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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 347 of 1043 players
Octavio Antonio Fernandez
Born: June 30, 1962 at San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic
Throws: Right Bats: Both
Height: 6.02 Weight: 175

Tony Fernandez was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on October 26, 2011.


First Mets game: April 5, 1993
Last Mets game: June 10, 1993

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Mr. Sparkle
This guy got a raw deal on the Mets. He was a solid ball player who was playing hurt when he was with the Mets. Good old Dallas Green hated the guy and ran him out of town. He went to the Yankees and had a pretty good year after that. If Dallas only had a little patience he would have worked out.

March 7, 2001
Gutless....Quitter.... If ever there was a player who owed his employer a refund, it's this piece of puke.

May 5, 2001
Fernandez dogged it as a Met. Couldn't hit, couldn't throw the ball to first. The day he left for Toronto he became a big league player again. He made me sick. Second biggest dog to put on a Met uniform after Rickey.

Jim from Floral Park
February 21, 2002
This was one of the few that Dallas Green had pegged right from Day One. Fernandez was one of the biggest dogs to ever wear a Met uniform. He whined about kidney stones almost from the minute he arrived - and miraculously passed them on the plane the day the Mets traded his jaking ass out of town.

Jonathan Stern
March 17, 2004
%^#%! @#$%! And a few raspberries thrown in.

I was at Game 5 of the 1993 World Series in Philadelphia and my family and I booed this #$%@ every time he came to the plate. Seeing him out there made me sick. Joe Carter's series-ending homer off Mitch Williams in Game 6 hurt me on three levels - as a part- time Phillies Phan, as a fan of that particular bunch of Phils (Kruk and the gang), and far more importantly, as a die-hard Mets fan who saw almost every game in 1993. Tony Fernandez gets a ring? The final insult. UGH!!!!!

Though he was here for only part of one season, Fernandez is certifiably the starting shortstop on the Mets All-Time Jerk Team, beating out Rey Ordonez by quite a stretch. That's saying a lot, but it's the truth. He turned it off with the Mets, then turned it on again immediately after he was traded back to the Blue Jays. Those bleepin' underhanded lobs to Eddie Murray!!! Fernandez quit on us, plain and simple. And he possessed neither the decency nor the intelligence to not make it look obvious. Don't do any autograph shows in the NYC tri-state area, Tony.

Mets Fan
January 26, 2008
Fifteen years later and I'm still mad at this gutless punk. He's an all star for everybody except for the Mets. If this dog had any dignity, he would give back the millions we paid to watch him dog it on the field!

community chest
February 26, 2011
No hustle. Didn't want to be on the team. Great with Blue Jays, complete bust with Mets.

September 6, 2013
Tony didn't want to be here and went back to his old self when he returned to Toronto. If he had the right attitude, we might've only lost 102 games instead of 103.

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