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John Gibbons
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 488 of 1043 players
John Michael Gibbons
Born: June 8, 1962 at Great Falls, Mont.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.11 Weight: 185

John Gibbons was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on August 9, 2004, August 10, 2004, July 20, 2006, July 21, 2006, and August 22, 2006.


First Mets game: April 11, 1984
Last Mets game: October 4, 1986

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I remember a play at the plate in San Diego. He was knocked over, got up and threw out a runner at 3rd to complete a double play! He had guts!

Mr. Sparkle
March 31, 2001
I remeber that play at the plate in 86. It was an alltime classic. He was a big time prospect that never did anything.

July 27, 2001
everone remembers that play... here it is. Mets up one, runner on second one out in the ninth. Tim Flannery hits a dingle up the middle, Dykstra fields and throws home to Gibbons, who gets barrelled over by the runner but holds on to the ball. Flannery tries to go all the way to third but is gunned down by Gibbons, thus ending the game. The 8-2-5 double play--as Tim McCarver said, "Just your routine double play."

Steve P.
September 18, 2001
John will be the next manager here in N.Y. As soon as Bobby V.'s contract expires, which won't be a day too soon, he will be shown the door while John enters to take our club back to the top. He is a no nonsense person who has the unique ability to gain the trust and respect of his players, which causes them to "play for him". He has won championships in Kinsport & St. Lucie, been to the playoffs with Binghamton (tied the franchise record for wins in '98) and with Norfolk. He knows the game and understands that it's the player's game and that he is there to guide them, not control them. He doesn't believe in a lot of the current BS that surrounds the game and can cut through the crap to get to what's really important. He will be our next manager and will give us what Torre gives the Yankees.

June 14, 2002
I guess he wasn't destined to be the new manager. What have they done with him this time? The reason he didn't make it back then was because his jaw was broken in spring training and they didn't want to wait for it to heal; they got Carter instead. I watched him play for the Jackson Mets in '83. He was spectacular; everything he did was like that play y'all described.

August 8, 2002
He's currently a Blue Jays coach. On that play in '86, the runner was Garry Templeton.

August 10, 2004
It's a sure sign that I'm getting old that John Gibbons, who I remember as the heir to John Stearns, has just been appointed manager (even if on an interim basis) of the Toronto Blue Jays.

He was supposed to be the next great Met catcher, but like John Stearns, who was the last great Met catcher at the time, Gibbons was nailed by injuries. He still led all Met hitters with a .474 bat. A dubious statistic, of course, as he played only 10 games.

I hope he does well with the Toronto Blue Jays, which have turned into a rolling nightmare for their fans and handy patsy for the Yankees this season. He has nowhere to go but up, and he could achieve as a manager the success he was denied as a player.

It would also show Steve Phillips what he lost.

John P.
May 2, 2005
I remember Johnny Gib when he was in HIGH SCHOOL! Man, could he play ball. By far one of the best ever to come out of not only San Antonio, but Texas as well. He had a nice pitching staff as well. Britt Thompson (died 1982), Lonnie Powers, etc. He always had the BEST looking girlfriends also. He is a GREAT guy and a wonderful manager. He will make it BIG TIME in baseball. Toronto is very fortunate to have him. Good job Mets, you had a CAREER Met and you let him get away.

August 11, 2015
If my research is correct, Gibbons was the first Met player born after the first Met game ever in 1962.

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