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Junior Noboa
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 617 of 1043 players
Milciades Arturo Noboa
Born: November 10, 1964 at Azua, Dominican Republic
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.10 Weight: 165

2b 3b ss

First Mets game: April 6, 1992
Last Mets game: July 25, 1992

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Mr. Sparkle
April 12, 2002
I remembered him with the Expos and thought any team with Junior on them had to be pretty bad which the Expos were. Then he shows up on the Mets in 92 so I knew they were going to have a bad year. He really was lucky to be in the majors at all since he contributed zip.

flushing flash
April 22, 2002
I remember Noboa came in as a defensive replacement on Opening Day in 1992 and made a really nice catch running into left field. I got up and started shouting "Junior Yes-Bowa! Junior Yes-Bowa!" (which would be the opposite of saying he was No Bowa, as in Larry Bowa, a good fielder in his day). I don't think anyone around me knew what the hell I was talking about. Oh well, that's my only memory of Junior.

Larry Burns
June 10, 2002
One memory of Junior. Spring training 1992. My brother and a friend are at Spring Training watching a game. Junior is in the on deck circle getting prepared for his at-bat. A gorgeous woman walks in the stands. My Bro and his friend look at her. As she strolls by, they look and staring at them from the other direction at the woman is non-other than Junior. He is staring, with his mouth agape! My brother and Junior make eye contact realizing they have caught each other ogling this woman. Junior winks, breaks out into a huge laugh and goes up and strikes out. I guess we now know why he was never a great player.

Joe Figliola
October 3, 2002
Noboa and Jorge Velandia could easily make a great pair of good field/no hit bookends.

Bob Inzerillo
December 1, 2005
The 1992 Mets were supposed to be the most talented team in the NL. After having brought in new manager Jeff Torborg, they signed Bobby Bonilla, Eddie Murray, and Willie Randolph, and traded for Cy Young winner Bret Saberhagen. It was a disastrous, bad blend of players. They were horrible. Guys like Junior Naboa and Chico Walker played a lot that year, mainly because no one else could or wanted to. After a particularly frustrating loss in which Naboa and Walker had been the main culprits, Howie Rose, doing Mets Extra on FAN, summed it up best. Rose, a lifelong Met fan, who is none-the-less truthful and realistic, couldn't hide his disgust when he said, "Isn't there a rule in baseball preventing teams from having Chico Walker and Junior Naboa on the same roster?!"

The Big H
August 14, 2007
I have no personal Memory of Junior Noboa except that WFAN host Steve Somers would list a few of the bottom major league perfomers of all the seasonal major sports. Junior Noboa was on Mr Somers' short list. And then one day Junior Noboa was on the Mets. Oh No. With the Mets 72-90 record that year (1992) Junior Noboa fit right in, unfortunately.

February 16, 2009
My only real memory of Junior is that Ralph Kiner always mispronounced his last name by calling him "Naroba."

Chris M
May 15, 2013
I have no memory of Noboa as a Met, but I do remember that my friends and I would play baseball and pretend to be the best players on the Mets or around the league. I was always Todd Hundley, another friend was always Jeff Bagwell, etc. However, any time somebody had a really bad at-bat or made a bad play in the field, the rest of us would scream at him: "YOU'RE JUNIOR NABOA"

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