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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 203 of 1043 players
Richard Anthony Rodriguez
Born: March 1, 1963 at Downey, Cal.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.00 Weight: 205

Rich Rodriguez has been the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup 24 times, most recently on June 7, 2015.


First Mets game: March 29, 2000
Last Mets game: September 29, 2000

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The great Met teams of our past (and present) have always relied more on great pitching than slugging home runs; but we have had our share of really, really bad pitchers. Mr. Rodriguez broke the mold.

I was fortunate to catch a last glimpse of him towards the end of our wonderful 2000 season. It was against the Brewers, during our annual "hey it’s September, let’s take a breather" slump. We were getting beat up in the eighth or ninth inning, so I suppose Valentine, to add humor to an otherwise dreary game, bought in Rich. Our man delivered. He put on such a poor pitching display not to be matched until Rick Ankiel played catch with the backstop a few months later. The crowd, quiet and disgusted up to that point, screamed, laughed, and cheered as he threw 10 straight pitches out of the strike zone. Even in today’s era of the shrunken strike zone, this was most impressive.

When Rich finally managed to throw a strike, the crowd at Shea, knowing a great pitch when they saw one, rose and gave him a hearty round of applause. Part of me is going to miss this guy.

How many 2-strike hits is this idiot going to give up? I bet at least 75% of the hits against him are with 2 strikes on the hitter. All of his pitches are the same speed. He lives in the middle of the plate. When he tries to hit the corner, he throws it in the dirt. I can count on one hand how many hitters have actually swung at and missed a Rodriguez offering. Pitiful.

Rich Rodriguez is the worst Mets pitcher I've ever seen. No lead is safe when he comes in the game. I remember one game where the Mets were winning a blowout game and he was put in to pitch the 9th and had to be taken out. Every time he pitches he gives up runs.

Before the Mets first home playoff game (game 3 of the NLDS -- the Benny Agbayani game) the Mets did a classy thing by introducing the players -- all the players -- on the 40-man roster. That included Vance Wilson, Jorge Velandia, Bobby M. Jones, and Rich Rodriguez. Rodriguez was the only 2000 New York Met who got booed that day. This will be my everlasting memory of the worst pitcher ever to don a Mets jersey. That, and the continuously bemused look on his face every time he gave up another run.

David Diaz
February 22, 2001
The reason he is in baseball is because Steve Phillips and he were room mates in A Ball in the Calif. League.He can't pitch a tent

March 17, 2001
If this isn't proof that it pays to teach your child to pitch lefthanded, I don't know what is. He makes you long for the days of Doug Sisk, Dale Murray and Wayne Twitchell

March 30, 2001
Finally, hes released. However what I heard is that he'll still get his full salary for this year. However 900k is better than the 29 mil or so we owe bobby blow.

April 18, 2001
i have to agree with most people here. rich rodriguez is, in my opinion, the worst pitcher i've ever seen. while most people comin out of the pen have "roles" of some sort, ie closer, 8th inning guy, situational lefty, I always suspected that rodriguez's role was to come into a game in which the Mets were ahead by 9 runs and provide hope for the opposing team. the most infuriating and frustrating pitcher ive ever been forced to watch. towards the middle of the 2000 season I starting turning off the tv when he came in the game.

May 20, 2001
even the blind squirrel can find an acorn, part I: rich rodriguez is now pitching for the cleveland indians. in 5 2/3 innings this year, he has given up 2 hits, walked none, and struck out 10, with an ERA of 0.00. I dont quite know what to make of this.

May 25, 2001
Can somebody please tell me what the hell is wrong with American Leauge hitters? How could Rodriguez possibly have thrown 7 1/3 innings so far this year and only have given up 5 hits, striking out 10, and allowing only 2 unearned runs? It's a sign of the for the shelters!!!

June 3, 2001
exhale, everyone. the equilibrium of our universe has been restored. rich rodriguez got shelled today, against of all people the yankees (who to root for in that situation? as much as I love watching him get bombed, I cant bear watching them score). I think justice went yard, and posada hit a double. which means his once-perfect era is now 3.65 or so. that didnt take long...he should settle comfortably in the 8-9 range by the all star break.

August 23, 2001
Not only is this guy horrible. The Mets release him, signs a minor league deal for cleveland and the Mets are paying the rest of his salary. I think phillips messed up on this one. Maybe he should stick to having affairs and not signing ex-roommates.

October 18, 2001
Can you believe the Cleveland Indians actually had Rich Rod on their post-season roster? He didn't appear in any of the games, but he warmed up a couple of times. I couldn't believe my eyes.

