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Doug Simons
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Doug Simons
Doug Simons
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 508 of 1043 players
Douglas Eugene Simons
Born: September 15, 1966 at Bakersfield, Cal.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.00 Weight: 160

Doug Simons was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on September 15, 2011.


First Mets game: April 9, 1991
Last Mets game: September 30, 1991

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Mr. Sparkle
THe Mets took this guy in the Rule 5 draft which meant they had to keep him on the major league roster all year or have to send him back to the club he originally came from. Despite how bad he was the Mets kept him on the roster all year so they wouldn't lose him, thinking he'd turn into a major league pitcher some day. Then they cut the guy in the off season. What the hell was that?! You wasted roster spece with this guy to keep him and then you let him go? If the Mets hadn't taken him in the Rule 5 he would have NEVER surfaced in the majors.

Bob Hackett
Doug is now the pitching coach for the Mets Sally League affiliate and this year he's throwing batting practice during the post season.

flushing flash
March 8, 2001
Doug Simons sucked. But what made it even more amazing is that his teammates knew he sucked. That's why they were licking their chops when he went to the Expos in 1992. His first appearance of the year was against the Mets on a Saturday in April. He got one man out and gave up four earned runs. The Expos gave him an encore on Sunday and Simons outdid himself. He got NO ONE out and gave up four more earned runs. Then he was sent to the minors. Unfortunately, Montreal recalled him in September and he got a few men out. Otherwise his ERA for the 1992 season would have been 216.00 -- the highest finite ERA in the history of major league baseball.

August 9, 2001
The thing about Simons was, in my household, when he entered the game someone would announce, "Simon Says this game is over" and walk out of the room.

Jeff Perro
September 15, 2001
He pitched for the Mobile Bay Sharks of the Texas- Louisiana League in 1995, when I was a bat boy. He was one of my favorites.

Rob Hudson
December 5, 2002
I was on JV when Doug was on Varsity in High School, I batted against him once in a practice game, struck me out. I think Bud Harrelson was afraid to put him in games that year. He was a great pitcher though, shows ya how good the hitter in the majors are. I mean, he struck me out, must have been good.

March 10, 2003
Doug Simons was a pretty good finesse pitcher. He relied on pinpoint control and movement as he didn't have much velocity. I got to know a few players on the Mets in the early 90's and he was probably the nicest guy on the Mets at the time. He didn't have much success, but was better than the people commenting here give him credit for.

Jonathan Stern
January 11, 2005
Youngest-looking major leaguer ever, the polar opposite of Ed Kranepool. On one occasion, almost wasn't let into Shea. The guards thought he was a schoolkid looking for autographs.

Brent Neas
May 3, 2006
Doug Simons is now the head coach of Covenant College. He is an amazing pitching coach that brings a wealth of knowledge to all aspects of the game. He has helped me get to a level that I wasn't aware I could acheive.

John O'Hare
September 1, 2006
He was at the Dream Week I attended in 2000. He was already retired but only 33 at the time, so he still had some skills. He pitched to me in the game we played against the pros and threw a first pitch splitter that I missed by a freakin' mile. I just turned to the catcher and said,"That was just rude, man." while laughing. He struck me out, but truthfully, that really wasn't much of an accomplishment.

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