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Edgardo Antonio Alfonzo
Born: November 8, 1973 at Santa Teresa, Venezuela
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.11 Weight: 185

Edgardo Alfonzo has been the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup 46 times, most recently on December 14, 2017.

2b 3b ss

First Mets game: April 26, 1995
Last Mets game: September 29, 2002

Brother of Edgar Alfonzo

Named Second Baseman on the National League Silver Slugger team, 1999. (New York Mets)

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This young hitter is getting better every year. He also made the change from 3rd base to 2nd base with no problems only with the coaches and Managers of the league who thought that pokey was better at the position to give him the gold glover, but he won the silver Slugger award and he will show all the managers next year who is the Better 2nd basmen.. All The way Fonzie in 2000.

Robert Ford
I remember his first game in 1995 in Montreal, when he became the 100th 3B in Mets history. I hadn't heard a thing about him, but every game he impressed me more and more with his stellar defense at 2B, SS and 3B as well as his patience at the plate and ability to hit to all fields. I'm always at ease when Fonzie is up in a clutch situation.

Edgardo Alfonzo 1972 baseball card
Fonzie has already locked up the title of best middle infielder the Mets have ever had and he's getting better. He is the best 2-strike hitter I've seen on the Mets. Great situational hitter, Gold Glove caliber fielder, extra base power. He has all the tools except speed. And best of all his grand slam against Arizona in Game 1 of last year's divisional playoff series showed how tough he is. So consistent he's taken for granted.

Arnold Kim
Of course, a lot of people call him by his nickname, "Fonzie". My dad and I, however, have our own nickname for him- Moneyman. This guy is probably the best clutch hitter in baseball. I mean, look at look at the NLDS with the Giants- he had a big hit- either game tying, game winning, or very necessary insurance- in all three wins. And you can't forget the sparkling defense. With all due respect to Mike Piazza, who I'm still crazy about as well, Fonzie might very well be my favorite player on the team right now.

February 14, 2001
When it's all said and done, he will retire as the best all-around player ever to play for the Mets. I think the biggest surprise of the past season was that he wasn't able to get a big hit in the Series. Still the one player I want up with the game on the line, with all due respect to #31.

Dave A
June 27, 2001
After a friend made a whimsical suggestion that Alfonzo was done for his career, I decided to look into the theory that Alfonzo is the second coming of Carlos Baerga (i.e., much older than he says (27?!), best years behind him, all washed up). The similarities are pretty scary...


  • "Born" November 4, 1968
  • Best years: 1992-1995 (Age: 23-26)


  • "Born" November 8, 1973
  • Best years: 1997-2000 (Age: 23-26)


  • Both are foreign players (for years, actual ages of foreign players have been questioned (e.g., Fernando))
  • Both had two mediocre years, followed by four solid years -- AT THE SAME EXACT AGE
  • After his four solid years, Baerga never posted more than 66 RBI or had an OBP higher than .311.
  • After his four solid years, Alfonzo is on the DL, hitting .251, with an OBP of .324.


August 11, 2001
I've been watching Edgardo play since he was in the minors in '93. I can say I am the biggest fan there is . I have a collection of over 350 of Edgardo's baseball cards, 3 authentic Alfonzo jerseys as well as other various pieces of memorabilia. He will go down as one the greatest Mets ever (if Phillips doesnt screw that up too). One day I will be proud to tell my grandkids that I got to see him play

Will Musto
February 18, 2002
In 2001 my dad and I went to spring training, we found out what type of car fonzie was driving, and where he parked it. So after one of the games we went out and waited by his car. We had been there for about two hours when my dad said, "All right Will, in 15 minutes we're gonna go back to the hotel." Well, wouldn't you know it, right after he said that we see this Hispanic guy walk out of the stadium, I said, "That's Fonzie!" and sure enough, when he got closer we could tell it was him. We talked to him, asked him how his back was (He said it was not as good as he liked it to be at that point, obviously he never got it 100%) and he signed some stuff for us. It was a day I'll NEVER forget.

Steve Vazquez
March 10, 2002
Alfonzo is by far one of the all time greatest met. An all around team player and clubhouse leader. I've enjoyed watching Edgardo play for the team ever since he joined us in 95. I hope he'll be healthy for us this season and help the team finally get that Championship that has been dodging us for years.

