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Daryl Boston
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Daryl Boston
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Daryl Boston
Daryl Boston
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 104 of 1043 players
Daryl Lamont Boston
Born: January 4, 1963 at Cincinnati, O.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.03 Weight: 203

Daryl Boston was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on December 21, 2004, January 4, 2010, August 10, 2010, June 25, 2013, and April 1, 2017.


First Mets game: May 3, 1990
Last Mets game: October 4, 1992

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Robert Ford
Boston wasn't flashy, but he was always pretty steady and got the job done. When the Mets were on the road, broadcaster Tim McCarver would often comment "Imagine if you were someone who knew nothing about baseball, turned to this game and saw a player with 'New York' on the front of his jersey and 'Boston' on the back?" My dad once sat behind him on a plane, but didn't realize until the next day who he was.

Andy from Rego Park
The Mets picked up "the other Daryl" in May 1990, after he had been waived by the WhiteSox. Since trading away Mookie, Lenny, and a whole host of minor league centerfielders (Gerald Young, Herm Winningham, Marvelle Wynne, etc.) the Mets were reduced to playing first Juan Samuel, then Keith Miller, both second- basemen in centerfield. In comes Mr. Boston,hitting a competent .273 with some power, and comparatively fielding like Willie Mays. He was a big reason why the Mets won 91 games that year.

Big E
The thing I remember about Boston was on opening day (I think it was 1992) when he won a game in the bottom of the 13th by getting hit by a pitch with the bases loaded. The ball grazed him, and wound up inside his shirt. Bizarre.

Ryan Stillman
In 1990, Darryl was voted one of the 6 sexiest baseball players.

Andy from Queens
Daryl Boston was one of my families' favorites. My father always thought that he looked like Cerrano, the Carribean voodoo slugger from the movie "Major League". When Daryl would come up to bat, my Dad would shout "Come on, Jobu!" or "Hats for Bats!"

Daryl was a great fielder and would come thru in the clutch. We were sorry to see him go!

Mr. Sparkle
January 3, 2001
He was a nice addition when they got him but was certainly no star. He's a good complementary ball player. He was one of the accused, along with Vinny Coleman and Doc K in the spring training gang rape of a girl who was supposedly friends of David Cone's. They had some bunch of players back then.

David Diaz
February 22, 2001
I had the pleasure of meeting Daryl when he played winter ball with Arecibo in 1984, what a nice guy and very personable....Very fine athlete

April 4, 2001
A great athlete, but never fully realized his potential. He was too busy with his women and his beer to worry much about baseball...kind of like Elster...and a few more of those guys. Ahhh, those 90's Mets.

flushing flash
June 1, 2001
When he first came up in 1990 his uniform read "BOSTON 7" on the back. That must have made Red Sox fans cringe. Eventually he switched to #6, I think when Hubie Brooks came back.

Dave Shaw
June 24, 2001
He's now a scout for the White Sox. I met him recently and he told about some walk-off home run he hit to win a game for the Yankees in '94. That night he's at a bar in Manhattan, talking it up with the ladies, when in walks Mark Messier carrying the Stanley Cup. (Sorry, Daryl).

Canadian Connection
August 18, 2001
My memories of Daryl Boston take place in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada where he was a player/coach in the Prairie Baseball League. He sure made an impact on the City of Regina. Daryl was a great guy, fun to be around and often liked to hang out with us at a place called Kotylak's. Oh those were the days.

September 10, 2001
Ran into Darryl on Lexington Avenue and about 30th St in New York in 1992. He was nice enough to say hello to me and my friend after I stupidly yelled out: "Hey that's Darryl Boston"

Thanks Darryl for not beating the crap out of me!!!!

January 19, 2002
One of the worst Mets of all time. Flat out could NOT hit. Guaranteed not to make contact in any meaningful situation. On my list of top 10 Mets dogs.

