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Rey Ordonez
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Rey Ordonez
Rey Ordonez
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 36 of 1043 players
Reynaldo Ordonez
Born: January 11, 1971 at Havana, Cuba
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.09 Weight: 159

Rey Ordonez has been the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup 47 times, most recently on January 14, 2018.


First Mets game: April 1, 1996
Last Mets game: September 27, 2002

Named Shortstop on the National League Gold Glove team, 1997, 1998, 1999. (New York Mets)

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Melissa Hood
My Husband is a true Mets fan! I myself, am not all that into baseball. For fun and a little rivalry, the past 3 seasons since I met my husband, he lets me pick a team that I want to root for, it is his way to try and convince me I like watching sports. So the first time was the Marlins - they won that year! Then last year it was Houston - they came close, and this year I picked the Diamondbacks! I make a joke and pick a team for the hot players or the nice color uniforms. For a female who really doesn't watch the game, it was fun to see whose teams would do better. I eventually started watching the Mets play...how could I not, that is all that is on in our house until October. Well, I noticed Rey Ordonez, and it got me more interested in the Mets...to a point where I would watch them when I was home alone!

For a wedding gift to my husband, 4 months later, I decided to take him to a game at Shea. We live in Syracuse, NY and we drove down for the September 18th game against Philly. The Mets kicked butt!

And what more could I ask for than to see my new favorite player hit a grand slam! I mean I didn't even know what a grand slam was, but I was excited. We have decided to make those trips more often next season. I hope they don't trade Rey to Seattle, because I can't afford to fly there!

I think Rey Ordonez is a wonderful player. I have noticed in many games that he sacrifies his own hits for his other team members (10/5/99 game). Not to mention his skills on the field, he is extremely attractive! He is so sexy!

Rey is a great fielder but that's it. He is arrogant, selfish and basically useless with a bat in his hands.

Paul Zibben
Rey Ordonez should retire as a New York Met. End of story. He improves every pitcher on this team. He is the glue of the infield. His hitting is deceptively effective - 60 ribbies from the 8-hole is not to be sneezed at. Finally, he is simply the greatest fielding shortstop in history (sorry, Ozzie). On any given day, he will do something in the field that has never been done before. If A-Rod wants to play here, he'd better learn to play the outfield. Again, end of story.

Sid Finch
Watching this guy attempt to bunt in last year's playoffs was unbearable. Several times, in key situations, he popped the ball higher than he would have had he taken a full swing. Now, before May, he's already committed three errors. If his fielding is average, what's left? A weak hitter with an average glove.

I have never seen an every day major league player with a worse approach to hitting that Rey Ordonez has. Actually, he has absolutely no approach. He swings at every piece of garbage over his head, and he never ever ever tries to cut down on that loopy, chunky, horrendous swing of his. The result...pop up after pop up. Can someone please explain to Rey Rey that a ball in the air is an out for him? I hope in time he can learn to just put the ball in play like Ozzie Smith did. It seems, however, that nothing sinks into Rey Rey's head.

March 18, 2001
As great a defensive player as he is, and I think he's the best defensive SS I've ever seen, three things stand out about him to me.

1) Treats the fans with incredible disdain. 2) Makes some of the easier plays look hard, a la Jim Edmonds. 3) I don't like people who run out on their families. No excuses.

Coach HoJo 20
March 31, 2001
Greatest Defensive SS in history. So what if he has a problem at the plate. This guy is very valuable to the team. I would be satisfied if he hit .210. If he does better at the plate it only helps. Rey is the type of player than makes a manager and a GM think. You really have to decide what is more important to you. A shortstop with a bat and an OK glove, or a flawless defensive glove with an above mediocre bat. I personally would keep Rey. He is marketable and can really come through in the field. A baseball game can't be all home runs and grand slams. There are many pieces of the pie. Rey is one piece of that pie that we call baseball.

Happy Recap
June 13, 2001
He does sparkle in the field. There's no denying that. And it is really cool to have a Gold Glove shortstop who frequently makes the highlight reels. But he flat out can't hit. Rey should be a late inning defensive replacement/pinch runner type. He shouldn't be a starting shortstop on a team that wants to contend for the pennant. There are so many shortstops in the big leagues today (and I don't need to list them) who can field the position AND be productive at the plate. If the Mets can find anybody who's interested in trading for Ordonez, and willing to take on his ridiculous contract, the Mets should make the deal. Even if they only get washed up veterans or marginal prospects in return.