Mr. Sparkle
April 16, 2002
More than any other current or recent Met, as Alfonzo goes, so go the Mets. Even more so than Piazza I think although Piazza is a better player. When Fonzi is on, the Mets win, when he's not, they don't. Plain and simple. He has many clutch hits over the years and has always been a central player in the good teams from 1998 through 2000. He had a lousy year last year and so did the Mets. And tonight, he got the game winner against the Braves. He's awesome. The heart and soul of the Mets. Here's to an awesome year ahead and big money at the end of the rainbow.

May 23, 2002
Congratulations to Edgardo Alfonzo on his first home run of 2002 after only 150 at bats. That's quite a power display, Edgardo.

Larry Burns
June 6, 2002
I love Fonzie. He is the type of player that does the little things that helps to win ballgames. Offense, defense, running the bases, etc. But I am starting to worry that the chronic back problems are going to prematurely end his effectiveness or career. I keep hearing that it is a matter of time before he gets back on track. Well it better happen soon, I have not seen the same Edgardo in 1 and 1/3 seasons. If he gets on track, we will be fine. He is THAT key to the offense.

June 18, 2002
Fonzie is just a great, solid player. I hope he finds his power stroke soon, although with his bad back that might be lost. He is the consumate professional, he went to 3rd base even though he wasn't happy about it, yet you never hear him complain. He's so underated in the field. I will always remember when he was being intentionally walked a few years back, and he reached out & swung at the pitch and I think he ended up with an infield hit. I get sick when we hear trade rumors about him. He's an asset to any team he's on. A real rare find for sure.

harvey k
August 18, 2002
I think that Edgardo's back is hurting again big time. Since he is playing for a new contract, and can't admit a chronic back problem, it's an "oblique muscle or ribcage." I do not buy it. It's an agent orchestrated coverup. Mets beware. you could be the object of a set up by damaged goods.

Doug Kearse
September 7, 2002
Edgardo Alfonzo is one of the best homegrown talents the Mets have ever had.

Please join with your fellow fans in making your voices heard and let's try and keep this great talent wearing Orange & Blue for years to come! If you are reading this I am confident that you agree.

Please sign this petition and pass this on to anyone you know that feels the same way.

October 13, 2002
Hate to disagree with the love-fest, but Fonzie's been mostly reputation for the last two years, since he disappeared during the 2000 World Series. He's got a so-so attitude, and now he's lost his power. I'm afraid he's going to overvalue himself this offseason. I'd rather they broke the bank for someone else.

Andy from Rego Park
November 7, 2002
I just don't get it... the Mets have an all-star caliber 2nd-baseman in Alfonzo... maybe the best home- grown position player the franchise has produced since Darryl Strawberry, so how do they protect their franchise product?

First they trade for Robby Alomar and shift Alfonzo, bad back and all, to third-base. Then, after Alomar pulls a Tony Fernandez dog show in '02, the Mets renew his contract, and them hem and haw about bringing back Fonzie the free agent.

Fonzie is 29. Even with a suspect back, he's got way more upside potential than Alomar, who will be 35 when next season begins. Even with diminished power, Fonzie' season blew Robbie's away.

Wouldn't the smarter move be to resign Fonzie, move him back to second, and dump Robbie Alomar back on the Orioles or some other equally deserving team where he can live on his reputation for a few more seasons?

Yeah, I know, we'll need a new third-baseman, but if we let Alfonzo walk, we'll still need a third-sacker, and then another second-baseman after next year, when Robbie walks after his contract is up.

Mr. Sparkle
December 10, 2002
I realize Edgardo did not play as well over the past two seasons as he had for four or five years prior. I realize he may actually be older than he says. I realize his back is a question mark and you don't know what the future holds. But to me, it's a disgrace that Steve Phillips cut ties with Fonzi the way he did. Fonzi is a true blue Met and one of the best to ever put on the Blue and Orange. He's a Met's Met. Last year he did hit among the league leaders with runners in scoring position and his RBI total wasn't what you would like but considering the team hit so poorly there really weren't enough guys on base in front of him.