January 21, 2003
Daryl wasn't a superstar or a future Hall of Famer, but in 1991 he kept us in a lot of games with both his bat and his glove. In '94 I had the pleasure of meeting Daryl and getting his autograph at Yankee Stadium. He was a nice guy. Thanx Daryl!

Scott O.
March 7, 2003
"And hauled in by Darryl Strawberry." - Ralph Kiner on a ball caught by Daryl Boston

Maxwell Kates
April 7, 2003
My best memory of Daryl took place in 1993 when he was a member of the Colorado Rockies. The expansion Rockies were playing the Montreal Expos at Olympic Stadium, and during batting practice, they played Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" over the PA system. Not only was Boston lip-synching the entire song, but he was also doing the Stevie Wonder head motions while wearing sunglasses. He does an excellent impression. Then I read this story about Daryl Boston one time when he was with the White Sox. Two of his teammates at the time included Tom Seaver and Carlton Fisk, both of whom hated signing autographs (I think they still hate it). In order to avoid the fans at O'Hare Airport, they convinced Daryl Boston to parade through the hallways imitating Stevie, and the two future Hall of Famers would act as his bodyguards. Talk about believing things that you don't understand!

April 30, 2003
After the Mets unloaded Dykstra, Wilson and Mazzilli in '89 and embarked on their ill-fated "infielders-can- be-great-centerfielders" experiments (Juan Samuel, Keith Miller, Howard Johnson, etc.), Daryl Boston was the best centerfielder the Mets never knew they had, and they haven't had as good a centerfielder since...

February 17, 2005
He was a big addition to the team! Played an excellent outfield, and had some timely hits. I actually talked to him while he was on his way to the plate in a Cactus League game in Tucson. He had signed with the Rockies, and I said we made a mistake letting him go, and keeping Torborg as manager. He laughed and told me thank-you. Torborg got rid of him in Chicago too! I wonder if there's anything going on between these two guys?

Jonathan Stern
February 26, 2005
A likable character during the years the Frank Cashen Mets started to fall apart. But for the rape business, of course. And to think, 1992 began with the Mets' determination to be a more wholesome, fan-friendly organization.

On Opening Day, 1991, fans started chanting "Dar--ryl! Dar--ryl!" in mock tribute to the departed Darryl Strawberry. Suddenly, Boston stepped out of the dugout and cheerfully waved to the crowd. That was funny.

Tom Shannon
April 14, 2005
Was voted one of baseball's Six Sexiest Players in 1990 by GQ magazine.

Dave Shaw
April 19, 2005
Boston told me about the night in June, 1994 when he hit some walk-off home run that won a game for the Yankees. He was in a Manhattan bar celebrating, chicks left and right, the center of attention. Then all of a sudden in walks Mark Messier with the Stanley Cup, which the Rangers won that same night. Next thing he knew, he was sitting all alone.

Don from Rockaway
September 6, 2006
Daryl came into the establishment where I worked in 1990 and my boss asked if I'd recognize a Mets player if I saw him out of uniform. I said sure. I popped my head out, looked and said, "That's Daryl Boston." He heard me, smiled and waved. I came over and we had a chat about his prospects for the year in progress. Seemed like a nice guy and wasn't giving me the brush off.

Diamond Dave
February 8, 2007
Daryl had that odd batting technique of letting go of the bat with one hand after he swung and missed or fouled off a pitch. I never liked that philosophy and remember Ralph Kiner always commented about that and he was not as fan of the batting style! I saw Daryl sitting behind the plate at a Charlotte Knights game in Fort Mill, SC around mid-2001, he was working and was scouting some of the AAA players for that White Sox affiliate. I didn't have anything for him to sign, so I kept yelling "C'mon Boston,...uhm I mean Charlotte" but he ignored me, oh well he was mediocre anyway.

September 2, 2008
He was a nice guy. He threw me a ball at Three Rivers Stadium.

September 25, 2013
Boston was a steady outfielder - a good fielder and pretty good hitter who really didn't get the playing time he deserved with us. Yet they can find playing time for Juan Samuel...

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