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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 163 of 1043 players
Franklin Cristamo Taveras
Born: December 24, 1949 at Las Matas De Santa Cru, Dominican Republic
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.00 Weight: 160

Frank Taveras was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on December 24, 2007, May 12, 2010, March 28, 2011, and May 7, 2013.


First Mets game: April 20, 1979
Last Mets game: October 3, 1981

Winner of National League Player of the Week award, May 25, 1980. (New York Mets)

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Andy from Rego Park
April 7, 2001
Early in the dreadful 1979 season, the Mets scorecard & program contained a profile piece on newly acquired infielders Frank Taveras and Richie Hebner... in the table of contents the story was titled,"Hebner and Taveras give Mets' Lineup Big Boos." I'm thinking they meant "boost," but having watched Hebner and Taveras play side-by-side, I'm not really sure.

Mr. Sparkle
April 20, 2001
Nice hat Frank.

I hated this guy. He couldn't hit a lick. I remember going to the park in the early 80's and yelling at the poor slob from my general admission ticket that landed me 10 rows in back of third base. He wasn't a very good fielder either.

David Grover
May 25, 2001
He was actually a pretty flashy shortstop. I seem to recall that he actually once got a bunt double. Nice double play combination with Tim Foli.

June 8, 2001
Actually, the Mets traded Foli to the Pirates to get Taveras. Foli helped the Pirates win the World Series, while Taveras trudged on with those awful Mets teams. Basically, the only thing the guy did well offensively was steal bases. Had about as much power as Rey Ordonez.

Jersey Joe
August 16, 2001
What's the difference between Gene Clines & Frank Tavares ????? I think that they're the same guy.

Jerome from Manhattan
November 30, 2001
I've never seen this guy before, but he looks like a scrub with that hat.

clubhouse report
May 12, 2002
couldnt hit a lick? the guy hit .279 in 1980, how many regular met shortstops other than jose vizcaino or rafael santana have done as well? not to mention the fact he swiped 30 or 40 bases. i'm not saying he should be in cooperstown but the man wasnt exactly 1963 al moran or the 1993 tony fernandez.

Larry Burns
June 3, 2002
I remember Frank was a decent major league shortstop, but I hated him on the Mets. He did not do much with them. He certainly was not as good as he had been. Again it was the darkest days in Metsland and he was affected by the negativity.

June 14, 2002
One cool thing about Frank was that he was traded very early in the 1979 season, when the Pirates had played more games than the Mets. He wound up with 164 games played that season!

Steve from Monroe
July 25, 2002
The man was fast, but was a terrible, terrible fielder. Guy has one of the worst artificial turf fielding percentages of all-time with the Pirates. With the Mets, he made errors at the rate of 1 every 3 games. Just a terrible ballplayer overall.

His biggest fan
October 12, 2002
Frank Tavaras was and always will be my favorite Met. He was fast and exciting to watch ... I remember one specific incident when he attempted to steal home ... he was called out, but I know he was safe!

Bob D.
November 27, 2002
Taveras was an exciting player, but unfortunately he did not have the success with the Mets that he had with the Pirates. His fielding in New York was awful - I can remember that many of his groundball chances seemed to have Bob Murphy give the call of "Bobbled, booted, thrown away."

Steven Gallanter
June 7, 2003
I have vague memories of reading the LETTERS TO THE EDITOR column in the NY POST following Taveras' acquisitiion from the Pirates where a letter said that the Mets had a "public relations need" for a Latin player followoing the departure of Felix Milan. Does anyone else remember this?

July 25, 2003
I hated this guy with a passion that I have only felt for a few Mets in history. He was with those nasty Pirates teams that seemed to always kill the Mets during the Joel Youngblood days. Boy I hated him. Whenever I got his baseball card I would quickly go to my bike and replace the battered Frank Taveras card with the new one. At least he sounded cool as I rode down the street.

The Mets trading for him killed me. You hate to bring the enemy into your camp and he proved to be the bum I always thought he was. Give me Leo Foster, Give me Sergio Ferrer, Give me Rich Puig, but please, please keep Frank Taveras.

June 18, 2004
I'll never forget him coming to bat one time, and Bob Murphy saying, "Here's the sure glove of Frank Taveras coming to bat."

So my brother and I looked at the TV, expecting a giant glove to come to bat.

Jonathan Stern
December 14, 2004
I remember this guy as being a typical Joe Torre Met. He gave it his all, but his all was not enough. Still, I do not think he deserves the above harsh remarks. He was not a great fielder, but he could hit, he played every day, and he got his uniform dirty. He struck me as being a lot easier to root for than any of the post-1986-Mets shortstops, Viscaino and one or two others excepted.

September 27, 2005
I used to do a headfirst slide into my parents' bed every morning, pretending to be Frank Taveras stealing second base. I was a little kid.

February 1, 2006
I was a youg kid back when he became a Met but I remember thinking what was the point of swapping him Foli. However, he ranks up there with Flynn, Hodges and the others as I recall those days at Shea.

Pittsburgh Paul
March 1, 2006
I saw this bum as a Pirate fan. Horrible player. One time he screwed up a soft grounder against the Cubs in Chicago and cost the game. Someone phoned the Pirates head office and said he was going to shoot Taveras. Made national news, he had a security detail for a few days. When the Bucs shipped him to the Mets, Pittsburgh won the World Series in '79.

Go figure.

Putbeds 1986
March 25, 2006
I remember a blurb from Bob Raismann's "Media Column" in the New York Daily News when they made the announcement of the Mets starting up their own tv network (which turned out to be SNY). The comment went "I cannot wait for the Frank Taveras "Metsography". I laughed out loud reading that.

Nicky H
November 4, 2007
I love saying that it's easy for Torre to win with Jeter, but look at what he did with Frank Taveras at shortstop. Taveras was just awful. Had an OK average but always folded in clutch at bats. Pirates were brillant in getting rid of him in exchange for the scrappy Tim Foli.

March 5, 2008
Actually when he was hot with the bat he was a world beater. He could hit .600 for a week then .150 the rest of the month. He had decent stolen base numbers so he did get on base with some frequency. On the field he made hard plays look easy and easy plays look hard.

May 17, 2008
I remember him hitting a home run and looking at the third base coach, apparently asking what do I do now?

Doctor Worm
September 6, 2008
1,480 Met AB's, one home run. No wonder he didn't know what to do.

July 6, 2012
I remember Taveras, he actually would make speculator plays in the field, but he would also boot the easiest plays. He was very streaky as a hitter and very fast runner, but he lack any consistency. When he left, he was forgotten quickly.

August 11, 2015
I met Frank Taveras as a kid. He lives one block away from me in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Every winter he would gather the kids in the neighborhood and give us old gloves, baseballs, and bats. Really nice guy. He would come to our sandlot games and give us tips as well. When I moved to Brooklyn I was happy the Mets picked him up. One thing that I remember watching those bad teams he was on was a season in which he broke the Met bunt singles record. Don't know if anyone still tracks this, but he was the best push bunter I ever saw. A lost art in baseball. Sad to see so many people tear him apart. I can attest that he is a decent human being and I'm glad a had a chance to know a major leaguer during my youth. I wish more of today's stars would carry themselves off the field the way he did.

August 11, 2015
Frank Taveras was a demon on the base paths, 70 bags in 77.

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