The business of baseball always rears its ugly head and makes you realize no one who works for the team or plays for it really cares as much about the team as the fans do. Alfonzo is a season or two away from wiping Ed Kranepool off the all-time Met hit list and double list and is real close on some others but he'll never get that chance because of a business decision. A business decision made necessary because of so many other mistakes made in the organization over the past year. You can't afford Alfonzo when you are over paying for guys like Burnitz, Vaughn, and Ordonez. Those players are a joke and will go down in Mets history as major disappointments. But we can't afford to hold onto one of the best players in team history because of these guys. Fonzi gave us so many great moments and now is cast aside because of all those other bad business moves.

Mr. Sparkle
December 10, 2002
Two wrongs don't make a right and letting Alfonzo go because of all the money you have due to these other stiffs doesn't make it better. I realize Fonzi may have a chronic bad back. I realize he may not be the same. But loyalty and being a team player count for something. Just like Piazza, who I feel should retire as a Met no matter what he does, I think Alfonzo should have been able to play his career out as a Met. What's wrong with that? If this guy can't be a career Met, who can be? Does the business of baseball always have to rip my heart out? I know I'm being emotional but sometimes emotion is more important to the national passtime than a business decision. To me, it is just a game. I hope Fonzi goes on to a team like the Indians, who I hear are interested, and has a .330-30-120 year. Hopefully he never ends up across town. I hope he's an All-Star for the next 5-6 seasons. And I hope Steve Phillips is working for Bud Harrelson and the Long Island Ducks.

December 11, 2002
I wasn't thrilled with Edgardo's lack of power and anemic RBI total for last season. That said, I still don't have a clue why the Mets handled the contract negotiations the way they did. It just looks like they had no real interest in bringing back one of the best position players the organization has ever produced. I keep thinking the organization MUST have a plan of some kind, but I have thought the same thing in the past.

Well it was a pleasure watching Edgardo Alfonzo in a Mets uniform. He played the game the way it was meant to be played, unlike too many of his teammates in the past 2 seasons. His game tying hit against Robb Nen in Game 3 of the 2000 NLDS will always rank high in my Mets memory bank (along with his grand slam off Bobby Chouinard in Game 1 of the 1999 NLDS). Good luck, Fonzie. I hope you end up in Boston, beating up on the hated Yankees.

December 13, 2002
Even though Fonzie had sub par years the past 2 seasons (I mean sub par FOR HIM) compared to most of these big money losers we got stuck with he's been an all star, they still should have kept him as a Met. It kills me that they jumped to give the likes of Tracshel millions of dollars and they let Fonzie slip through the cracks without a second thought. The only reason Tracshel was a .500 pitcher last year was because of guys like Fonzie. He may not have found his power stroke lately but he still made an impact when he was in the line-up, not to mention his defensive play wasn't too shabby either compared to the other so called Gold Glovers in the infield. If he stays in the National Leaugue he will come back to haunt us 10 fold.

Max Power
December 13, 2002
He was the last quality prospect the Mets produced out of their system. Sure we saw Payton and Agbayani and maybe a couple of others come up but none have really been solid every day players like Alfonzo. That was 1995 and now he's gone. Pathetic.

December 13, 2002
I agree with all the earlier comments. Someone said to me he is too slow and does not score runs-but he was the Mets leader in runs scored and was 6 for 5 on stolen bases. Maybe Alfonzo is an old 29 but as the earlier comments suggest, who else if not Fonzie was the face of the Mets? Phillips and Wilpon screwed Fonzie whichever you look at it. I am sure Fonzie will rebound and have good years with another team (remember Jeff Kent). Oh and by the way, once again we do not have a 3rd baseman nor another player with an on base average over .360 to score runs. We have guy who does not want to be here at 2nd and our perfectly fine 3rd baseman of 2 years ago is enjoying his time with the Yankees. Well Done Phillips!

