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Tsuyoshi Shinjo
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Tsuyoshi Shinjo
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Tsuyoshi Shinjo
Tsuyoshi Shinjo
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 128 of 1043 players
Tsuyoshi Shinjo
Born: January 28, 1972 at Fukuoka, Japan
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.11 Weight: 170

Tsuyoshi Shinjo was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on May 17, 2003, September 12, 2006, January 28, 2007, April 28, 2012, April 29, 2012, October 25, 2012, and December 7, 2012.


First Mets game: April 3, 2001
Last Mets game: June 27, 2003

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Won Doney
February 6, 2001
I hope this guy does well in the U.S. I've never seen a Japanese position player before. If it turns out like I think it will, I hope he is either a bench player or that right field is platooned (worst thing about centerfield '85 through '89).

April 10, 2001
I guess I get to be the first one to enter after seeing him in a Mets uniform.. Looks like he will be good copy for the press, hit a homer in yesterday's home opener, probably fits well into the strange Mets outfield picture which seems to consist of five guys none of whom will make the all-star team and none of whom will embarrass anyone. 417 feet on the homer not bad for a guy his size.

Brad Badini
April 28, 2001
He is my favorite player of all-time. He has personality, charisma, power, speed, fielding ability. He is totally amazin'!

Coach HoJo 20
May 12, 2001
When he signed with the Mets the first thing he did was rave about the uniforms. Even if he doesn't amount to much he is cool in my book, unless he becomes a Yankee. I can hear Steinbrenner plotting now.

May 24, 2001
When I first saw Shinjo in a spring training game, I thought to myself "The Mets have lost their mind. That swing will never cut it here." After watching him for 8 weeks now, I get more impressed each time I see him. The think I like most about him is he is a smart hitter. He learns from his mistakes. Not enough guys on this team use their head in the batter's box. But he does. He has some serious bat speed and pitchers haven't found the holes in his swing yet. It looks like he has a couple of huge holes in that swing, but he hits just about everything thrown up there.

He's got some guts, too. Three game winning hits in the last 4 games.

June 18, 2001
shinjo showed tonight how much this team could use some more team speed. they were trying to come back against the immortal carlos almanzar when he hit a grounder in the infield which wasnt quite a routine 4-6-3, but probably wouldve been had anyone else on the team hit it. as it was, shinjo beat out the throw (sliding into first and hurting himself, no less), relaford scored from third, and then Piazza came up next and hit a ridiculous bomb over the picnic area to take the lead. those are the little breaks and hustle plays that this team has been sorely lacking all year.

December 16, 2001
Well, the Mets addressed their questionable starting rotation by trading Shinjo and Relaford for Estes. I sure hope Estes does something for this team. I thought Shinjo was a total surprise for many Met fans. I loved him and I think it's safe to say most Met fans did as well. What I loved about him was his cannon in the outfield. He made watching an outfielder fun. Well, his stay with the Mets was short but I enjoyed every minute of it.

December 16, 2001
Shinjo was much of the heart and soul of the Mets in 2001. He will likely improve next year if he consistently starts in the Giants outfield. Not if they resign Barry Bonds though.

December 16, 2001
Part of enjoying a baseball team is not just winning. It is also having a bunch of good guys you want to win. For me, rooting for Barry Bonds or Carl Everrett is not fun. Shinjo was one of these players you enjoyed rooting for. On the field, no ever gave more effort. Pysically, he would use his wonderfully athleticism to run down a ball in the gap or make a throw to nail a baserunner. Mentally, he was always in the game: looking to go from first to second base on a sacrifice fly, or just adjusting at every AB to be a better hitter. Plus, off the field he was a gentleman and respected by his teamates. But what I like most is his dedication to the New York Mets. The fact he asked his model / actress wife to stay in Japan, so he can focus on producing for the Mets is a true act of dedication. Shinjo, good luck in San Francisco. We'll miss you.

Mr. Sparkle
December 16, 2001
Shinjo is one of the best defense outfielder and he always go out the field and give 110%, apparanetly the Mets need offense more than defense so no wonder why he got traded

December 17, 2001
Shinjo was a nice player...and a good Met. There aren't too many people who we can say that about. We will miss his colorfulness (orange handbands), his defense and the clutch hitting he did when called upon. Shinjo is not an every day player, but did a much better job than he was expected. Sayonara Tsuyoshi!

flushing flash
January 14, 2002
Sayonara Tsuyoshi. We will never forget your wristbands, the way you flung the bat after making contact, the big smile after delivering each of your nine game-winning hits. One of the best-looking Mets of all-time too. You helped make things bearable in 2001. Domo arigato, Shinjo-san!

January 18, 2002
Couldn't we have traded one (or two) of our more sucky outfielders in the Estes trade? I loved this fool, from his wristbands to his modeling website. I wish we could have shipped out Agbayani (who wouldn't even be with this team if it wasn't for that one grand slam in Japan) and/or Payton (who I hate more than any other player in the major leagues) in that deal, but I guess you get what you pay for.

January 18, 2002
The Giants aren't stupid. Brian Sabean isn't dumb enough to take back Agbayani for his second best starting pitcher, a guy who won 19 games a couple of years ago. Agbayani is not a starter, nor is he a versatile player. Neither Shinjo or Relaford are stars, but they'll both be perfect utility type guys who can start when necessary (in Shinjo's case he may be starting most of the time). One plays great defense, the other good, they both play a ton of positions. plus they're both good baserunners with decent speed.

