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Todd Pratt
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Todd Pratt
Todd Pratt
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 75 of 1043 players
Todd Alan Pratt
Born: February 9, 1967 at Bellevue, Neb.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.03 Weight: 224

Todd Pratt was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on July 23, 2004, October 8, 2010, August 7, 2013, February 4, 2014, and December 14, 2015.

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First Mets game: July 4, 1997
Last Mets game: July 20, 2001

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Happy Recap
It happens from time to time. The unlikely hero comes through at the right moment and wins the big game. It happened with Todd Pratt in the fourth and final game of the National League Division Series in 1999 against Arizona.

With Mike Piazza sidelined due to a thumb injury, Pratt was called on to catch in Piazza's place. And in Game 4, with the score tied in the bottom of the 10th, Pratt drove a long fly ball to deep center field. Diamondbacks outfielder Steve Finley leaped, extended his glove over the wall, and, as he landed on the warning track, peered into his glove to see if the ball was there. Pratt, 50,000 plus fans at Shea, and countless more in the TV audience, were on pins and needles not knowing if the ball was caught. When Finley slumped against the wall, we all knew it was a game-winning homer, and Mets fans everywhere went absolutely crazy. What a big moment for Todd Pratt! What a memorable moment in Mets history! Mike Piazza's fill-in sent the Mets into the NLCS against Atlanta.

Brad Rosenberg
Todd Pratt came to a day camp that I worked at during the summer of 98. After the camp bought many different athletes such as Kerry Kittles and Charlie Ward, they said they never had someone as personable as Todd. He was really cool with the campers. He didn't just sign autographs like the others had. He joked with the kids and played some ball with them. I got on the camp's loudspeaker and sang Meet the Mets and he couldn't have had a bigger smile on his face. By the way, I was at game 5 of the 99 series against Arizona and even after witnessing Robin's shot off of McGlinchy, I never saw Shea so eerie. No one was sure if it was gone or not but it was so cool to see just as Mojo risin' was coming on was when Todd actually knew it was gone. I lost it.

That HR against Arizona was the happiest moment of my life.

Mr. Sparkle
If I'm getting into a fight, I want Pratt backing me up. He's a hyper dude out there sometime. You gotta like him.

I love Todd Pratt! He's a total babe! And most of all, he has heart! When he plays, he gives it all he's got, and he plays for the love of the game like a player should!

Mackey Sasser
December 18, 2000
I am a BIG fan of Todd Pratt!! Ever since he came on the Team I have been bothering Yankee and Mets fans alike by saying "Todd Pratt is the best up and coming catcher in the Major's today." No one would believe he was all they would say is "he is a back up and that what he will always be." Even Though Pratt was Overshadowed by Hundley and Piazza, I think he could be a starting catcher on any team in the Majors. Then came Game 4 of the 1999 NLDS against the Arizona Diamond Back. I had a front row seat to witness another Magical Met Moment. The Magician this time was none other than Todd Pratt. It was a Tense Moment but with 1 mighty swing the place erupted! Todd Pratt has just delivered a Home Run to bring the Mets to the NLCS!!!!!. That was a moment I will never forget. When I got home I saw those Non Believers and with a smile on my face I said "Todd Pratt is the best up and coming catcher in the Major's today." Todd Pratt you are My Mets Hero

Even though Mike Piazza is the best player on the Mets I wish they give would Pratt more starting opportunities.

March 17, 2001
One of the easiest players to root for. Was at THE GAME versus Arizona, in the RF upper deck. I am still surprised that people don't mention that the ball hit off Finley's glove. We all thought that he should have caught the ball.

Still a great moment for a player who deserves a litle glory.

Bobby G.
April 17, 2001
Even if Todd never becomes a regular, I hope he stays with the Mets or I hope the Mets keep him his whole career. This guy is a credit to the Mets and the game of baseball. Pretty good asset too. I'll root for him everytime he ever bats. Tes, even if he's playing for another team.

June 26, 2001
I love everything Todd Pratt has stood for with this team. His toughness, his team first attitude, his series ending home run against Matt Mantei. But, unfortunately, he has become a poster child for the struggles of this year's team. Todd is having trouble even making contact at the plate. Everyone blows fastballs right by him. It's horrible to watch. He just can't put the bat on the ball. And he's missing by a foot on each pitch. If it doesn't get better he's going to be out of baseball next season. I don't want to see that.

David Mo
July 24, 2001
The Mets helped Todd Pratt resurrect his major league career when nobody wanted him. In turn, Pratt helped resurrect the Mets in the '99 playoffs when people wrote them off after Piazza went down. So, I'd say everybody’s even. Guess it's just time to move on...thanks for the memories, Todd, and good luck with the Phils.