December 16, 2002
As expected, he overvalued himself, demanding $8 million/year for his 56 RBI. This isn't about sentimentality, it's about winning. No big hits the last two years. Sorry, but they were right not to invest long-term in him.

hans moleman
December 22, 2002
What the Mets did to Alfonzo reminds me of what the Giants did to Mark Bavaro and Jim Burt. Both guys the Giants thought were done because of injury and both went onto have good years with other teams. Jim Burt especially came back to haunt the Giants. It's obviously the Mets feel Alfonzo's better days are behind him because of injury and it's just a matter of time before that miscalculation comes back to haunt them.

Mr. Sparkle
February 19, 2003
Fonzi paid to have a thank you to the Mets and Mets fans put on cabs and buses in Manhattan. Total class act. His professionalism is rare these days.

April 13, 2003
RBI is a statistic dependent on the other players on your team. You cannot drive in runs if no one gets on base. Fonzie is the last person that should be criticized for his performance in 2002. He was the only consistency in the lineup all year. It could be argued that he was the only consistency in the lineup (save Piazza) for the last 5 years. From what I have seen, there are very few hitters in the majors that always seem stay alive in the count like Fonzie does. So many times I have seen him battle back and get a walk from an 0-2 count, or force the pitcher to throw one down the plate. He may not have the power he used to, but I would take Fonzie any day over someone like Mo Vaughn. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets plenty of RBI's this year with the Giants. He will be sorely missed.

Larry Burns
May 27, 2003
Class act all the way! One of the few ex-Mets I can openly root for. How come we trade guys like this and keep people like Roberto "Redo my Contract" Alomar? Good luck Fonzie--we miss and appreciated you.

June 5, 2003
What can you say about Fonzie? An unselfish Met who deserved better than what he got. I don't understand Met management. This guy switched positions for the better of the team and didn't whine about it. His patience at the plate and clutch hitting will and has been missed. The guy even thanked the fans of NY when he left by renting out space on NYC cabs. His home run against the Reds in the one game playoff and his slam against the D-backs were clutch moments in 1999. A class act who will be missed. I hope he gets a ring. He deserves one.

June 7, 2003
Come on, Met myopians, get real! Fonzie may be a classy guy, but with the season he's having so far, he wouldn't have helped us a bit, much less his own Giants. He may get a ring this year - for being on the roster, not for his contributions. Check the numbers: a .221 average and more double play grounders (6) than doubles (5). Twice he's been dropped down in the batting order. I'll never forget his invaluable Mets contributions in '99 and '00 and I hope he rebounds. But much as I hate to admit it, Steve Phillips made the right call to let him walk.

July 23, 2003
I can't believe folks are still talking about how it's too bad they didn't re-sign him. And all for non- baseball reasons. Did anyone really think he'd be great for the Giants? This makes 3 bad seasons in a row. And the fact that he's not Alomar just doesn't matter. Now that they're rebuilding, they'd be looking to dump his contract anyway. At least they did that one in advance.

Jonathan Stern
October 10, 2003
The first time I saw Alfonzo interviewed was during his rookie year. I rejoiced - he seemed to me like the real deal, a gifted AND intelligent ballplayer, a farm product to lead the Mets back to respectability, a natural at handling the media. As it turned out, he became better than I thought he would be. In fact, he was the best baseball player in all of NYC in 1999 and 2000. No Yankee or Met compared. He could do it all, and possessed good instincts to boot (or, rather, to not boot). No ball got past him, in the field or at the plate. He might have been the greatest player on any New York tri-state area professional sports team during that time.

Then, after the 2000 World Series, he slacked off and has not been the same since.

Oh, those guaranteed contracts....

Jonathan Stern
May 22, 2004
Once one of my all-time favorite Mets, Alfonzo looked horrible in his return to Shea several weeks ago. Reports around the league are that the Giants can't even give him away. For once, the Mets got it right - letting him go was a smart move. You earned a lot of money, Fonzie. Invest it well.

LenDog - Fonz memory part 1
August 8, 2004
God, did I love the Fonz. My favorite Met ever.

My Dad also loved the Fonz. My Dad is THE ultimate Met fan -- or at least he was. He started developing dementia in May of 2001. He is now bedridden and the disease has robbed him of his personality, including his love for the Mets. Believe it or not, he does not care one bit about the Mets anymore.

Why am I telling you this? I associate the Fonz with the last great Met memories my Dad had. Remember Fonz in the 2000 postseason? Until the Yankees shut him (and all the Mets) down, he was the 2000 postseason stud.

