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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 88 of 1043 players
Barry Stephen Lyons
Born: June 3, 1960 at Biloxi, Miss.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.01 Weight: 205

Barry Lyons was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on April 24, 2004, May 7, 2010, May 3, 2014, October 18, 2016, and March 21, 2017.

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First Mets game: April 19, 1986
Last Mets game: May 15, 1990

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My fondest memory of Barry Lyons was the game in Saint Louis when he plowed into the Cardinal's dugout chasing a foul ball, breaking John Tudor's leg in the process. What infuriated Card's fans was that the foul pop wasn't even close to being catchable, yet Lyons went at it like a bull. Whitey Herzog was quoted later as saying "The Easter Bunny couldn't have caught that ball". Its a shame that Lyons was ushered out unceremoniously by the Mets - I never heard or understood why that was done, he was easy to root for.

Barry Lyons did absolutely nothing to help the Mets. I saw him play with the Tides after they sent him back down to the minors. People were asking him for autographs, and he payed no attention to them. I told the sorry jackass that he should pay me money to accept his autograph. I think I was the only one in the entire ballpark that got his attention. What a loser!

Barry Lyons might as well have been swinging a tooth pick at the plate. A terrible hitter. But he gave Gary Carter's knees a rest once in a while.

Mr. Sparkle
April 11, 2001
This guy was always pissed off he didn't get more playing time behind Carter. Gimme a break Barry, you sucked! What did baldy do between 91 and 95??

May 23, 2001
Couldn't escape Carter...who followed him to L.A. Had some power when he made contact (which wasn't that often).

Broke Tudor's leg, let's give him SOME credit.

Mr. Sparkle
May 30, 2001
I forgot about the Tudor incident, good point. Hats off to Barry!!!! I hated that rat look alike Tudor!

Joe Figliola
August 13, 2001
Barry Lyons ranks right up there with Mark Messier as one of New York sports' greatest chrome domes!

Barry (not Lyons)
September 30, 2001
When Tom Seaver was trying to come back to the Mets in 1990 ( I think), the Mets had him pitch in some simulated games at Shea. Barry Lyons, I remember, did real well against Seaver...which, I guess, among other factors, convinced Seaver to hang it up. I mean, if he couldn't even get Lyons out!

When Seaver retired, there was a press conference at Shea and a reported asked him who was the toughest batter he ever faced.

Seaver's answer: Barry Lyons

Larry Burns
May 23, 2002
Other than breaking Tudor's leg, which was pretty sweet, he was an awful backstop. For some reason people remember backup catchers fondly---eg. Duffy Dyer, Ron Hodges, and Todd Pratt. But this bald headed stooge could not get a job emptying the fry-o-later at the local Red Lobster with his baseball skills.

Barry Lyons
October 9, 2002
Yes, that's my real name, and no, I am not him. I was a Mets fan growing up as a kid in the 80's and it was great to have a ballplayer with the same name as me, on my favorite team, no less! He wasn't great at all, except in one minor league season when he had 108 rbi's once. My favorite memory is when he hit a grandslam of of Kelly Downs of the Giants. One of the New York newspapers here put "Lyons Roars" on the cover. That was really cool.

January 27, 2003
I remember meeting Barry in Delware Maryland in between games, (1986) he was a gentleman. Bought me a drink gave me a tee-shirt that I still have and a great kiss to go. I wonder if baseball is part of his life?

February 27, 2003
Barry Lyons memory, big game in Chicago 1984 or 85, late game clutch situation and he gets picked-off second base during an attepted intentional walk? Met career should have ended there.

Dave M.
February 28, 2003
Barry Lyons just spent two hours tonight instructing Little League coaches on the game of baseball in Ocean Springs, MS. In my book, that makes him a pretty good guy.

Etch 35
March 10, 2003
I remember him being a very "up" guy. Excited for the good things his teammates did as well as his own good plays. He was always on the top step of the dugout, just like Todd Pratt and Vance Wilson (I guess thats a backup catcher thing).

Seemed like he always did his best and was happy to be in the big leagues.

I also remember he was very bald.

March 22, 2003
Besides him breaking John Tudor's leg, his baldness is the only other thing about him that sticks out in my mind. I remember him taking his hat off and being completely shocked.