June 26, 2001
Has anyone noticed that Rey appears to have lost a step in the field this year? How many highlight plays has he made so far this year, about 5? He used to make that many in a week. His range up the middle appears really weak. Balls coming off the bat that I used to laugh at knowing Rey was going to get are now ending up in center field. He doesn't turn the double play with as much authority, and he's gotten lazy on his throws.

I'm a believer in shortstop being a defensive position first. But if Rey's defense is going to be at this reduced level, he's worthless.

July 23, 2001
Rey hit his annual home run a few nights ago against the Phillies! All right Rey! We should keep Rey; I'm confident in him improving as a hitter. Also please don't say Rey sucks at batting. He doesn't suck at hitting, he's just not as good of a hitter as most other major leaguers. He's no doubt in the Top 2,000 hitters or in the universe so please don't knock him. To me he's still the best when it comes to making near-impossible plays in the field. When you make those kind of plays, you sometimes, in a way, give your team an RBI.

July 30, 2001
Rey is the least appreciated Met of recent memory. Nobody on this team has hit all year. Thats why you notice it now when Rey dosen't hit. He dosen't get paid to hit. He makes his money with the glove. Maybe he's overpaid, but show me a pro athlete who isn't overpaid. People seem to be calling for his head nowadays, but I hope the Mets keep him. You'll miss him if he goes. Look at last year...Mora, Bordick, Abbott... please. Cut him some slack on the whole "ran out on his family" thing too. Have you ever lived in a communist country? You can't know what it's like. Plus I read his estranged wife recently defected and is now getting more than enough child support for their child. Justice served. And hey, the guy still wears a brace on that forearm he shattered. That may explain his year in the field. I think he'll be back to being the best defensive SS next season and I'll deal with his batting. Chill out on Rey.

Won Doney
September 19, 2001
I don't understand why people always have something bad to say about Rey Ordonez. There have been a lot of times this year where Rey Ordonez has provided offense. He's hitting .251 now with 3 home runs. That's better than any of us would have expected him to be at this point. If the rest of the team hit all year, no one would seriously care if his bat was on the team. As for his defense, there has never been anyone to compare. When comparing him to Ozzie Smith at this stage in his career, Rey has the better average and fielding percentage. He is as much valuable as many of the other people on the team. A lot of the comments left about how certain players are nasty or arrogant, but the writers can sometimes be as bad as the people they write about. A lot of people have bad things to say about Ordonez, but those people never seem to complement him when he does something well. In my opinion, I'd pick Ordonez over A-Rod.

September 19, 2001
Rey has been my favorite player ever sence he came up in '96 with the Mets. I will always remember seeing Rey hit that ball that vanished over the outfield wall at The Vet.for a home run in the game I went to.

Valerie Jablonski
September 19, 2001
Rey Ordonez is an excellent player. I have been watching him since 96 and he has improved a lot over the years. When he hit his first home run of his career which was a grand slam I was sooo proud of him. I think as he plays in the league he will be one of the great shortstops in the history of baseball.

May 23, 2002
When it comes to Rey a couple of thoughts come to front of my mind, one being that he is an instant out when he's up to bat. He's more of a guaranteed out than the pitcher. His "D" has been amazing in the past but he's getting a little too old and too bulky to do those slides towards the hole like he used to. Take this year - he has more errors in 2002 than he has since he came up to the big leagues in 1996. Why can't the hitting coaches teach this guy not to swing at pitches up around his eyeballs? I mean how many more years is it going to take for him to learn patience at the plate and not swing at the first pitch or for that matter a ridiculous pitch?

Bubba Agbayani
July 4, 2002
I'm just sick of this guy. His act is wearing thin. Has there ever been a more unpopular player who played with the Mets this long? He's exactly the same immature whiner that he was when he started here.

Joe Figliola
September 3, 2002
I think Rey-O may have worn out his welcome with the Amazin's on Sunday, 1 September, when he attempted to bunt on base with two strikes and two outs. Even Gary Thorne said, "What the heck was that?"

As much as I loved his glovework for these many years and anticipated the arrival of his home run during that time, it's just no fun anymore.

Let the Jose Reyes era begin!