July 24, 2001
Why was he traded? Its getting nothing for nothing but it felt good to have Pratt on the team. I have some great memories of him. Of course his homer, his way- intense face when he threw a runner out that one time, him throwing a complete fit after he dropped a pop-up when Derek Bell was pitching, and I'm sure I'll think of some more. I hope he starts regularly for a team one season. Good luck, Todd.

Mr. Sparkle
July 26, 2001
I'll never forget the home run I wasn't quite sure was a homer for a few seconds he hit against the D-backs. Overall I loved his attitude. But in a game of what have you done for me lately when you're hitting .163 it's tough to stay around. He's a better player than that but I guess the Mets would rather hold onto Vance Wilson. With Piazza behind the plate does it really matter who the back up is?

Mr. Sparkle
July 27, 2001
Heard him on the FAN yesterday talking about the trade. Ed Coleman asked him how he felt about going to the Phillies. His response? "I wish I was still a Met. I bleed blue and orange." For me, that's all it takes to elevate this guy to great Met! He loved playing here and would rather stay than play for a contender. Don't you wish everybody who played for the Mets had that kind of attitude? Long live Tank!!!

December 29, 2001
I was at the game in Atlanta when Todd Pratt threw his bat into the crowd three times. Hell of a thing. After the first time, we Met fans cheered loudly in support of him. (He was being booed mercilessly.) After the second time we cheered even louder. Later that evening I saw the injured fan being taken away in a stretcher. When it happened the third time, we were all as horrified as we were shocked. We just couldn't cheer any more. It would have been like we were cheering for a brutal attack on the crowd. I always liked Todd, despite that odd and awful evening, and was sad to see him traded. He never let the experience get to him, and went on to have some big hits against the Braves. I wish you well Todd...and use plenty of pine tar!

December 30, 2001
This guy is one of the best defensive catchers in the game. Ya gotta love him. His home run in the final game of the NL division series is in the New York Mets' 10 Most greatest momemts- third behind Mookie Wilson's game winning "single" in Game Six of the 1986 World Series and Benny Agbayani's game winning double in Game three of the 2000 World Series.

April 16, 2002
Backing up Mike Piazza, Todd gets little chance to shine. But the guy who provided one of the franchises biggest thrills with a gamewinning postseason homer in 1999, mustered another distinctive clout in 2000. On May 30, his pinch-hit grand slam - joining only Hawk Taylor, Steve Henderson, Tim Teufel, Todd Hundley, and Benny Agbayani as the only Mets to hit one - keyed a ninth inning win.

Pratt's Subway Series contribution was both memorable and painful. He earned his only start of the postseason in Game 1(as Mike Piazza was batting as the designated hitter), and reached base three times - twice when hit by pitches. The Mets' backup catcher was also slammed on a play at the plate.

Connie O
May 18, 2002
Todd Pratt (TP as I like to call him) brings charisma to any team he plays for. People recognize and appreciate his energy and zeal for baseball as well as life. I have known Todd since he was 14 years old, and he has carried that passion with him even at that age. He brings joy to both the fans and to his teammates and it's really nooooo surprise. You really do got to love him. He just oozes character on and off the field.

Steven Greenblum
August 19, 2002
I always thought Todd Pratt had one of the worst swings I have ever seen, and I did not like him as a backup catcher.

I was at Shea Stadium when he hit the game-winning HR against Arizona, and it doesn't get any better than that, so while I never changed my feeling about that stupid swing (and that I wanted Vance Wilson to be the backup catcher in 1999), he will always hold a special place for all Met fans. Thank you, Todd Pratt

Jonathan Stern
December 17, 2002
Ventura's Grand-Slam-Single was overated. Pratt's home run was and is underrated. We may never again in our lifetimes see a Mets series-ending homer. Before 1999, it only happened about three times or so. Todd Pratt: journeyman, catcher-turned-pizza-man-turned- catcher. Cheered his heart out for his teammates - always the first to greet them from the dugout. Solid backup to HOF-er Piazza for several seasons. Hits the greatest home run in team history. No offense to Piazza (or to Seaver, for that matter), but if there is ever a Monument Park at Shea, there should a statue of Pratt along with ones of Weis, Swoboda, Mookie, Agee, Agbyanni, etc.

December 18, 2002
I thought Todd was a fine player, and he totally stood up to the challenge of filling in for Piazza when he got hurt. Unfortunately I guess you're only as good as your last year's numbers, and when he was traded he was batting under .200 Personally I would have kept him, I had heard from a good source that he is a genuinely nice guy and he seemed like a great guy to have in the club house.

