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Edwin Nunez
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 698 of 1043 players
Edwin Nunez
Born: May 27, 1963 at Humacao, P.R.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.05 Weight: 240


First Mets game: July 16, 1988
Last Mets game: September 7, 1988

Uniform Number:45
Edwin Nunez also played for the following teams:
Traded by the Seattle Mariners to the New York Mets in exchange for Gene Walter on July 11, 1988.

Opposing Batters vs. Edwin Nunez
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Dawson, Andre 311000000002.333.667.333Details
Murphy, Dale 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Williams, Matt 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Dunston, Shawon 200000020000.000.000.000Details
Palmeiro, Rafael 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Sabo, Chris 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Law, Vance 211000000002.5001.000.500Details
Grace, Mark 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Bonds, Barry 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Perry, Gerald 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Young, Mike 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Jordan, Ricky 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Jeltz, Steve 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Brenly, Bob 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Lind, Jose 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Youngblood, Joel 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Webster, Mitch 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Brooks, Hubie 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Robinson, Jeff 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Oberkfell, Ken 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Pico, Jeff 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
LaValliere, Mike 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Gant, Ron 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Belliard, Rafael 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Sandberg, Ryne 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Morrison, Jim 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Hudler, Rex 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Galarraga, Andres 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Larkin, Barry 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Bream, Sid 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Berryhill, Damon 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Winningham, Herm 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Van Slyke, Andy 1100100000041.0004.0001.000Details
Reynolds, R. J. 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Milner, Eddie 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Nixon, Donell 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Jones, Tracy 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Barrett, Tom 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Davis, Jody 100000000000.000.000.000Details
O'Neill, Paul 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Aldrete, Mike 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Wilson, Glenn 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Bonilla, Bobby 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Robinson, Ron 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Oester, Ron 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Riles, Ernest 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Esasky, Nick 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Roenicke, Gary 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Rivera, Luis 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Uribe, Jose 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Raines, Tim 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Reed, Jeff 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
Perez, Pascual 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
Mitchell, Kevin 000001000000.000.0001.000Details

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