September 4, 2002
I couldn't agree more with Joe. Ordonez's bit of stupidity bunting with two strikes, two outs and the pitcher on deck is the ultimate stupid play on a stupid baseball team. Ordonez, Cedeno and Timo have made more ridiculously dumb, idiotic, amateurish, sophomoric, flat out moronic plays this year than I can bear to count. This team needs an infusion of baseball IQ in the worst way. No more of this brand of stupid baseball. And Bobby Valentine says he doesn't teach fundamentals. Well, Bobby, when you don't teach, you end up with morons like Rey Rey.

With each passing year, Ordonez only gets more and more stupid.

September 25, 2002
He can't bunt, he can't hit, he has no power, he's a terrible base runner and he can't fight (the altercation with Luis Lopez). He used to be a good fielder. His best year was his first and he diminishes every season. Watch him approach batting practice like a home run king before games. He's a real bum!

December 16, 2002
Well, Rey Rey called us stupid and said he wants to play in a more relaxed atmosphere. Now he got his wish. He will play shortstop for the worst team in baseball where no one will boo him because no one comes to the ballpark. And he will play for a manager who will sit his ass down fast if he shows no desire to try harder at the plate.

Still, I will always remember 1996-1999 when Rey dazzled us with defensive plays that most of us had never seen before and may never see again.

December 16, 2002
My least favorite Met of all time. Very, very happy to finally see him go. The fact we can get back anything for him was a small miracle. Hope he enjoys a lifetime of losing and being yelled at by Sweet Lou in Tampa Bay. I am sure the fans in Tampa are much more intelligent and will appreciate a SS who makes 20 errors a season, bats .240 and hits 1 HR a year.

Jonathan Stern
December 17, 2002
Instead of trying to be the best Rey Ordonez he could be, he bulked up in order to be another A-Rod. He was incredible in 1999, but he never did master the fine points of the game. To the end, he kept aiming for the ESPN highlight reels instead of making the smart play. Slid into first-base too many times. Swung at the fences when he should have simply made contact. Led the 2002 Mets(!) in errors. Called us stupid. Maybe some of us WERE stupid - we thought this guy was a major-leaguer. Instead, he was a dumb athlete who did not use his considerable talent properly. Good-bye, Rey. 2003 in Tampa Bay, retirement in 2004 (or sooner). Try to invest your money wisely.

Mr. Sparkle
December 18, 2002
I read that Roberto Alomar hated Ordonez and ducked infield drills with him because he was such a dick. I don't know what that says about Alomar's profesionalism but it doesn't say much about old number zero- how appropriate was that?

Also, Piazza didn't like the fact that Rey wouldn't back up his throws to 2nd on a steal.

Dead weight and a clubhouse cancer gone for 2 guys who will probably never amount to anything. I can't understand why a profesional needs "chemistry" to do his job but I'm glad this guy is a little closer to Havana.

January 29, 2004
During the Memorial Day weekend of 2000, Rey Ordonez sustained a season-ending injury when he fractured a bone in his body during a play at second base. That play was one of my biggest thrills as a Met fan.

For some time now, it had become obvious to me that nothing short of a stroke or a heart attack to this feeble ninny was going to remove Rey from the lineup. Nothing else. Not those seven bouncers that barely made it to the pitcher's mound. Not those uncatchable crazy spinning foul balls that would land somewhere between the opposing catcher and first baseman. Not even Rey's tour de force showcase of batting ineptitude that this creep displayed in the 1999 NLCS, when he singlehandledly kept the Mets from beating the Braves by going like 1 for a zillion or something, thus postponing the first ever Mets - Yanks Subway Series by one whole season.

Was this guy the worst hitter you ever saw? I mean like in your whole lifetime? Let's qualify this. Sure there were hitters worse, or at least just as bad. But a guy like Esix Snead, he gets to the majors, and is so bad that he's back on the bench in about as quick a time as it takes him to whiff on three Kerry Wood fastballs. So there are bad hitters out there. Except that they don't get to use up 3000 at bats.

Want some more memories? Remember how this waste would get to play in like 20 games in a row and then would have a fit because Bobby V would give him a day off? He'd throw such a fit that you'd think he was Lou Gehrig himself, come back from the dead to belt 55 HR's for the Mets, which as you all know is impossible. Rey couldn't hit 55 HR's even if he played 55 years. And he'd be old by the end so even that's iffy.

