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Larry Bowa
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Larry Bowa
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Larry Bowa
Larry Bowa
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 396 of 1043 players
Lawrence Robert Bowa
Born: December 6, 1945 at Sacramento, Cal.
Throws: Right Bats: Both
Height: 5.10 Weight: 155

Larry Bowa was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on August 20, 2004, and April 27, 2016.

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First Mets game: August 23, 1985
Last Mets game: October 6, 1985

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Joe Figliola
September 14, 2001
Larry seemed like such a nice guy when he joined the '85 Mets. He was interview by (I think) Steve Zabriskie and he talked on how great it was to go on a team that had a shot at going all the way.

Now, he's such a p***k as a manager for the Phillies. He mouthed off about how lucky the Mets were in taking three of four from them in late July and then knocks Bruce Chen. After the Mets swept them earlier this month, I wonder what loudmouth Larry has to say about the Amazin's now?

Larry Burns
May 28, 2002
Other than sharing a similar name, me and Bowa could not be more different. An excellent shortstop and a good addition in 1985, although we fell short. As a manager this guy is entertaining. He screams, curses and turns red at the drop of a hat. If the Phils lose, and I can only hope they continue, he blames the umps and looks on the verge of a major coronary.

Mr. Sparkle
January 6, 2003
I just remember how odd he looked in a Met uniform. Not because he was a Phillie for so long be simply because he looked dorky in it. He just didn't seem to fit in it the right way. Didn't do a hell of a lot in his time but I do remember him making one spectacular stop to save a couple of runs in one game.

July 13, 2004
He's one of those guys that you cannot believe was actually a New York Met.

I remember him in the crucial series with the St. Louis Cardinals in September 1985. He made a critical error to lose a game. One of my colleagues in the press box said, "That's the Mets. They bring in a journeyman player and he always falls on his face. Like Jim Fregosi and Mickey Lolich." Never thought of that, but it does seem to happen...they bring in established guys who fall flat on their faces: Roberto Alomar being the archetype.

Jonathan Stern
December 14, 2004
It's hard to believe that Bowa ended his career with the Mets. Harder still to think that he was immediately hired to manage the Padres. What were the Pods thinking? This guy's a nut. If you don't believe me, read John Kruk's autobiography. And remember that Kruk actually LIKED playing for Bowa in San Diego. Bowa did do a lot to help Kruk's career, of course.

Bowa was a strange case as a player. Much about him was truly old school, yet in certain ways he anticipated the coldness and selfishness of today's players, particularly in his tendency to guard record for fewest errors in a season. He was certainly the most contentious member of those late 70's Phillies teams and the one clashed the most with manager Dallas Green (who he praised and predicted would be good for the Mets when they hired him). He also clashed more than a bit with the Philly media and fan base, particularly after a late September, 1980 game in which he broke his season-long silence with the reporters to scream, "WORST-BLEEPIN' FANS IN THE WORLD! FRONT-RUNNING MOTHERBLEEPERS!" For some reason, he continued to be booed throughout that same year's fall classic - a fall classic he had declared on his afternoon radio show that same late September day that the Phils were not good enough to make. And yet, his recent dismissal as Philly manager not withstanding, he is still considered by many to be one of the most beloved players in the team's history. Maybe rooting for the Mets isn't so terrible after all.

Vince L
May 31, 2006
Does anyone remember that the very first ground ball hit to Bowa as a Met he kicked for an error?

August 19, 2006
I miss watching Bowa manage the Phillies. Watching Bowa flip out in the dugout was always entertaining.

April 27, 2007
I was at his first game as a Met on August 23rd, 1985. It was the second game of a double header and the ball went right through his legs on his first chance to field the ball as a Met.

Bob P
June 18, 2009
In 1972, his third full season with the Phillies, Bowa accomplished a rare statistical feat. In more than 630 plate appearances, he finished the season with 13 triples, but he had just 11 doubles and one home run. So Larry had more triples than he had doubles and home runs combined!

January 30, 2012
When Bowa joined the Mets, didn't he admit that the Cubs in '84 had all the Mets signs, thus making their August run past the Mets to the pennant a little bit easier?!

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