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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 447 of 1043 players
Adalberto Ortiz
Born: October 24, 1959 at Humacao, P.R.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.11 Weight: 176

Junior Ortiz was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on May 17, 2009, June 14, 2011, and October 30, 2012.


First Mets game: June 15, 1983
Last Mets game: September 22, 1984

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The Mets just HAD to protect Junior Ortiz after the 1983 season, so they left Tom Seaver unprotected. He was picked up by the White Sox. Therefore, Seaver didn't get the chance to win his 300th in a Met uniform. A disgrace as far as I was concerned.

Robert Biitman
August 31, 2001
I met him once and he was a charming guy. Didn't speak much English. Might have had the 2nd best moment on Kiners Korner ever (next to Choo Choo Coleman's infamous appearance - Ralph - Choo Choo, what's your wife's name and what's she like? Coleman - Her name's Mrs. Coleman and she likes me)

Ralph - How do you like catching for Tom Seaver? Junior - I like Tom Seaver. He throw the ball very fast.

December 27, 2002
His very first night as a Met they interviewed him on TV. He spoke almost no English, and was so painfully shy he faced away from the camera the whole time. After a legnthy question was posed to him regarding the trade, Junior replied, "I just happy to be playing for, um, dis team."

July 13, 2004
One of the funniest things I ever saw in baseball was in 1983, every time Junior Ortiz went to the mound to confer with Tom Seaver.

Ortiz was a rookie catcher who spoke virtually no English. Seaver was a three-time Cy Young winner and a Hall of Famer.

What the heck was Ortiz going to say to Seaver? "Son madre wear army boots?" "Yo la tiengo?" "How do you get an endorsement deal from a car manufacturer?"

September 24, 2004
Junior had hardly any sock with the bat. Even his singles went to the opposite field most of the time.

I didn't remember that his career lasted as long as it did. Shows what can happen if you develop a rep as a handler of pitchers. My memory of Junior behind the plate was how he would do the splits receiving the ball, something he picked up from Tony Peña when he was coming up with the Pirates.

He always seemed to be a very jovial fellow too.

Doctor Worm
May 25, 2005
A story which may be apocryphal, but is cool nonetheless: In an attempt to improve his English, Junior Ortiz would do simple crossword puzzles. One day in the clubhouse he looks up from his puzzle and asks, "What's a four letter word for 'clenched hand'?" Seaver, who was with the team in '83, responds by making a fist and holding it in front of Junior. To which Junior replies quizzically, "Pitchout?".

March 27, 2008
Junior Ortiz was great! The guy, despite being shy, had a sense of humor. If I have heard correctly, he named his son Junior Ortiz, Jr.!

In 1983, I worked as a vendor at Shea, so we got to come in during batting practice to get ready. One day during BP, Junior, who was never known for his power, hits a towering shot which hits the flagpole in dead center. Everything and everybody seemed to stop in a state of shock. Junior began running the bases, throwing his batting glove to the stands as he rounded third base while players, vendors, and ushers gave him an ovation. It was a priceless moment!

Dave Willins
April 27, 2013
My fondest memory of Ortiz had to be the dugout interview where halfway through he had subtly begun to turn himself away from the camera, until the interviewer, I think McCarver or Kiner, was caught speaking to Junior's back. Classic! All he could say was, well, back to the booth.

September 25, 2013
Ortiz was one of six players on the 1991 Twins world championship team to have played for the Mets. Was a curiosity for wearing number zero in the later years of his career.

That's a scary photo of him on this page, by the way.

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