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Jerry Dipoto
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Jerry Dipoto
Jerry Dipoto
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 424 of 1043 players
Gerard Peter Dipoto
Born: May 24, 1968 at Jersey City, N.J.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.02 Weight: 200

Jerry Dipoto was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on October 28, 2011, and May 21, 2014.


First Mets game: April 26, 1995
Last Mets game: September 29, 1996

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Big E
Made a nice comeback after leaving Queens, but man did he stink for the Mets. Reputation as a solid guy, though.

Mr. Sparkle
December 21, 2000
He has an awesome looking wind up but had a hard time finding the strike zone. He was really pretty bad. He later ended up as the closer for the Rockies and you know you're a bad team when your closer is a guy who wasn't even good enough to be a set up man for another team.

February 10, 2002
I was fortunate enough to have met Jerry Dipoto many times. He is one of the nicest players out there. He always took the time to talk to me , and pose for pictures , or , sign an autograph. I have written to him on several occasions , and he always answers the letters personally. One time , I was at a game for my birthday , and I was waiting for an autograph from Jerry , and he overheard my friend say it was my birthday , and he gave me a ball he had practiced with and signed it for my birthday. There are alot of players out there who will not even give their fans the time of day. The personal attention Jerry gives to his fans always meant alot to me. I was very saddened to learn of his health problems , and his retirement. The game of baseball lost a class act the day he hung up his jersey. I feel very fortunate to have met him and seen him pitch before he retired. I will always cherish my memories of meeting him , and my collection of signed baseball memorabilia from him are my most prized possessions. P.S. Aside from being a real nice guy , he is also very handsome! I love you , Jerry!

May 24, 2002
I hated watching Jerry Dipoto pitch. He was Doug Sisk, Jr. He'd throw 12 straight balls, and then get a double play grounder. It was infuriating to watch. I had to change the channel when Dipoto came into the game.

Dave M
July 26, 2002
A good friend of mine went to high school with Jerry and maintained his friendship throughout college and his baseball career. As a Mets fan, when Jerry got traded to the Mets, I was so excited! Jerry used to give us tickets to the game and than afterwards, my friend and I would go down to the clubhouse and meet some of the players as they came out. We would than walk down the tunnel, past the bullpen into the players parking lot. It was there that I met Bobby Bonilla as he was getting into his black corvette convertable. Jerry is a real, down to earth normal type of guy like you or me. People may say all they want about his pitching stats, but you know what? He made it to the big show and that is a lot more than a lot of people can say about themselves.

October 15, 2004
I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry, who is now a scout for the Boston Red Sox, in 2003. While working in sales for the Wilmington Blue Rocks I arranged his passes for the 3 days he would be there. It poured almost the whole series so I got to chat with him during the rain delays. Was flattered to know I remembered so much about his time as a Met (I didnt mention any statistics!) and just talked about his career, playing in NY, etc. A really polite, down to earth guy who knows the game very well, both from a playing and business aspect. I hope he can parlay his work as a scout into a front office job. No matter what though, a really great guy!

April 15, 2007
You can say all you want about Jerry Dipoto being a bad player, but I think he was great! You know only less than 1% of the worlds population has ever made it to the big leagues. Its not that easy to do, so you have to have talent to get past Triple A. Also, how many players have had to deal with thyroid cancer, a blood clot, and two herniated discs in their backs that had to be replaced with metal rods and bones from their hip? And even after all that, he was able to come back and play a great game until another back injury forced him to retire. I personally think he was a great player, and definitely the nicest one ever. How many professional ball players do you see that will remember you years after he briefly met you and will talk personally with all his fans? That type of player is hard to come by. Most players nowadays are stuck up snobs who won't even sign a baseball for a kid even if they wait for him all day or will completely ignore all his fans. Just think about that.

Maxwell Smart
September 27, 2010
Some buzz about Jerry becoming the next GM of the Mets. Stay tuned sports fans...

December 19, 2012
Now Jerry is the Angels' GM and was the one that signed Albert Pujols to his 10 year $240 million contract. He helped draft Mike Trout as well.

Shickhaus Franks
November 28, 2015
Jerry is currently trying to clean up the mess known as the Seattle Mariners. He's their new GM!

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