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Bobby Jones
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 66 of 1043 players
Robert Joseph Jones
Born: February 10, 1970 at Fresno, Cal.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.04 Weight: 210

Bobby Jones was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on January 6, 2009, May 6, 2009, May 7, 2009, February 12, 2012, July 2, 2015, January 15, 2016, January 17, 2016, and April 5, 2017.


First Mets game: August 14, 1993
Last Mets game: October 25, 2000

Winner of National League Pitcher of the Month award, May 1997. (New York Mets)

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Happy Recap
Bobby Jones has always been a decent, but not spectacular pitcher for the Mets. For eight years, he was mostly a guy who was of value because he could give you a lot of innings. He had an uneven year in 2000 though, and when he was given the start in the fourth game of the Division Series against the Giants, I, and about a million other Mets fans, thought Bobby Valentine was making a huge mistake.

So what does Bobby Jones do? He very nearly throws a perfect game! He gave up a hit and two walks in the fifth inning, and escaped a bases-loaded jam. But in each of the other eight innings, the Giants went down in 1-2-3. It was an unbelievable performance, from a rather unlikely source. Bobby Jones kept getting those Giants out, and never showed a drop of emotion. (It was a stark contrast to watching Al Leiter a few days before in Game 2.) I watched the game in disbelief. Where did this Bobby Jones come from? In the most important start of his career, he pitched the game of his life. As I type this, I don't know what kind of results Bobby Jones will get against St. Louis in the LCS, or if he'll be back with the Mets next year. But whatever happens, Jones has given Mets fans something to remember forever, and has earned his niche in Mets history.

Bobby Jones! Who would have guessed?

Mr. Sparkle
December 28, 2000
Bobby was always a decent pitcher but never a star. He had a decent career .He looked like he was on the way out when he really turned it around this year, had a great second half and threw the game of his life, in Mets history for that matter, in the NLCS. The Mets drafted him with the compensation pick they received for losing Darryl Strawberry to free agency. Too bad they are letting him go in favor of the 25 games under 500 pitcher Steve Traschel. I can't figure that one out. Save a couple of million for a guy who will give you "innings". Who cares how many innings Traschel will throw if his ERA is over 5.00!!!

Andy from Rego Park
January 26, 2001
Classy, competent and very low key. Bobby Jones was, for a time, a very decent pitcher on some very bad Mets teams. He never got the credit he deserved when he pitched well and they played badly, and now that the team is championship caliber, his Mets career has expired without so much as a gurgle from the media. How quickly they forget he won more games than any Mets pitcher in the past 10 years, and, in his second to last start, pitched a one-hitter. Somebody's got to say it, "Thanks Bobby, you were good."

February 28, 2001
ahh, bobby j. jones. ive been reading what other Mets fans had to say about this pitcher and I just dont get it. I have never felt comfortable with this imbecile taking the mound. that was some start he got off to in 97 where he won like 12 games before the all star game only to win 3 more the rest of the way. I dont understand why he stuck around for as long as he did, the Mets just refused to let go of him like he was the cornerstone of their organization. yea, I know he pitched a lovely game against the giants in the divisional round but that was the least he could do after 8 or 9 years of making me vomit. to the padres fans, you dont know what you guys are in for. you may already know he sucks but you just dont know how much he sucks until you see him pitch. I think his fastball clocks in at 79 mph. good riddance bobby j. good luck in san diego.

Coach HoJo 20
March 25, 2001
Bobby double J is are one of my favorite Mets pitchers of all time. I have been supporting him throughout his whole career. I always felt that he could be an awesome pitcher. Throughout his career he has shown signs of this. Other times he hasn't. But those are kinks that need to be worked out. How could anybody forget when Bobby was in the All Star Game and struck out Big Mac (no not Ryan McGwire) and Ken Jr. But I think his crowning achievement which I personally think proved that this guy is an ace is his 1 hitter. It could have been a no hitter but Ventura screwed that up. But what did he get for his no hitter in the playoffs. NOTHING!!! the Mets shafted him big time. I have never been mad at the Mets before but this pissed me off. How can you just give up on a great pitcher. Now this season we are screwed in the pitching rotation. He was a solid 3 or 4 guy who had greatness awakening inside him. Steve Phillips this was a foolish move. I will continue to follow his career in San Diego I wish this guy the best of luck.