Karl de Vries
January 22, 2003
The episoded that stands out the most in my mind is the time Piazza homered to extend his hitting streak to 24 games, once again reassuring his superiority as a catcher and pushing back Pratt from some more playing time. But the TV camera picked up Pratt in the dugout, and he went absolutely wild, cheering the loudest of all of the Mets. Great team guy, it pains me to watch the 2000 highlight tape and see Pratt, knowing that he's gone.

January 24, 2003
Incredible player, incredible man. Could a person have a bigger heart? I've had the pleasure of knowing Todd for a couple of years now and he's just a good, honest person. Ya gotta love him.

January 31, 2003
I loved Todd when he was here. I think he embodies the spirit and attitude that it takes to win, he reminds me of the players we had on the 1986 Championship team. I also have it from a reliable source that he is a hell of nice guy and that's always great to hear about someone who is in pro sports.

Joe Figliola
February 5, 2003
When I went to Photo Day Y2K, Todd was at his most-animated best. He was gabbing with the fans, walking all over the place, and had a big smile on his face. Of all the Amazin's that day, I think Todd had the best time.

The problem was that I ran out of film and was unable to get a shot of him in action. But the image will always remain in my mind, along with the home run trot against Arizona in the '99 playoffs and him picking up Robin Ventura in the NLCS soon after.

May 5, 2003
No joke? Pratt is from Bellevue, NE? I lived in Bellevue on Martinview Drive from December 1978 to April 1980 while I was stationed at Offutt AFB. Used to stare in awe at British Vulcan bombers flying over my house. Great walk-off blast against Arizona, Todd!

July 29, 2004
Todd Pratt deserves all the accolades he is getting from Mets fans. I am lucky to have known him for several years, and can say without hesitation that he is truly as nice as he appears to be.

Tank was a great Met. I still miss seeing him in the Blue-and-Orange. Perhaps someday he'll find himself back in the home dugout at Shea...as the team's manager.

September 24, 2004
Now that Howe is in a lame-duck status, Wilpon should be focusing his attention on bringing Pratt in as the next manager. Tank is a Met through and through. Bled Orange and Blue during his entire tenure in Flushing, and mever gave anything less than 110%. Set an example for the entire team, and had a lot to give. I hear everyone's sentiment about Backman, and I do agree that Wally's firey demeanor would light a fire. But in the age of the 'million dollar crybaby', there is still a guy who's playing for a team 140 miles south of Shea who serves as a model for how a ballplayer should go about his profession. TANK FOR '05 MANAGER!!!!

March 1, 2005
I'd never thought about Todd as a manager. Remembering his fire as a player, he could make a good manager! Maybe sometime in the not-so-distant future! Whatever we do, we have to get him out of that Red Phillies uniform, and back into Blue and Orange!

July 7, 2005
Who could have expected it? Todd Pratt, a guy who hit only three homers all season long, and had not had a hit all series long, walks up to the plate in the bottom of the tenth and belts a game-winning home run. This is the stuff that legends are made of.

September 23, 2005
I loved Todd Pratt. This guy embraced New York and New York embraced him back. We would have loved him even if he didn't win the Diamondbacks series with his home run. I would have really liked it if guys like Pratt and Turk Wendell won a championship here. They deserved one.

Kevin C. "KC" Delahanty, MD
March 16, 2007
I loved this watching this guy during the 2000 post- season. It was clear to even a blind man that this fellow loved baseball, & loved playing it the old fashioned way. I just learned that he's a non-roster invitee at the Yankee's spring training camp. As much as I don't like the "evil empire", I wish Todd a long & productive career. He's trying to do what we would all love to do: play baseball for a living. Via con dios, my friend!

Mr. Sparkle
December 22, 2007
To me, his name was the most disappointing on the Mitchell report. He was only a back up catcher but I loved his style of play and his clutch hitting. He'll always be remembered for the HR against Arizona to win the division series in 1999 and for being the reason Robin Ventura's grand slam was only a single. Still, gotta love the Tank.

TruBlu since '62
September 6, 2008
99.999999% of the time, Finley catches that ball. This time he doesn't, and Todd Pratt becomes a legend in NY baseball history. 'Nuff Said.

community chest
January 4, 2013
Does anyone remember Pratt at the press conference after the game-winning homer? I'll never forget it, because Pratt was beside himself with anger and frustration--all the years in the minors and toiling behind first-stringers--suddenly the spotlight was on him and he just snapped. This gets little mention. "I'm the Mike Piazza of Triple-A," he said irately during that press conference. A total shock because Pratt was always an upbeat and easygoing guy. It was one of the most shocking things I've ever seen.

August 14, 2013
Todd has recently been battling head and neck cancer. Please pray for Tank and his family!

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