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Randy Milligan
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 624 of 1043 players
Randall Andre Milligan
Born: November 27, 1961 at San Diego, Cal.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.02 Weight: 225

Randy Milligan was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on May 15, 2016, and January 14, 2017.

First Mets game: September 12, 1987
Last Mets game: October 2, 1987

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November 20, 2001
Randy won the elusive AAA Triple Crown while at Tidewater in '86...I thought this guy was the successor to Hernandez, the way the hyped him up in all the baseball magazines at the time. He never panned out, true to Mets "prospect" form.....although he DID bring us Mackey Sasser back in trade value.

Jamey Bumbalo
November 1, 2006
Although his time with the Mets was very brief, Milligan had some decent years with the Orioles (1989- 1991). I lived in Baltimore then, and Randy was a fan favorite and a good man (I'm not religious, but he was lauded for his church group activities).

January 2, 2010
I remember seeing him play in a minor league game when he was on the Tidewater Tides against the Maine Guides (then the Phillies triple A team, I think). I was in summer camp at the time, probably 11 years old or so, but I was a huge Mets fan and I knew Milligan was a prospect.

After the game ended, all of us campers were walking back to our bus in the parking lot. For some reason, the door to Tides' clubhouse was open and you could see in from the parking lot. I looked in and there was Milligan standing there in a towel. I called out to him innocently, "Can I have a ball please?" He responded, "Why don't you take one of these."

At first, I thought he meant he was actually going to give me a baseball. I was pretty psyched. But then nothing happened. It took me a while, but finally I figured out what he meant. I was not a happy camper.

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