 Mets promo featuring their up & coming minor league superstar......Ronald MacDonald!! (no, I am not making that up)

May 20, 2010
Mac had hurt his shoulder before coming to the Mets. In his own words, he was "damaged goods." Ah, the Mets trades of the '70s...

Jim McDonough
January 4, 2013
I just saw the Mets Yearbook 1975 episode that Mike A is talking about. The way that Joe McDonald goes on and on about Mac Scarce I thought he was talking about a young Sandy Koufax. The suit that Torre was wearing was God-awful even for that time and he made it worse by saying what a good hitter Gene Clines was. I know it's been many years but if Gene Clines was so good, would a divisional rival be so quick to trade him to you?

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