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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 388 of 1043 players
Gregory Winston McMichael
Born: December 1, 1966 at Knoxville, Tenn.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.03 Weight: 215

Greg McMichael was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on January 11, 2016, and December 25, 2017.


First Mets game: April 2, 1997
Last Mets game: July 31, 1999

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His fastball is a change-up. Throws a change-up off of a change-up. Makes guys look stupid when he's throwing well. Gives up mammoth home runs when he's not right. Just ask the Braves...he was a major contributor to their '96 World Series collapse.

Mr. Sparkle
December 13, 2000
He's on the cover of the 97(I think) yearbook as a Brave giving up Todd Hundley's 41st home run. This seemed to be foreshadowing considering Gerg's time with the Mets. He was not a very pitcher. I was elated when they traded the guy and then really depressed when they traded back for him and gave up a useful Brian Bohanon. Hopefully we've seen the last of him.

Jim Alderson
April 9, 2001
I thought Greg should have gotten more credit as a Met. I remember him coming in so many times with the bases loaded and getting out of the jam by striking someone out. I didn't like trading him OR Bohanon. What did we get back anyway? Clontz?

Big E
January 1, 2003
I couldn't believe the Mets actually had Greg McMuffin traded to the Dodgers and brought him right back. A refugee from the Braves' "great relievers, crappy bullpen" years of the mid-90s.

Gregory Gewirtz
January 25, 2003
McMichael was our best set-up man throughout most of his Mets tenure, for good or bad.

He seemed to generally come in in the middle of an inning to bail out someone like Rojas or Cook, leave the inherited runners on base, then give up his own runs in the next inning.

It was strange how the Mets pen fell apart after we dealt him in the Nomo deal, and I was as stunned as anyone to listen to the Mets broadcast two or so weeks later as the announcers told us McMichael was coming back in exchange for Bohanon.

Also, collosal mistake on the Mets part protecting McMichael and his salary on the Mets protected list for the D-Backs/D-Rays expansion draft, in place of a guy like Lidle.

No salaried middle reliever was taken during the entire draft (except maybe Chuck McElroy, towards the end) unless you believe that was because they were all protected.

Lidle got hurt, and never played for the D-Backs, but the Mets had no way of knowing Lidle would miss so much time with injuries.

Jonathan Stern
February 24, 2006
Successful during his years with the Braves, contributing to their only World Championship during their endless run of division titles. With us, he was usually brutal. And we kept bringing him back to Shea.

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