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Rick Reed
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Rick Reed
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Rick Reed
Rick Reed
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 178 of 1043 players
Richard Allen Reed
Born: August 16, 1964 at Huntington, W. Va.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.01 Weight: 195

Rick Reed was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on November 24, 2012.


First Mets game: April 5, 1997
Last Mets game: July 26, 2001

Winner of National League Player of the Week award, May 4, 1997. (New York Mets)

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I love watching Rick Reed pitch. He's as tough as they come. And he always seems to come up huge in the big games. For my money he is the perfect No. 3 pitcer. He doesn't walk anyone and takes up innings (when healthy, of course). He does give up some homers, but mostly because he refuses to give in to hitters. I love his mentality and his 4-seam fastball. He's truly underappreciated.

March 17, 2001
To use an overused baseball adjective, he is a gutty pitcher. Can't be easy when you know a lot guys still resent him and consider him a scab.

Probably one of the more charitable guys in the game. Has the make-up to be a number two. The stuff is pretty good too.

One of those pitchers that you have confidence in big games and post-season games.

Coach HoJo 20
March 31, 2001
If there is a baseball work stoppage and the owners use scabs the Mets will have a great advantage because this guy will be able to play. He has been black balled by the Players association. Because he was a scab. I think the PA should give this guy a break. The only reason why he was a scab is because a family member of his needed an operation or something and he needed the money. Just give the guy a break. he did a noble thing that should be respected not detested.

May 9, 2001
1 walk in 45 innings? unbelievable. the Mets best pitcher right now. goes against hampton tomorrow...should be interesting.

May 9, 2001
Oh Rick, I hope you destroy Mike Hampton tonight. And I would love for you to get a hit off of Mr. Education.

May 15, 2001
reed has pretty much been great in every start this season. he gave up 6 runs in colorado, but they were some coors field shots. I couldnt imagine him being this good all year, but lets keep our fingers crossed...a rejuvenated leiter and reed would be a good 1-2 punch. on a sad note, he walked someone tonight. thats 2, TWO, all season.

July 7, 2001
Rick Reed is the man. He's always been as consistent as they come, but this year he's really been something else. He lives on the corners, keeps the ball down and he added that big breaking curve that keeps everyone confused. I think he uses the talent he has as well as any pitcher in baseball. It's a shame the Mets suck this year, because he could really have an amazing season if they give him some support.

Of his 4 losses, 2 were shutouts against the Mets: 1 against Maddux, where he pitched a complete game and gave up 2 runs, and another one where he pitched 7 innings and gave up 3 runs. Then there was the game in Colorado against Hampton, which all of the Rockies called the best pitched 6-run game they'd ever seen.

In the past, he was the Ron Darling of the team: a middle to top of the rotation guy who gets the job done. This year he's been their ace. It would be nice to see him retire a Met, especially after he had to go through all that crap with the players union for being a replacement player.

Mr. Sparkle
July 31, 2001
I can't believe they traded this guy! He was as reliable a pitcher as you get these days. He was a gamer. Bobby V. found Rick on a scrap heep and helped turn his career around. He is definitely a true Met in their deep history of strong pitching. He was only a replacement player to help out his family in a time of need but luckily the team accepted him after a while. But to trade your best pitcher this year for an average outfielder I just don't get it. Lawton is a good leadoff hitter but I guess Steve Phillips was lying when he said he wasn't going to rob Peter to pay Paul. I don't see how he could consider this a blockbuster.

I was at game 3 of the NLCS last year when Rick got knocked around by the Cardinals. When they took him out my wife asked "so what are they going to do now, trade him?" She just didn't get it that good pitchers some times have bad outtings. It's too bad he's gone. Hopefully he can help send the Yankees packing in the playoffs. That would make the trade worth it in my eyes.

Homeless Abdul
July 31, 2001
A true professional and one of the most consistent Mets pitchers ever.

Goodbye Reeder! You will definitely be missed.. Good Luck in Minny

August 4, 2001
I can't believe the Mets traded Rick Reed, one of their most consistent pitchers in recent years. Though never a 20-game winner, he's on my list of the Top 10 Mets pitchers of all time. Twins got a good one!

November 16, 2001
Another Steve Phillips blunder. Marc Lawton is a nice player, but like so many that come to the Mets will not be a real impact. Rick Reed is as good a #3 pitcher in baseball as there is. The Mets did not get fair value and next year they will miss Reed's 12-14 wins and ability to keep them in games. Phillips should be fired.