I live in San Francisco now. So, when the Giants had their preseason fan day in 2003, the first year Fonz played out here, I attended. I wore my 1969 Tom Seaver authentic wool road jersey with the big "New York" across the chest. Rest assured I was the only Met fan in the place.

I had a thank you card with me for Fonz. I wrote on it 'thank you on behalf of all Met fans for the great thrills: the grand slam againts Arizona, the 3 HRs in the Astrodome, the HR in Pac Bell in the playoffs, etc.'

I handed it directly to Edgardo and said 'this is from all Met fans.' I didn't even look him in the eye because I was REALLY choked up thinking about my Dad. My wife (she came with me!!! advice to all men: marry a woman who goes to stupid sports stuff with you!)and I watched Fonz walk away and read the card.

I went out to the car and got really upset. I wanted to tell my Dad about it but it would have upset him. I called my best friend, another raging Met fan, and let it all out.

Anyway, thanks again, Fonz. I'm happy you now play two blocks from where I work, but you are a Met forever, just like Tug McGraw was.

For all you Met fans with dads and sons - enjoy it - watch lots of games together -- and most of all, take pictures when you go to the big Shea. I regret that I only have one picture of me and my Dad at the big Shea after 40+ years of loving the Mets together.

Joe Figliola
April 20, 2005
Anyone see that Fonzi is leading the NL in batting in the high .400s?

This is marked contrast to the Fonzi I saw last year when the Giants came into town against the Amazin's. He looked clueless at the plate and his fielding was shoddy. Bob P. will know this better, but I think that in one of the games, he made two errors and misjudged an infield fly.

The Alfonzo I like to remember was the dynamic second baseman who was electric on field and with the stick (he is number one in my Mets scorebook all-time hit list with 239; Mike Piazza is currently second with 200!).

My favorite Fonzi moment was in May, 1999 against the (ironically enough) Giants. He hit a home run that I thought went close to 500 feet. An absolute BOMB! I think it was the longest home run in terms of distance by a Met that year.

July 4, 2005
Fonzie was a quiet player who moved from second base to third base on a continual basis, even though his best position was shortstop. Pokey Reese should never have won a gold glove over this guy. I remember that he roughed up the Big Unit in Game 1 of the 1999 Division Series. His other contributions are too countless to name.

July 25, 2005
Fonz is always going to be regarded as a Met no matter where he plays. He was one of a very small number of Mets farm products who went on to a very good ML career.

Fonz will always be welcomed at Shea.

Shorty Larson
November 15, 2005
Alfonzo turned out to be what he was advertised by Mets officials as: a four-tool player lacking significant speed. I truly believe that his injury problems are what have ruined his career.

January 6, 2006
The first time I saw him on TV Tim McCarver and Ralph Kiner were gushing about what a smart ball player Fonzie was. Fonzie then got thrown out at third on a baserunning error.

March 22, 2006
When it came to clutch-hitting, Fonzie was the best. He always hit a home run when you needed it, and always got that base hit when the game was on the line. The greatest thing he did was in 1999, when Ventura came to the Mets, he moved over to second base, where he had never played, and he played the position like Roberto Alomar. He had his best season that year, capped by that dynamite performance in Game 1 of the NLDS when he hit two bombs, and that game earlier in the season where he went 6 for 6 with 3 hrs and 6 rbis. Hopefully, Jose Reyes and David Wright are the new Fonzies.

flushing flash
April 5, 2006
Throughout history we Met fans have watched as players we let go became superstars: Nolan Ryan, Amos Otis, Jeff Reardon, Mike Scott, Jeff Kent.

Well, we have finally gotten some payback in the form of Fonzie, who in the course of three years went from one of the best second basemen in baseball for the Mets to a weak-hitting backup third baseman with the Angels.

Still, it's sad to see the career of such a favorite Met take such a horrible downturn.

Turn it around, Fonzie, while you still can.