Coach HoJo 20
May 16, 2001
Bobby's return to Shea was heart breaking, Seeing this man return to Shea stadium, after years of service which included a 1 hitter in the NLDS, in the visitors dug out makes me so angry at Steve Phillips. The fact that Steve Phillips didn't even bother to negotiate with Jones, who without a shadow of a doubt would have resigned with us. Phillips has become too arrogant for this teams own good. He believes too much of his own hype which caused him to make a half assed offseason effort to make sure this team would be back in the World Series. The Mike SHAMpton situation was not his fault, But he could have easily resigned Jones but he didn't even bother, instead opting to sign STEVE FREAKING TRASHsel!!!! Now Bobby J. is on the Padres sporting a . 280 era, If he was on the Mets he would be ranked second best pitcher behind Rick Reed.

May 25, 2001
I heard Jody Mac on WFAN say before the season that Bobby J. Jones has a reputation as a bit of a slacker. He doesn't work hard unless he is motivated. Last year's stint in the minors got him working hard again. The Mets got a bit tired of having to motivate Jones and decided not to give him the 3 year $15 mil deal he wanted.

Well, Bobby had no other takers and was forced to take $625,000 for the season from San Diego. Lo and behold, it looks like Bobby J. is motivated again. When I saw him pitching in his return to Shea, it looked like Bobby J. had lost about 15 to 20 pounds since last year. Working hard, huh Bobby? Pitching for your baseball life will do that for a guy.

It looks like Jody Mac was right. And, in my humble opinion, I kind of doubt that Bobby J. would have been that motivated in a Mets uniform this year.

Won Doney
June 14, 2001
It was kind of sad to see him go. He wanted to return to New York and has played for the Mets his whole career. I liked Bobby. I don't understand why signing Steve Trachsel was a better idea than resigning Bobby Jones.

January 29, 2002
I know Bobby and his family personally, and not only is he a great person but an awesome pitcher at that. He and his wife were wonderful people to work for and I truly enjoyed getting to watch Bobby on the mound. He may not have always been at his very best, but then again who ever really is always on the top of his game, NO ONE! He loves his job and it shows in the effort he puts forth for his team. Bobby, if you or Kristi happen to read this by any chance, I want you to know I think of you guys often and wish you and the kids all the very best. God Bless you!

December 27, 2002
Despite all the snide remarks about Jones, he only had one losing season with the Mets. He was the ace of the staff during the bad years and he had some decent seasons and games (Note - 1 hitter against SF in 2000). Jones like many other unsung Mets do not get the respect they deserve. We can say this about Jones- his best years were with the Mets-we can't say that about Estes, D'Amico, Trachsel, Astacio...etc.

Mac Quincy
March 16, 2003
I am the biggest Bobby J. Jones mark there ever was. The dude was definitely my favorite Mets pitcher, of the 90s, right behind John Franco. OK, sure he wasn’t an ace, BUT! He was a solid pitcher that could dazzle you from time to time. It was interesting watching him develop during the “here nor there” years of the mid 90s. 1997 was a fun year to be a Met fan because of him. 15-9! Jones was on fire, I think that was the same year he smoked Big Mac and Griff in the same inning in the All Star game. Too bad he didn’t follow through. I was really angered when Steve Pretty Boy Phillips disregarded Jones during free agency for the Garbage Man Steve Trashchel ( four Home runs in one inning!!!) I patiently await his return to the blue and orange. Heck, if Bobby “Poker” Bonilla can return anyone can! Oh well, Bobby will always have a place on my fantasy Mets in my various Baseball simulation video games. I'm sure he can sleep easy at night with that knowledge.

Mr. Sparkle
April 11, 2003
I just read that he retired. That's surprising since he's only 32. His last two years in San Dego were pretty bad but still, I'm surprised he retired already.