January 23, 2002
I think he would really solidify this staff now, and he has demanded a trade from the Twins. Would slide in well behind Leiter.

Would be tough to trade Chen for him though, not because Chen is that good (yet!), but because the Mets are an older team and need to be prepared for beyond 2002.

January 27, 2002
The Bergen Record has said that a trade for Reeder is in the works. The Mets would send Trachsel to Minnesota for him. I like this trade. Reed is a gutsy pitcher with amazing control. He was terrible on the turf in Minnesota, but would benefit from a return ticket to Shea.

Despite his family being mistreated by some uncouth fans, the Reeds loved New York and took less money to re-sign in 2001. That trade crushed me at the time, and the only good thing about it is that we used Lawton to get Alomar.

Anyone who says things like "Once a Met, always a Met, I guess" and "God, I would love to go back to the Mets" is alright in my book. I want to see this trade done. Reed should retire a Met.

February 23, 2002
gotta respect reeder for one reason, he did something Leiter, Hampton, Jones and Rusch couldnt do: Pitch awesome in a met World Series win against the yanks. that was one of the best games he ever pitched, that game, and his shutout against the pirates in 99 when we need to sweep. he's always been clutch for the Mets, I hope one day he is brought back to Shea in a met uniform.

May 9, 2002
Rick is a bright young man,his success doesn't go to his head. He's never forgotten where he came from,he thinks of others before himself,and we love him. Robin

Derrick Falton
August 16, 2002
Reed was one of the most dominant starters I have ever seen for the Mets. I have a number of cards from his rookie days in Pittsburgh which are worth more now that Reed is an All-Star, and a couple in a Mets uniform. I hate those people who hate him for being a replacement player. Hey: He needed the money, so GET OFF HIS BACK!! Pity he's not a Met anymore, but his stay was nice while it lasted.

Larry Burns
October 17, 2002
This guy was great. Completely underrated started for the Mets and a finesse guy who did really well. I have no idea why we traded him. Also loved him because everytime he gets someone out he is sticking it to the overpayed MLB union memebers who won't let him join them because he was a replacement player. Keep getting them out Reeder and those spoiled babies can stick it where it does not shine!

December 28, 2002
Made his 1st start vs (who else) Mets and (what else) beat them (like a thousand no names have over the years-- that would be an interesting list -- the players who got their 1st career wins vs Mets)

I attended 2 games where he had a no hitter into the 7th (but the real major leaguer, John Franco, turned at least one of those into a loss)

Took some nasty line drives off his glove hand, but came out and pithced a gem 5 days after one of them broke his wrist.

This man, over and above his record (top 10 winners all time for the Mets), was one of the classiest stand up guys ever to play in a Mets uniform. The added pressure he was under from the "team leadership (aka John Franco) would probably have been enough to make pitching in the National league impossible. (How many talented kids can't cut it now?) But Rick kept his mouth shut, and just went out and shone. He was not a city guy, yet he re-signed with the Mets, showing loyalty that doesn't exist anywhere. The Mets traded him a little too soon (in this case that's not better than a season too late), but I will root for him and his teams for the rest of his career. This is the guy who should be getting every endorsement ad. Forget about pizazz, he has a spine!

May 16, 2003
I'm still sick that the Mets gave him away. Another Steve Phillips blunder. Rick Reed had heart and he was a huge part of the Mets team during his stay. In my opinion, he was one of the top pitchers in Mets history. He was tough and always kept the Mets in the game. He also is by all accounts a good guy.

And what a story... He came out of nowhere to become a top-notch pitcher for the Mets. The Mets could use him now.

Bob P
April 10, 2004
The New York Post is reporting today (4/9/04) that Rick Reed has retired at the age of 38. He was with the Pirates in spring training but did not make their opening day roster.

At the time of his retirement, Reed was first among active pitchers in fewest walks allowed per nine innings (1.66). That walk rate is almost exactly the same as Bret Saberhagen's career rate. Sabes was always known as the major league pitcher least likely to allow a walk.

Take a look at this chart of winning percentages while with the Mets. It is not meant to be complete by any means, but it is just a list of some of the more memorable pitchers ever to pitch at Shea.

Dwight Gooden 157-85 .649 Tom Seaver 198-124 .615 David Cone 81-61 .614 Al Leiter 85-59 .590 Ron Darling 99-70 .586 Sid Fernandez 98-78 .557 Jerry Koosman 140-137 .505 Jon Matlack 82-81 .503

RICK REED 59-36 .621

That was not meant to say that Rick belongs in the Hall of Fame, but just to say how the Mets won a lot more than they lost when Rick was on the mound.

