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Richard Wayne Ownbey
Born: October 20, 1957 at Corona, Cal.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.03 Weight: 185


First Mets game: August 17, 1982
Last Mets game: June 13, 1983

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Don't remember him as a player. Gotta love that he was part of the greatest Mets trade of all time, though. Thank you, Whitey Herzog, for the 1986 World Series, you idiot!

I remember a sportscaster doing a piece on him. They showed him tossing a Frisbee with his toes. Go figure!

March 17, 2001
Saw him pitch in an April game against the Braves when he served up 2 bombs to Dale Murphy. Highlight of the day was seeing Tom Seaver in the dugout.

November 16, 2001
Ownbey was the ultimate free-spirited Southern Californian. Maybe he was just a hot dog. He reminded me of former Mets' killer Mike Krukow. Remember Krukow? Always appearing on Kiner's Korner and reminding Ralphie that they went to the same high school.

Larry Burns
June 5, 2002
Had a much better career with the Cardinals then with the Mets. He looked like Jack Armstrong, All-American Boy. Unfortunately he pitched like Neil Armstrong. He gave up moonshots to every stiff in the league. Female fans thought he was hot.

James Caldwell
August 5, 2002
I remember him being mentioned in one of Garrett Morris' routines as Chico Esquela. Maybe the one where Chico goes to spring training with the Mets. I think Chico accused Ownbey of stealing his soap.

Jonathan Stern
December 17, 2002
Part of the best trade in Mets history (one of the few truly good ones, really). Gotta love the guy for that, if for nothing else. Lord knows we need more Rick Ownbeys - provided they bring in more Keith Hernandezes.

James Damion
July 16, 2005
I remember him going 0-13 a year or so before they brought him up but he went on to have a brilliant baseball career. (note sarcasm)

September 16, 2005
I'm sorry James. The S.N.L. skit referred to the late Nelson Briles as the guy who stole Chico Escuelas' soap! Rick Ownbeys' career footnote will be... The guy we gave up to get Keith Hernandez! It was one of the few times the Mets braintrust did not get fleeced in a deal. His departure marked the turnaround for the Mets team and fans! Where ever he is, I hope he's well!

May 19, 2006
He is my uncle. He is great. Ha Ha. I have a uncle that was a major league baseball player. Go Uncle!

September 21, 2009
Never saw him throw a pitch but all Mets fans should thank God for Rick Ownbey, without whom we might never have had the greatest position player in Mets history, Keith Hernandez.

February 17, 2010
Let's see! How do I remember Rick Ownbey? Traded for Keith Hernandez! That's how!

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