Anyway, it would get so bad, what with his whining and all that Bobby V would have to resort to resting Rey on a day when Piazza or Olerud (real players, Rey!) also got the day off. Now I have no way of proving what I'm about to say because I'm only a fan and with no connections to Met personnel, but I'd swear that Rey was purposely rested on days when Piazza or Olerud, or both, were also rested so that when Rey threw his eventual ninny fit over being rested and not being able to get to play in 5000 games in a row as if he was the next Gehrig, well when he said that, ol' Bobby V would just say, "Hey Rey, Piazza also has the day off. So does Olerud. I'm resting all the stars. And you're a star. All the stars get the day off today. Don't you wanna be a star? You don't see Tom Seaver satarting today, either."

Anyway, I would secretly pray before every Met game that Rey would break his arm or something being that that's what I figured on it taking to get the stiff out of the lineup. Short of a heart attack which I wasn't going to wish for on account of that ain't right and I wouldn't wish a heart attack on anyone, not even the Met I hate the most, even more so than Bobby Bonilla who should read a copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People". Well, he did break his arm and didn't get a heart attack.

Once I brought a banner to Shea Stadium that said "Pinch-Hit". I held it up in the bottom of the second inning when Rey led off that inning.

January 29, 2004
One of the best quotes on Rey Ordonez came from Tim McCarver during a Met-Yankee broadacast when McCarver was with the Yanks:

"He's not a high ball hitter. He's a high ball swinger."

Don't get me started on this scrub. I'm liable to post all day.

April 1, 2004
Heard that this spring, Rey was in camp with the San Diego Padres, who I'm sure basically brought Rey in as a courtesy call since they already have a stud SS in Khalil Greene in the wings.

Once it became apparent that Greene was going to win the starting SS job, Rey, in his typical brilliant fashion, told the Padres he was so insulted, he was leaving camp.

Nobody bothered to stop him.

September 24, 2004
Talk about evolution in reverse! This guy was amazing!

He came in in 1997 and was a walking defensive highlight reel for three years. So who cared if he couldn't hit a beachball?

Then his defense fell off, which made his hitting intolerable, he bulked up his weight, so his defense got worse, and then he wore himself out of town by trashing the Met fans.

He should have been a Met lifer and the best defensive shortstop the game ever saw. Instead he turned into an anti-social incompetent.

Dr. Jekyll became Mr. Hyde.

March 28, 2005
What an incredible stiff! I don't miss this guy at all! Once his defense went down he was completely useless. Funny how the Mets went to the Series the year he got hurt. We called him "A.O." Automatic Out! I also got tired of Fran Healy's constant praising. I didn't go to games to watch him play shortstop. I expected him as a Major Leaguer to do his job. Good riddance!

July 8, 2005
Ordonez was a player who escaped from Cuba, played in the independent league, and made it to the bigs. After a promising rookie season at the plate, and 26 errors in the field, it appeared as if Ordonez was one in which fielding would be difficult and hitting would come naturally. The next season exposed his true colors. Ordonez won the gold glove, broke his wrist twice, and batted .216.

The next season proved to be the same. In '99, Ordonez combined his talents, having a good offensive season and winning his third consecutive gold glove.

In 2000, he only batted .188, as a broken wrist ended his season in May.

2001 proved to be the all-time worst season for Ordonez, who was poor offensively and suffered lapses in the field.

In 2002, Ordonez continued to fizzle defensively, but his offense alleviated those struggles.

I will always remember the various wrist injuries suffered by Ordonez, his truly amazing defensive plays, third only behind Ozzie and Omar.

Also, I will also always remember his uncanny success in bases loaded situations. How can a guy, with three home runs in his career, walk up to the plate and belt a grand slam? With the bases loaded was one of the only times that a pitcher should viably fear Ordonez. The other was hitting in two-out situations. I remember in 2002 against the Marlins, Ordonez hit a three-run double to tie the game in the fourth. The game eventually went into extra innings, and he then crushed a three-run homer into the upper deck a Pro Player Stadium, no easy task. That proved to be the game-winner.

Bob P
July 10, 2005
One minor correction to the most recent post: Ordonez never had 6 RBI in a game. The game vs the Marlins was on 5/31/02 and Ordonez did have a bases clearing double in the second inning but his homer in the tenth was a solo shot as the Mets won, 6-5.

