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Alex Ochoa
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Alex Ochoa
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Alex Ochoa
Alex Ochoa
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 195 of 1043 players
Alex Ochoa
Born: March 29, 1972 at Miami Lakes, Fla.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.00 Weight: 175

Alex Ochoa was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on December 10, 2014.


First Mets game: September 18, 1995
Last Mets game: September 28, 1997

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Had an incredible arm. Best arm I've ever seen. Was supposed to be a 5 tool player, but never met (pun intended) his potential.

I was disappointed that Ochoa didn't materialize into the star that everyone thought he was going to be, but he was the man that got Bonilla out of here, which means he made a worthwhile contribution before he even stepped foot on the field. He did have a gun for an arm.

Alex was actually a 4 tool player. Couldn't hit for average, couldn't hit for power, couldn't run, couldn't catch the ball. Did have a gun. There is one thing that makes him one of my all time favorite all-time Mets...that fat lazy pig Bonilla was shipped out of town for him.

June 18, 2001
i havent followed ochoa's career much since he went to the reds, except for when the Mets play the reds, but he still has an insane gun for an arm. on sportcenter the other day they showed him throwing someone out from the warning track in right with a perfect one- bounce throw to third.

stan jefferson
June 26, 2001
Man, this kid is the future of the franchise. A five tool player. He's going to be the real deal. Wait a minute...this isn't Alex Escobar? Oh well, they look like the same player to me.

August 1, 2001
Say what you want about Bonilla, he was productive for Baltimore once he left. This guy did nothing for the Mets.

August 22, 2001
We traded him for rich becker?

why did we let him go?

December 19, 2001
When the Mets were looking to trade Bobby Bonilla, Mets were offered a relief pitcher prospect in the Minor leagues by Baltimore. Mets refused and held out for Alex Ochoa, who they finally got. The relief pitcher the Mets passed on was none other than Armando Benitez. It is with this talent evaluation, that Joe McIlvane is not the GM anymore.

September 14, 2002
Ochoa is awesome he is doing good for the Angels and he's in the pennant race. He has a gun for an arm and has hit over 270 fo 3-4 years in a row. Hes got speed and talent.

Frank Grimes
February 18, 2003
Mr. 5 tools just signed with Japan. What a bust this clown turned out to be!

February 22, 2003
Ochoa is fierce competitor. A ballplayer who has never complained about not given the opportunity to become an everyday player. He can hit, he has better power and speed than most believe, an a CANNON of an arm. In my book Ochoa's departure to Japan is a huge loss for Major League Baseball. This guy is what the fan dies for!

April 1, 2003
We have admired Alex's arm. In the 3 opening games, he contributed to 2 victories of the Chunichi Dragons. His great arm let opponent runners stop at third-base all the pinch. Thank you for giving us that great guy.

May 26, 2004
I remember watching a game in the summer of 96 or 97, where Alex hit for the cycle. I think it was in Philadelphia. We may not have a no hitter, but at least we have a cycle. Also we got him for Bobby Bo, so that in itself makes him great.

Bob P
June 2, 2004
Mike, that game was on July 3, 1996 at the Vet. Alex went 5-for-5 with a single, two doubles, a triple and a home run.

Alex was the only Met to get five hits in a game that season. The next time a Met player got five hits in a game was on August 30, 1999, when Edgardo Alfonso went 6-for-6.

Mr. Sparkle
June 26, 2005
Currently playing for the Dragons in Japan hitting .291 with 8 homers and 31 ribbies. He was a big disappointment in NY.

Andy the Walrus
August 20, 2006
I remember Ochoa's game winning pinch-hit homer at Atlanta in 1997 and the time he threw Willie McGee out at home plate, when Willie was trying to score from third on a fly ball. Todd Hundley said it was the hardest thrown ball he ever caught.

I'm glad Alex got the ring with the Angels. The guy was put onto the field to protect the lead in game seven of the World Series, and every other Angels' post-season win; that's how highly the Angels thought of him.

He's been marvelous in Japan, even hit for another cycle. It's a loss for the majors to not have him here, I hope he comes back soon. A real class guy who gives his all for the team, he deserves a lot more respect from Mets fans than he gets. As he gained more experience, his performances just got better and better.

September 16, 2006
Andy are you his agent or something? One of the worst player ever to be hyped up at all. Makes Ryan Thompson look good

Jamey Bumbalo
October 4, 2006
Yet another guy who had all the potential in the world but never lived up to it. I really thought he would be a star.

August 29, 2007
Every year I award the Alex Ochoa award--goes to the player with the best stats and does not contribute to the team. His hits always came in meaningless situations. Never got the hit when the Mets needed it.

Mets fan in Maine
September 3, 2007
A couple years ago Ochoa had a spring training shot with the Red Sox after his years in Japan. Of course there was a lot of print about his arm. Unfortunately he didn't make the team.

Ken D.
October 1, 2007
I liked Alex a lot. Forgot about the Bonilla stuff, now I like him even more!

Anyway, this guy had an absolute rifle arm. Saw him throw out a runner going to 3rd from deep RF at Shea. Still the best Mets arm I have seen so far, and I've been watching since Ellis Valentine.

As of the end of 2007, Alex is (still) playing in Japan, throwing runners out on the basepaths, and now hitting the snot out of the ball (no joking) for Hiroshima. Wish he would have hit a little for the Mets.

puddin head
October 6, 2007
The Mets could have sent Alex back to AAA before giving up on him. He hit .300 (exactly) in 1999 with the Brewers and .316 in 2000 with Cincy. In those two years he had a combined 21 homers and 98 runs batted in with about 500 at bats total (less than 300 each year). Yáll can't blame him for the playoff loss in 2006 or the humiliating collapse of 2007; you need to find another scapegoat/whipping boy. Alex HAS a ring, in 2002 with the Angels.

Andy the Walrus
April 20, 2009
Alex O is a coach with the Boston Red Sox this year on the major league level. They said his fluency in three languages was a big reason for the hiring. Congrats to Alex on a couple of terrific seasons with Hiroshima to finish out his playing years. A guy I worked with refused to give him any credit, saying, yeah, but it's in Japan. Well, guess who won the World Baseball Classic for the second straight time? And they did it with good pitching. I don't think batting over .300 over there was as easy for Alex O as Mets fans would like to believe.

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