If I actually saw Rich Rod pitching in a meaningful game, I think I would have smashed my TV. Rodriguez, you suck!!!!!

November 12, 2001
Why couldn't THIS GUY have Anthony Young's streak...he's MUCH more deserving. He actually sucks...Young was just cursed.

February 19, 2002
Rich Rodriguez is in Braves camp as a non-roster invitee.

Let's all hope a miracle happens and Rich Rod makes their major league roster. That would be a beautiful thing.

Gregory Gewirtz
August 2, 2002
I don't mean to diminish how bad Rich RodRojas was, but Valentine tried to turn him into a long reliever/mop-up man, when he is more properly used, like he is by Texas, and was by Cleveland last year, as a one-out lefty, meant to pitch to only a couple of batters in a game, usually for less than a full inning.

August 5, 2002
This guy wasn't capable of getting one out at a little league game. Bad is bad, either you can pitch or you can't it's the same as hitting. He had no talent. The only reason he got a shot is because lefties are desired in a rotation or a bull pen. He stank up the place, he'd fit in really well with the way the team has been playing team lately. I'm almost surprised they don't try to get him back.

a mets fan
September 8, 2002
Is this guy at all capable of throwing a strike? It almost seems impossible. Oh and by the way he gave up Barry Bonds' first home run into San Francisco Bay.

December 28, 2002
Although the phrase gets used too loosely, he MAY HAVE BEEN the worst Mets pitcher ever, because no one so ineffective has had so many chances to keep getting out there. But then only so many guys got to play for a manager who sucked even more consistently, Bobby Valentine. In 1967, this guy would have been cut and replaced after 2 appearances.

Jamie Quirk Fan Club
April 24, 2003
Heeeeeeeeee's back! After a much deserved exile from the majors, All World mop up man Rich "No double digit lead is safe" Rodriguez has resurfaced with the defending world champion Anaheim Angels. In last nights game against the Yankees, Rodriguez reminded the baseball world of his "talent" by pitching 1 1/3 innings, giving up three hits and one run. Upon witnessing Rodriguez' prowess with a ball first hand, my amputee neighbor has vowed a return to the mound, knowing that if Rodriguez can earn a major league check, there is surely room for him.

Paul Esmond
April 20, 2006
I haven't posted in about 6 years, but I can say that this WAS the worst relief pitcher I've ever seen in a Mets uniform. Worse than Mel Rojas. However, Jorge Julio may soon take that distinction.

flushing flash
July 19, 2008
I commented on this clown almost eight years ago, and now I'm back!

There are two remarkable things about Rich Rod's singularly horrific tenure with the Mets, and I'm not sure which is more incredible:

1. That he not only compiled a 7.78 ERA, but that he was allowed to pitch in THIRTY-TWO games in order to compile that number! Look at his daily pitching log: between April 10 and May 1 of 2000 he had EIGHT consecutive relief appearances in which he gave up at least one earned run. That could very well be a major league record, and yet the Mets kept sending him out to the mound! Wasn't there someone, ANYONE, they could find who might have done a better job?

2. That despite his best efforts to the contrary, the Mets STILL won 94 games and the Wild Card, and eventually went to the World Series.

jaime diaz
October 28, 2008
Rich and I go back many years. We played little league at Pioneer Park in the city of El Monte, California. Our coach at the time was a fellow named Ken Weldon who is now chief of police for the city of El Monte. Rich was a pitcher back then and threw very hard, a little wild at times, but very good in hitting the strike zone. One time during practice I was up to bat and got hit in the leg by him so hard that it hurt for weeks. Overall the guy is one hell of a pitcher.

April 3, 2009
I always feel kinda bad commenting on a guy's bad performance. But my god, Rodriguez was flat out AWFUL with us.

Easily the worst I've seen in a Met uniform, who got a significant amount of innings.

jaime diaz
August 11, 2009
Rich and I go back many years. We played Little League at Pioneer Park in the city of El Monte, California. Our coach at the time was a fellow named Ken Weldon who is now chief of police for the city of El Monte. Rich was a pitcher back then and threw very hard; a little wild at times but very good in hitting the strike zone. One time during practice I was up to bat and got hit in the leg by him so hard that it hurt for weeks. Overall the guy is one hell of a pitcher.

September 5, 2009
Rich Rodriguez was one of those guys I absolutely hated to see pitch. I remember how each time he came back to the Mets (they sent him to the minors, etc) I was disappointed. His lone year with the team was not a good one, which is a shame because it marred a fairly solid career.

September 27, 2010
Rich Rodriguez was prolly the worst Mets reliever ever to put on a Mets uniform and now he is my high school baseball coach.

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