P dogg
April 18, 2003
Anyone remember when a bird used Barry's head as a target?

June 23, 2003
Bad catcher, chronic whiner, head so shiny that you could see while flying over Shea Stadium.

Dicky Barrett
June 24, 2003
Barry Lyons was easily the worst bald-headed baseball player since Charlie Brown.

August 6, 2003
Easily the most pathetic ballplayer I ever saw, at least given the fact I never saw Marv Throneberry play... He looked deathly afraid at the plate, and couldn't hit my Grandma if you gave him a standing bass to hit with... And he was already bald at the age of 24!! Supposedly a great prospect at Tidewater, akin to Gregg Jefferies, or Randy Milligan.

Bob P
September 3, 2003
According to Jayson Stark on, Barry Lyons is one of just 16 players since divisional play began in 1969 to have no base hits plus an intentional walk in the same season!

In 1986 Lyons came to the plate ten times. He made nine outs and was intentionally walked once.

Big E
November 11, 2003
I always thought of him as the bald-headed buffoon from the Bayou. I'd rather watch Mackey Sasser try to throw back to the pitcher.

June 19, 2004
I remember the Mets boasting Lyons as the Mets' catcher for the future. Who would think the Mets overhyping a prospect.

Jonathan Stern
September 8, 2004
It was early in the 1987 season that Lyons ended a game by being picked off during an intentional walk. I remember the look of complete mortification on his face as he picked himself up off the dirt. He seemed to nod his head, as if to say to the Cub fans, "Here I am." There was no place for him to hide. It was one of the worst vapor lock plays I have ever seen and, as a Mets fan, I've seen many.

It was amazing that Lyons was able to hang on with the Mets as long as he did given that miscue and the fact that he was not much of a player to begin with. Consider Davey Johnson's post-game comment: "We might not win a game the rest of the year if we keep playing with our heads in our butts like that!"

I think Davey was a little upset.

December 14, 2004
He wasn't a good hitter. But the one time he hits a grand slam and I missed it! They were playing the Giants and my mom and I are sitting in the upper deck. My mom gets the bright idea to try to move down closer. We spent 15 minutes wandering around unable to find another seat. I hear a roar and right when we get back to our original seats I see on the Diamondvision that Lyons hit a grand slam. I never forgave my mom for this!

Tom Shannon
March 29, 2005
Did we really think we were going anywhere in 1990 with Barry Lyons as our opening day starter? Not to mention Mike Marshall and Keith Miller (in center!)

flushing flash
July 21, 2005
Barry's grand slam came in the sixth inning - the Daily News Hometown Home Run inning - and some lucky chick won $10,000. So that's one person who has nothing bad to say about Barry Lyons.

August 27, 2005
When Tom Seaver retired he was aked who was the toughest batter he ever faced: Barry Lyons. That is because when Seaver was attempting a comback with the Mets in 1987, Lyons just killed him in a simulated game.

September 24, 2005
Barry attempted to call John Tudor to apologize after accidently busting his leg. The Cardinals refused to give the Mets his phone number (pre-cell phone era.) This upset the Mets brass but the Cards explained Tudor just moved into a new house and his phone was not yet installed. This prompted a great tabloid headline: "No Phone in Tudor Home"

I always felt Barry got a raw deal in '86. They sent him to Tidewater for a rehab assignment and when he did not hit the kept him there for the whole season and it was Ed Hearn who went on to fame and stardom as the seldom used backup receiver.

Barry is from Katrina devastated Biloxi MS. I pray for him and his family and all Gulf Coast residents.

Jeff In Florida
October 2, 2005
Seaver is a smart man. When you are getting blasted by Barry Lyons it is time to hang it up.

October 13, 2005
I remember one time my husband and I were in San Diego at the Sheraton Harbor Island Hotel. Barry Lyons was sitting in the lobby talking to my husband. He kept telling him how nervous he would get, this was 1987 or 1988 not sure, but he said he was from Biloxi, Mississippi. Our prayers go out to all his family in the Gulf Coast.