It was one of three times Rey had 4 RBI in a game while with the Mets. He also did it once with the Devil Rays.

Lifelong Fan
July 26, 2005
I felt sorry for this guy breaking his arm and never getting another shot with the Mets however, he used to drive me nuts when he was at bat. Thou shalt not pass was his attitude. Swing at everything and sit down after striking out on the 5th pitch.

Mr. Sparkle
August 20, 2006
The 12th most at bats in Mets history. That is unbelievable.

Shorty Larson
September 15, 2006
Ordonez was an example of a player ruined by NYC. DB is absolutley correct in his comparisons to Smith and Vizquel. Although, those two guys could run in their younger days, they did not provide much offense. Aside from the speed, Rey was virtually the same player. However a former NYC shortstop without offensive skills will never be given a chance to play elsewhere, no matter how good they may become (note Kevin Elster). However, Vizquel and Smith got those chances, and after an above average performance at the plate, though not Hall of Fame caliber, Smith gets elected in because of that leather. Vizquel could be next. Oh, by the way, Ordonez did have 6 RBIs in that game vs. FLA. I was there.

Jamey Bumbalo
October 4, 2006
Talk about a fallen star. Despite all the hype about his fielding prowess, I always thought he was too flashy for his own good. How many times did he do his down-on-one-knee-backhand attempt only to muff the play? Sure, he was often acrobatic in his fielding, but as far as I'm concerned it was all flash. He went from so-called star to nobody very fast.

December 11, 2008
A NY media creation, truthfully. The comparisons to Jeter were laughable even back then. The Ozzie Smith comparisons were hysterical, too.

scott r
December 22, 2008
Whoa, why all the negativity towards Rey? I know he made a comment about the fans. I guess that's a good reason. He wasn't that bad of a hitter. He did bat .250 a few times. I know nothing special but based on comments here you think he hit .100. I had to go back and look at his stats. I know he tried for homers too many times and I guess he was not good in the clutch, but he was the best fielder I ever saw. Until Reyes got there hes the best shortstop we ever had. I guess my point is he wasn't as bad as you people made him out to be.

December 29, 2008
All the Ordonez haters forget, other than Piazza he was the reason to watch that particular Mets team. On any given night he would perform a defensive play that no one had ever seen before and ELECTRIFY the ballpark. He was immature and lost his competitive edge eventually, but for a time he was the most exciting Met since Doc.

April 3, 2009
You can say what you want about his attitude. His defense cost the opposition a run. Great range, strong arm, he was exciting to watch.

April 24, 2009
"BOOM-BOOM-BOOM Let me hear you say Rey-O Rey-O" That song over the Shea P-A is about all I can say. Good glove No bat

Joe from Flushing
May 10, 2009
Who remembers how Rey Ordonez would get a new glove every time he made an error?

Shickhaus Franks
April 15, 2013
If Reggie Jackson was nicknamed "Mr. October" then Rey should of been known as "Mr. September" because it seemed that every September he would hit his annual home run; that stat reminds me of the movie "MR. BASEBALL" when Jack Elliot (Tom Selleck) told the manager that he led the team in 9th inning doubles in the month of August!

April 28, 2014
I've found it interesting how the Mets never give up on shortstops who can't hit. Bud Harrelson, who is pretty much a Mets institution at short, was one. I also think of how Rafael Santana held down that spot for so long. And then there's Rey.

Ordonez, who wore 0 in his early days with the club (I guess to symbolize his batting average), was possibly the worst-hitting everyday shortstop I've ever seen. He completely deserved the honors for his defensive play but there are major leaguers who can field AND hit and avoid being a nuisance to people around him.

For every great play Rey made in the field, he would pop or ground out at points when we badly needed a hit to extend the inning or get runs across. He was simply brutal. And yet for how poor a hitter he was, Rey was always in the lineup except when injured. If you remember in '99, Shawon Dunston, a vastly better shortstop, was acquired from St. Louis but played in centerfield, so as to keep Rey's job safe.

I forget who said it, but one of the Mets announcers seriously brought up that it might be better for the Mets to place Ordonez ninth in the batting order and letting the pitcher (it might have been Mike Hampton, who hit well) bat eighth. It was that bad!

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