Shickhaus Franks
May 28, 2006
While waiting for the Mets-Marlins to start up on FOX-5 NY; I switched over to the Comcast Network (CN-8) and they were showing Eastern League action between the Harrisburg Senators (Nationals) at the New Hampshire FisherCats (Blue Jays) and guess who was starting at 2B for the FisherCats? Edgardo Alfonso, who had signed with the Blue Jays recently and the Cats were wearing PINK jerseys for charity and I was tickled pink (no pun intended) when I saw Edgardo still playing after all these years. And he was wearing #13 to boot!

July 16, 2006
Edgardo Alfonzo remains the most potent BIG HIT, clutch hitter in Met history. I loved Millan and Hernandez, but the "Fonz" was not only stirring his Championship teams; he was driving them.

Time and again in big spots, game on the line, he would deliver that double in the gap that would score two runs and tie the game or put us ahead!

Miss ya Keith, Felix and Edgardo; bad backs are a bugaboo!

Had Edgardo's back held out and he still was with the team, we would be wondering how many club records he would hold and how to honor him as the Greatest Met Ever. Miss you Fonz!

Mr. Sparkle
July 19, 2006
Could Fonzi be this year's Lee Mazzilli? Star player, struggled away from Shea, makes a return mid season to a run up to the World Series... It's a different situation altogether as Fonzi is in the minors just trying to hang on but, he could eventually get called up and be a contributor off the bench. Maybe I'm dreaming, we'll see.

September 6, 2006
One of the best clutch hitters in the late 90's and year 2K.

Has anything been said about adding him to the roster now that it is after Sept 1 and rosters expanded? I figured the Mets would bring him up for the month and possibly even eek out a roster spot in the postseason if he comes through.

October 13, 2006
I can't figure out what happened to this guy. With the Mets he was a great clutch hitter (high average too) and solid at 2B, except for that one weak year (2002?). Was it injuries or did he just lose it really fast. Looking at his vitals he's only 32.

July 11, 2007
Edgardo was a class act and a very good hitter, but even better with the glove. Here is a guy who got screwed out of gold gloves TWICE. First when he was at third base, he lost out to Ken Caminiti, who only played about half of the season that year. Next, he moves over to second base and turns in a great year with the glove (the year that Ventura, Ordonez and Olerud got Gloves, and the Mets had the all time best fielding percentage as a team) but gets beaten out by Pokey Reese.....WHO???? Gimme a break.

Mr. Stubacca
July 30, 2007
Fonzie is now playing for the LI Ducks in the independent league.

I always liked him although I find it very hard to believe his age is accurate.

October 1, 2008
I was really happy to see him at the closing ceremony this season. He belonged there with all the other Met greats and he seemed genuinely thrilled to be at Shea again.

October 27, 2008
One of my all time favorite Mets, but not resigning him after the 2002 season was one of the few right decisions we made during that time period.

Great to see him at Shea for the last day. I can't believe he's only 34/35 years old.

March 2, 2009
Edgardo signs with the Yomiuri Giants, the "Evil Empire" of Japan. Saw him tonight as a (Yomiuri) Giant, starting as a second base man at an exhibition game against Chinese Taipei before the WBC Asia Round.

Didn't look as trim as he used to be, bobbled a ground ball which otherwise would have been a double play ball, but did get a hit. Let us see if he can survive the Japanese League and prove that he is still 35-36 years old that he claims that he is. Will be interesting to see how Bobby B and Benny Agbayani, who know best days as a Met and are associated in Japan now, have to say about Edgardo now.

January 21, 2011
Fonz was the man. I was always a big fan of him since I became a huge Mets fan in 98. The 99 and 2000 teams would not have been the same without him. He had clutch hits, spectacular plays at both 2nd and 3rd, and was one of the most underrated players in baseball during his career. Probably the best Mets player ever at 2nd overall. I really wish the Mets could now have a dependable 2nd baseman like him. He set the standard at the position. He seriously deserves a Mets Hall of Fame induction in the near future.

February 24, 2014
Great player when in his prime, could do everything well. Career ended too soon due to back issues. One of the great home-grown Mets.

Incidentally, he is nine months younger than Bartolo Colon and only eight months older than Derek Jeter. I say, suit him up and let's see what he's got left.

Raymond Malcuit Jr.
August 25, 2017
He should take over for Terry Collins as the next Mets manager.

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