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Bill Pulsipher
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Bill Pulsipher
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Bill Pulsipher
Bill Pulsipher
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 201 of 1043 players
William Thomas Pulsipher
Born: October 9, 1973 at Fort Benning, Ga.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.03 Weight: 200

Bill Pulsipher was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on April 6, 2005, May 6, 2012, February 26, 2014, and September 27, 2014.


First Mets game: June 17, 1995
Last Mets game: May 6, 2000

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Sid Finch
What's the story with this guy? He's like a poodle hopped up on java. All in his head.

The Prozac Kid....If the strike zone was the size of the Pacific Ocean, he'd still miss it. The epitome of the million dollar arm and two cent head.

February 25, 2001
This maniac was supposed to be the "next tom Seaver". he was the worst pitcher exer. I can't believe the Mets traded to get this nutcase back. Lets hope he never is traded back again.

March 17, 2001
I was going to write something about him then I realized, why bother. All hype, no substance.

Mr. Sparkle
April 12, 2001
Everyone liked this guy because he was a lefty and he was quirky. Too bad he wasn't much of a pitcher. He showed a lot of promise in the minors but so did Joe Vitko. By the time they traded him the 2nd time I was very sick of his act.

July 2, 2001
The Prozac Kid actually made it back to the majors with Boston. Do the Red Sox know what they are in for? I pity them...

July 13, 2001
Pulsipher returns to Shea...He induced Robin Ventura to hit into a double play with the bases loaded last night. He still looks like a lunatic.

July 15, 2001

like you said on Remlinger before it takes time for Lefties to develop, maybe Green Rushed him, what a shock that would be

August 26, 2001
I like Pulse and I feel he had a lot of pressure along with Wilson and IZZY in 1995.One injury can kill anyone's career and he's fought hard to make it back to the majors.I hope he has a career year one year and get some respect.

David M
December 8, 2001
All I will remember about this guy is being a part of the underachieving Mets of the mid 1990's that were often painful to watch.

January 4, 2002
Bill Pulsipher now joins the All-Lunatic team known as the 2002 Texas Rangers. Carl Everett, John Rocker, Hideki Irabu and Pulsipher. What a crew.

Larry Burns
June 18, 2002
The All-Prozac Team! This guy, along with Pete Harnisch, Mackey Sasser and Jimmy Piersall make up the nucleus of a pretty decent mental health team. Pulse was loved because he was different, but unfortunately that began to wane when most people realized he could not pitch. Some people question why on earth did the Mets reaquire this nutcase. I believe the Mets had researched the wonderful impact that Paxil was having on psychos and gave him another shot. Unfortunately, like his pitching, this offering also missed the strike zone by a mile. Another one of the Big 3 who did squat.

March 6, 2003
Like Bill Pulsipher, I too have social anxiety disorder. I was appalled at some of the hurtful things posted about Pulsipher. I take medication daily for my condition, but still face challenges in my social interactions. People should realize that Pulsipher has a true difference, and that his condition does not make him a "nutcase" or a "psycho." I felt extremely offended at some of the thoughtless remarks here. One day, people like us hope that the negative stigma around this disorder will be erased.

Gregory Gewirtz
April 1, 2003
When the Mets changed his delivery, they turned him from an effective but injury-prone pitcher to an ineffective but mechanically sound pitcher. He was better off had the Mets not tinkered with what worked, since his career ended with the mechanical change faster than it would have through injuries.

Mr Topps
August 2, 2003
Bill is currently with the Orioles AAA team. He is 2- 5. I does not look good for Bill to return to the majors. However, with the state of pitching today you never know.

April 1, 2004
The Long Island Ducks as you may know play in the Independent Atlantic League and have recently announced the signing of Pulsipher to pitch for them in their 2004 season.

Joe P.
September 24, 2004
Puls pitched great for the Long Island Ducks in the Atlantic League this year before being signed to a AAA contract by Seattle. Good luck, Bill. I hope you make it back quick. (The Mets could have used you this year.)

Geoff Valleskey
September 24, 2004
I always loved Pulse--even got a #21 jersey back in 1995. Sent him a card and a picture of the jersey and he signed them both for me. Have always followed his career, good to see him with Tacoma (seattle) AAA team. Good luck Pulse, hope to see ya back in the majors

October 11, 2004
Pulse was back with the Ducks for the playoffs. He went 2-0 for Long Island in post-season play, and he was the winning pitcher September 26 in the game that clinched the league championship. He gave up three runs in the first, but settled down and hurled seven strong innings as the Ducks beat Camden, 4-3, to take the series 3 games to 0. I was in Tacoma in August but didn't see Pulse pitch ... oh, well. He's hanging in there, and I like it.

March 8, 2005
Yes, he was rushed, and didn't do too badly either. Mets got down on him because he came across as cocky! He hurt his arm and it went downhill from there. Thought he might be ready when he came back the 2nd time, was not to be. I admire him for continuing! He pitched well in 2004 for the Ducks! I understand Izzy pulled some strings and got him an invitation to spring training with the Cardinals. Go get 'em Bill, you deserve a break!

March 14, 2005
Seeing him pitch for the Cards this past Saturday, it looks like he went on the David Wells Offseason Workout Plan. It's kind of depressing giving the enormous potential Bill had. I remember him in his 1995 rookie year. The blazing fastball, muscle, arrogance, and sideburns. There was no ceiling for him. Now he looks like a beer league softball player. Bad hair, beard, fat, and 80 mph straight fastball. All of this combines to make 1995 seem like a LONG time ago. The arm problems were not his fault, but seeing him this past Saturday, he makes Sid Fernandez look like Jack Lalanne.

Kevin T
April 27, 2005
I just finished a great article on Bill in Baseball America! It tells how depression can affect a life, and things you do! Bill has overcome a tremendous amount to even get back on the hill, much less make the Cardinals staff out of spring training. The weight gain is a side-effect of the medicine he has to take daily! Bravo Bill, Good luck, many of us are pulling hard for you!

Jonathan Stern
June 26, 2005
Many of the above comments about Pulsipher's mental health are insensitive in the extreme.

I liked Pulse and really pulled for him. He, perhaps more than anyone else, made the second half of 1995 very entertaining. I'm sorry that the promise he and the 1995 squad showed went by the wayside and admire Bill for persevering nonetheless. He could have just given up.

About five years ago, I was walking around the Philadelphia Bourse. I went into a sports memorabilia store and saw a poster of "Generation K." Several years removed from the Generation K season, the poster went for $3.00.

June 20, 2006
Pulsipher joined the Uni-President Lions of the Chinese Professional Baseball League in Taiwan, in May. He is pitching the way we were always expecting him to back in "Generation K" Era: he has a 4-0 record with 1.35 ERA in past month. Not only that, the Lions have not lost a single game since Bill joined the team, and it has taken a month since then (the Lions are in a 14 game winning streak and counting).

Bill has to be having a time of his life in Taiwan, I must say.

Pea tear Griffin
April 16, 2008
Does anybody remember the phrase "Izzy and Dizzy" besides me? I remember hearing that a lot during broadcasts where either him or Isringhausen was pitching.

April 24, 2009
I think I saw him pitching for Puerto Rico in the WBC last month!?!?

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