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Mark Franklin Corey
Born: November 16, 1974 at Coudersport, Pa.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.03 Weight: 210


First Mets game: October 2, 2001
Last Mets game: July 30, 2002

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Keith Hess
October 20, 2001
Another fine example of a September Call-Up. The only question is would his ERA be higher if he played the entire season in New York? This guy is a good AAAA pitcher but has no concept on how to pitch in the major leagues. The sad thing is that I rather have a crappy Yuri Sanchez (now back in the Indy leagues) than this guy throwing 60 feet 6 inches for my Mets.

Mr. Sparkle
October 25, 2001
Considering he only pitched 1.2 innings I'm willing to give the guy more of a chance. He was voted Organization pitcher of the year for his 9-4 record with 27 saves and a 1.63 ERA so he must have some talent. He may never pan out but I think he derserves more than 1.2 innings to judge him a bust. We'll see.

November 29, 2001
I'll give Corey time, but you have to admit, that appearance against the Pirates was flat out U-G-L-Y. And considering he is now 27, he seemst to be a little old to be a big-time prospect.

A Met Fan
January 30, 2002
Sure Mark did not have a good start to his ML career, but you have to consider some things...Mark was called up just before the 9/11 disaster and with games cancelled from that and the wait to get a chance to throw, Mark hadn't pitched in a game situation for about a give the kid another chance, from his numbers in the minors obviously he has talent.

Norfolk Tides Fan, ODIS
May 11, 2002
Mark Corey is the best pitcher on our team. Any New York Met fan would want him playing in the Bigs. He ready for another chance in the big leagues. He shrows straight gas and an awesome change, I would want him in a clutch situation.

May 24, 2002
Well, Mr. NorfolkTides, Corey got his chance in a clutch situation, and failed in the 13th inning against the Dodgers. I don't like the way he pitches. Everything is over the middle of the plate. I'm hoping some pitching coach somewhere can introduce Mr. Corey to the corners of the plate, because throwing fastballs over the middle of the plate to major league players is career suicide.

Kevin Fowler
June 23, 2002
I played ball with Mark and I can tell you he has the best work ethics I have ever seen on any level. I remember riding by the ball field and seeing him throw pitches for hours on end to his brother. His hard work has paid off and his outing against KC proved that he belongs in the bigs.

Mr. Sparkle
July 1, 2002
Does smoking weed on a street corner in Queens qualify as good work ethic?

July 5, 2002
Corey may have a great work ethic, but how damn dumb is he? He actually tells a reporter that he had been smoking weed before having a seizure. A REPORTER!?!?!?!?!? How stupid can a human being be? And it turns out the weed had nothing to do with the seizure.

World class moron.

July 26, 2002
Mark lived just a couple of houses away from me, while we were growing up. I'm still really good friends with is sister. He's an awesome guy!

Mr. Sparkle
August 1, 2002
I think he'll be pretty decent for Colorado. Recently he came into a couple of games with runners on and closed the door. I can see him being a closer at some point in his career. He may never dominate but I think he has the stuff to be pretty decent. I'm actually sorry to see him go.

January 2, 2003
Mark Corey showed great potential as a short reliever on the Mets. When I found out he was smoking pot with Tony Tarasco, I was really p-offed. It's shocking that a man with such great potential could try and ruin his life like that. I'm glad the Mets let him go.

Frank Grimes
June 5, 2003
He was OK with the Mets but horrible with Colorado last year. Now he's back in the minors with the Pirates. At 28 he'll never amount to anything unless he turns into the next Billy Taylor.

Mr Topps
April 15, 2004
Mark had a good fastball and a live arm. It appeared that he had a bright future in the majors. Unfortunately, his career went up in smoke.

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