Inz 41
January 3, 2006
The game ending pickoff from second base during an intentional walk in 1987 was Lyon's legacy, no question. Seaver calling him the "toughest hitter" he ever faced after Lyons doubled off him twice in a simulated game in 1987, after which Seaver ended his comeback attempt, was pretty funny. But the best moment I remember was after Lyons hit a big home run in a crucial game in '87. The fans really didn't know much about Lyons, just that he rarely played as Gary Carter's backup. He circles the bases and goes back in the dugout, big smile, hi-fives, and he takes a seat. The Met fans were still big on "curtain calls" then, and chanted for Lyons to come out. He finally gave in to the chanting, got up on the first dugout step and pulled of his helmet to wave it to the crowd. For the first time, I and countless others saw Barry Lyons without a hat on. He was BALD! Tim McCarver was doing his usual up-beat high pitched call and said something like, "... The crowd is going wild chanting for Lyons to make his first curtain call and ...... Oh, my" (his voice dropped). Then he added, "Sometimes you're better off leaving your helmet on."

Jonathan Stern
January 3, 2006
Wishing Lyons and his family well during these trying, post-Katrina times.

February 22, 2006
It's my teachers brother in law, and I've always heard of him as being the best of the Lyons boys. His nephew Joel went 9-0 in college, never allowing a HR.

March 1, 2006
Heard him Sunday on WFAN with Ed Randell. Felt terrible for the guy. He lost everything during Katrina. Did not hear the whole thing but believe he lost his house and was stuck in a boat with two very ill parents and troubled brother. Best of luck. We are thinking of you.

March 8, 2006
Newsday did a story on Barry in the March 4, 2006 edition. It is very sad that he was hit hard by Katrina.

His house and baseball memorabilia were destroyed, his parents are in nursing homes and brother committed suicide.

All the best to Barry in this difficult time.

Jamey Bumbalo
August 24, 2006
I don't understand all the negative postings about Lyons; he was just a regular old ballplayer-- not very good, not very bad, just a guy who played in the big leagues for a few years.

April 3, 2008
Barry is my mother's first cousin. I grew up idolizing the man. He comes from a very talented and hard working family. He always taught me to follow my dreams and proved that if you do they just might come true. He's been a big influence on my life and many other baseball players from the Mississippi gulf coast. He's just a man who followed his dream and made it come true.

Mrs. Spunky
September 6, 2008
Barry always came across as a tough guy but every once in a while he'd show himself as human. We are thinking of you and your family, especially post-Katrina, and wish you well. Would love to know how those precious twin nephews are doing. I guess they have their own families now.

January 28, 2009
Barry was part of an amazing run the Mets had in the minors, specifically Lynchburg in the early 1980's. I believe for three years running, Lynchburg had the pitcher and player of the year. Among those who won the award were Dykstra, Gooden and Barry Lyons...I can't remember the others (Straw, Leschelle Tarver, Jay Tibbs, Randy Myers ???)

Also, I recall an interview of one the late 80's Mets and the conversation turned to the lack of cool nicknames for modern players. The player stated that they still have them, they are just not for public consumption. When pressed for one that could be used on the air, the player said that Barry Lyon's nickname was "Mattress" and he started laughing. He never explained it. I always wondered what the derivation of that "hidden" nickname was--apparently it was quite funny.

Bob Whitlock
March 12, 2013
To all Met fans old enough to remember this. Does anyone remember what year Barry Lyons was the starting catcher for opening day? I remember the headlines the next day in one of the NY papers reading "Base Bald" is back. There was a pick of him going for a foul ball in front of the Mets dugout. Does anyone remember the picture and what paper it appeared in? The only reason I ask is because I was sitting in a box seat right on the Mets dugout and I was in the picture with my hand out trying to catch the ball.

Bob P
March 19, 2013
Bob, a quick look at Retrosheet says that Barry was the Mets Opening Day catcher in 1990. The game was on Monday afternoon, April 9, 1990 at Shea and the Mets wound up with a rare Opening Day loss, 12-3, to the Pirates.

Barry hit a two-run homer off Doug Drabek in the second inning to give the Mets a 3-2 lead, but Dwight Gooden didn't have it that day, giving up 5 runs and 7 hits in 4.2 innings.

As an aside, the leadoff batter for the Pirates that day was their third baseman, Wally Backman.

Sorry, I don't remember the newspaper headline though.

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