You need to give something quality in every big trade you make, as appealing as that Lenny Harris, Todd Zeile, Benny Agbayani, Mark Johnson, and Pat Strange for Pedro Martinez trade may be. Shinjo will be a good addition for SF.

January 22, 2002
Shinjo is one of the best defense outfielder and he always go out the field and give 110%, apparanetly the Mets need offense more than defense so no wonder why he got traded

January 26, 2002
This guy was the best outfielder the we had....hopefully he'll come back...he's proven (along with Ichiro)that Japanese players are as good as our own American players and opened doors for more fantastic position players with class like this guy..Only Piazza hit more game winning runs than Shinjo we miss you already and hope you will return one day! It was fun watching you!!!!!!

Joe Figliola
February 21, 2002
I wish those rumors about a Shinjo bobble head doll would've come true?that would've been a nice souvenir. He was a pretty steady player. If anything, he did outhomer fellow countryman (and AL Rookie/MVP) Ichiro 10-7.

Alex Weinberg
July 7, 2002
Shinjo was my favorite ball player. and a heck of a one too. When I heard he was traded to the Giants I was so mad. Tsuyoshi wouldn't get mad when he lost he'd think optimisticly. I miss Shinjo being on the Mets but look forward to having him traded back.

July 9, 2002
Tsuyoshi Shinjo was one of the best defensive outfielders I've ever seen. He was my favorite Met last year and during spring training I was certain that he would come north with the team. Even thought he didn't hit much for average, he got hits at the right times.

July 16, 2002
It's amazing how when someone is gone, you often only remember their best moments. Great philosphy for wakes and funerals but when it comes to Mets baseball I remember everything. Yes, he got some clutch hits which I'll give him all of his props for, but he was mediocre at best guys, let's face it. He is a career .268 hitter, and decent defensively in the outfield. Nothing more, nothing less. If you checked his stats lately, you would see it was not such a terrible loss.

July 22, 2002
I would've vote for this guy to the all-star game, it's better than having Joe Torre and Bob Brenly choosing reserve when they give people like Robin Ventura and Damian Miller an invitation instead of Shinjo.

Shinjo probably will never hit .300 or 30 HR, but he gives out efforts and he earned every penny that he makes.

If I'm not wrong, he made the Japanese all-star team several times

December 28, 2002
Early in 2001, the ballpark would be loaded with Japanese press reporting every little Shinjo fact back home. Behind me in field level one day was a very attractive Japanese female reporter and her cameraman. They paid no attention to the game unless Shinjo was at bat, when they became very animated and she would write notes down furiously.

Shinjo took some of the most awkward swings I ewer saw from a major leaguer, and when we got the reporter's attention, we told her we were so delighted to get to see Mr Shinjo have his cup of coffee as a Met. Not knowing what "cup of coffee" meant, her face was beaming as she wrote this wonderful quote down to report to his loyal fans at home.

Etch 35
March 21, 2003
I always liked this guy despite the fact that his lack of discipline at the plate makes me cringe. He has about as much chance of holding up on that corkscrew swing of his as he does reversing the orbit of the planets around the Sun. He is just totally out of control. But a flashy and fun player to watch nonetheless.

I wonder if there is room for him on a Mets team that already has 4 outfielders, plus a guy like Tony Clark who deserves time at whatever position they can find for him. I hope there is room for him on the squad and some opportunities for him to contribute this season.

By the way...Is it me or is he the only outfielder around who throws the third out of an inning back towards the infield after catching it?

Gregory Gewirtz
March 25, 2003
Shinjo was a generic fourth OF spiced up by great defense and a Japanese pedigree that endeared him to Bobby Valentine, and possibly the Mets organization in general because there was speculation that the organization hoped Shinjo's signing would make the Mets organization seem more appealing to the bigger name Japanese talent that would later be available, like Hideki Matsui or Kaz Matsui.

Shinjo and Agbayani were the wrong beneficiaries of OF playing time late in the 2001 season, over Jay Payton and Joe McEwing, at least in my opinion. I felt that Shinjo and Agbayani were solid but unspectacular finished products, and that the playing time in a lost season would have been better off going to guys with more promise, like Payton and McEwing. Oh well.

Mr. Sparkle
May 27, 2003
Shinjo didn't do anything in SF last year and hasn't done much offensively this year either. At this point he should be a defensive replacement in the 8th inning and nothing more because he just can't hit.

June 23, 2003
I'm really glad to see Shinjo is back this year. I missed him and his orange wristbands in 2002 :) How did he ever come to be under .200? In 2001 he wasn't a spectacular hitter, but he was a lot better than he was this season. He had a hit last night, and maybe he'll improve from there.

July 20, 2003
Just saw that we designated Shinjo-san for assignment, meaning he's sayonara. I'm sad to see that. I always liked him - the great defense, the smile, the flair, the little hop he did when catching up to a fly ball. Really hope he finds success somewhere, though I'll always consider him a Met.

July 29, 2006
He was definitely a colorful character who now back in Japan has worn a scrolling belt and been lowered from the roof of a dome on a platform. He's definitely got a Stork-like popularity with Mets fans.

January 24, 2007
If you go to Japan now, you will see Shinjo *everywhere* as an advertising pitchman. He's now retired from the Japanese leagues, but the man is staying in front of the camera at all opportunities.

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