Good luck, Rick, and thanks for all you did for the Mets.

April 13, 2004
As Rick's career has apparently ended, it was a pleasure to re-read the posts about him. Not one negative word has been written here. Even the best players, Piazza, Carter, whoever, has had their detractors, but this guy was class, and the fans knew it. In this day of lousy pitching, and with injuries constantly occuring (Pettite, Erickson in the 1st week) I am sure he could have hung around and gotten back to the bigs, but even in his final moments he dealt with his situation gracefully, proudly, like a man.

May 10, 2004
Steve Phillips, WHY?? You traded the most loyal, hardworking guy we had. The guy bled blue and orange. He should have retired a Met. You took that away from him, and from us.

I will never forget when even though he had been traded a few months before, he joined the Mets players in solidarity when they gave up a paycheck as a donation after Sept. 11th. No one asked him to do that, and certainly no one expected it. Other former Mets followed his lead, but he did it with no prompting. It came straight from his heart. He still felt like he was a member of our team... not only the Mets, but New York. He was one of us.

Baseball will never be the same without Reeder, my favorite player of all time. He will always be a Met to us.

Ed Kotowski
September 12, 2004
Living in Buffalo, I saw Rick come up to the Bisons, and followed his career ever since. He was a gamer. Took the ball, and went out and did his job. He really pitched some great games for the Mets, and in all the years of following his career, I never heard him offer up one excuse when things didn't go his way, or his defense let him down, or when he pitched badly. It's too bad he chose to retire, he could have helped the Pirates a lot. A true class act.

February 21, 2005
A great Met. I have a special place in my heart for the 1997 - 2000 Met teams and Reeder is a big part of those memories. The guy was truly a class act who wasn't that bad of a pitcher. I remember when he defeated Randy Johnson in a summer game at Shea in 2000 and when he and Greg Maddux locked up for two great back to back games (I believe Reed won one and Maddux won the other). What also gets forgotten is that he pitched great in the 2000 World Series, the one game we won. Thanks for the memories Rick.

March 26, 2005
WOW! What a great bunch of comments! I agree with them all! He was clutch, tough, and above all a classy guy! A true Met through and through. I was saddened when we traded him away, and hoped we were going to get him back. He became a dependable number 3 starter late in his career and gave it his all every time he toed the rubber. Good luck Rick!

November 1, 2006
"A candle burning at both ends, it will not last the night but oh, my foes and oh my friends it makes a lovely light". I loved him. He reminded me of John Henry the gelding racehorse who also had a late blossoming shooting star like career. I sensed that his gratitude to Valentine for believing in him fueled his time with us. When he took the mound with that haunted expression of his you knew we had a chance, not a lights out chance but a chance nonetheless. He labored in Leiter's shadow and delivered in the clutch when it mattered. It was poetic justice that he came together as a pitcher in our presence. Even though he didn't finish his career here, I believe he is ours the way Seaver is ours.

Jamey Bumbalo
November 1, 2006
Rick Reed was a pitcher who gave his all every time he took the mound. Unfortunately he's remembered negatively for being a player during the ridiculous baseball strike, but for me that's a badge of honor. I admire Reed.

Jonathan Stern
March 9, 2007
Not only was he a pro's pro, but he gave money to various post-9/11 causes even though he was no longer in Flushing. One of the most likeable Bobby V. Mets.

July 21, 2007
Rick Reed for Matt Lawton. I still shake my head at this trade.

August 7, 2007
One of my favorite Met pitchers. The poor man's Greg Maddux. Ever realize that he "twitched" the same way before every pitch.

Was at the game where he retired first 20 in a row-- and that was after he retired the first 20 in his prior start.

December 29, 2007
Definitely one of my favorite players in Mets' history along with Cliff Floyd. Outside of that one against the Cardinals in the 2000 NLCS, he was a good playoff pitcher. He pitched in three of the four playoff games I went to in 1999 and 2000. I will never forget the summer of 2001 when dad got with Bobby V's lawyer (they are friends) and arranged to get me a birthday card signed by some of the Mets' players, Reed included. That card is framed now. I was so mad when they traded him for Matt Lawton. Not that I did not like Lawton, it is just I thought it was unnecessary at the time. I will always look up to Reed for crossing the picket line during the strike. I wish they would bring him back as a coach or something.

December 11, 2008
"The poor man's Greg Maddux." What a nickname given to him by Kiner and McCarver. Anyway, I loved Rick. I thought he was capable of anything.

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