James Kutkowski
February 5, 2004
The Mets were awful in the early 90's, and there was one pitcher who gave us a little hope and that was Bobby. I was stuck in traffic on the George Washington Bridge the night he threw his one hitter in the NLDS. Like it or not, Bobby was the glue that held the Mets rotation in place during that era, and for that we should appreciate him. I have two pieces of sports memorabilia in my office, a Wayne Gretzky autographed puck and a Bobby Jones signed baseball. If I had to choose one they could take the puck. Good luck in the future Bobby, us die-hard Met fans will miss you.

August 27, 2005
Bobby has the biggest heart of anyone that ever played the game. I never saw him turn down the opportunity to sign autographs for all his fans. If any of you knew the real reason for him leaving New York, you would be singing a different tune. The guy that posted about him not being motivated in spring training does not have accurate information. All the players on the team looked up to him for inspiration.

I have known Bobby my whole life and know the ins and outs of what he went through. I still can't believe after throwing a 1- hitter in San Francisco, NY Management did not want him back.

Bobby fulfilled all his dreams in Baseball and wouldn't change anything. He does appreciate all the support of the fans and thanks everyone. He is happily retired and very well. He is the most humble ball player ever in my opinion. If anyone has any questions about my statement, you can email me.

Jonathan Stern
November 6, 2005
In 1997, I went up to Montreal to see the Mets take on Les Expos. My friends and I stayed in the same hotel as did the Mets. One evening, I was goofing around in the hallway on the seventh or eighth floor and I pushed the UP button on the elevator. Probably had one too many beers. The door opened and there were Bobby Jones, Dave Mlicki, and several other Mets.

"Going up?" said a rather peeved Jones.

"Nah," said a rather embarassed yours truly.

Jones was one of the first Mets born in or after 1970, the same year I was born. I have always pulled particularly hard for guys born in 1970. When Jones pitched what may have been the greatest pitched game ever thrown by a Met, I was psyched. And disappointed.

Damn Robin Ventura! Couldn't he have been two inches taller just for one play?

Tom Phillips
February 22, 2007
Thought you Bobby Jones fans would get a kick out of this. I played at Fresno State with Jones. I'll never forget the first day he showed up to winter league. He rolls up in this old banged up silver Chevy Nova or something like. Car looked terrible, but he had the thumpin' stereo in it. So he comes walkin' out tall and gangly, socks up high to his knees, and these funny looking black Mizuno plastic cleats. We were kinda laughin' cause he really didn't look like much, and he was the new full scholarship pup. He was a typical awkward looking 18 year old, but old Jones did have a quiet confidence and cockiness about him.

In all honesty, and no knock on Bobby, he really wasn't a very impressive pitcher. He wasn't terribly physical looking and didn't throw very hard. We had all faced him all winter.

It wasn't until one of the bone chilling Fresno nights in the low 40's when no one wanted to play at all did we all take notice of Kid Ice (which became his nickname). Everyone was sitting huddled up trying to keep warm, and the young buck went out and did his thing. With his icy demeanor, slammed the door shut with dart like control on some poor unsuspecting victim like Cal Poly. That perked an eye brow or two.

The kid did have some confidence and poise. He really was an ice man. The guy was just ice cold on the mound. His control was ridiculous....and he would do it night after night after night. This formula of course took him all the way to New York and beyond. Best of all Jones was a good kid. As he evolved into one of the star players, he didn't act like a primadonna like some of the clowns on the team. He was a cool dude to hang out with.

Haven't seen Jones for some time of course. Funny, last time I ran into him, I spotted him in the back stage area at a Metallica concert. Said his agent knew the band. Lucky dog.

December 19, 2008
I liked Bobby a lot...played for a bad era and on bad Mets teams. Didn't have a bunch of talent but he worked hard. Of coure, I remember a Kiner's Korner where he got compared to Tom Seaver..lol.

January 30, 2012
I was at the game when Bobby Jones pitched that complete game shutout as the Mets took the NLDS over the Giants in 2000. I had some of the worst seats in all of Shea Stadium that night, but everyone was celebrating and it was so much fun! Man, I miss those years so much.

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