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Inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, 2011
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 34 of 1043 players
Roberto Velazquez Alomar
Born: February 5, 1968 at Ponce, P.R.
Throws: Right Bats: Both
Height: 6.00 Weight: 185

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First Mets game: April 1, 2002
Last Mets game: June 30, 2003

Brother of Sandy Alomar
Son of Sandy Alomar

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Coach HoJo 20
December 11, 2001
This is a dream come true for me! For years I would dream of Alomar in a Mets UNI and it’s finally happened. Obviously Alomar is no spring chicken but he is still one of the best second basemen in baseball and came off one of his best seasons of his career.

Although I am happy about this deal I can help but think of two things that happened to the Mets in the past

1- The Carlos Baerga trade…. Carlos was awesome and then the minute he came to the Mets he gained 60 pounds and lost all his ability. Granted Alomar is better than Baerga but he is older so that MUST be factored in.

2- The Mike Hampton trade…. The Mets put together a blockbuster trade for an awesome pitcher with one year left on his contract. He took us to the World Series, everything looked great that was until he signed with the Rockies. Alomar is in his last season, but he does have an option for 2003, the question is will he love Queens? Or will he want to live in a warm environment that is closer to his family?

Food for thought....

December 11, 2001
Looks like a trade that had to be made. You can pencil in Alomar's 2002 stats .300 avg, 20 Hrs, 90 RBI's, 30 steals, 100 runs, and a Gold Glove. The only question I have got is whether Robbie likes NY and brings his A game, or starts spitting on the fans.

December 11, 2001
Great trade. The Mets owners may be cheap bastards, but ya gotta give it to Steve Phillips for the way he gets some of these guys with his hands tied behind his back. Bon voyage Lawton (you sucked), if I can't have Rick Reed back this is almost as good. I think Alomar will dig New York. He's Puerto Rican and his culture is represented in NYC like no where else in America. I think the "spitting incident" is overblown. It happened a while ago, let it pass. Let's just hope Alomar keeps up his great hitting, fielding and baserunning (thats pretty likely) and that Fonzie gets over being moved and is a happy and productive player for us. (we'll see)

Won Doney
December 11, 2001
I can't believe Steve Phillips actually traded for a big name rather than talking a lot about it and not coming through when he's close. I'm impressed.

Alomar will be good, but I'm a little worried about Fonzie. He doesn't want to go back to third.

The Mets infield is going to be the best, plus the Mets lineup will go from the bottom to near the top.

December 12, 2001
Great trade although it's tough not to be haunted by Carlos Baerga for Jeff Kent and Jose Vizcaino. Does anybody know if Roberto will be the first second generation Met by blood (Preston Wilson was adopted by Mookie)? Looking through the database nobody jumps out but who knows if Pete Smith was Dick Smith's son (outside of themselves) and I may have missed an obvious one too.

Mr. Sparkle
December 14, 2001
This guy's a winner, period. He's another perennial all-star, next to Piazza, and now he's a Met. I hated him for spitting at the ump but now all is forgiven. He's going to be awesome!

January 5, 2002
The first time he steps on the field in a Mets uniform, he will become the best all around player the team has ever had. I thought Alfonzo was on his way to being so before he came to camp in terrible shape last year.

Still, if you have followed his career, he has a reputation of mailing it in on occasion. Should learn from Piazza that runing it out to first every time really is not that difficult.

Joe Figliola
April 2, 2002
I temper his arrival with caution (rememberhow everyone whooped it up when Carlos Baerga came over?). But I think he'll take to New York the way the fans have taken to him.

Robbie is a very high-profile guy. When he played for Toronto, he lived in the hotel built into SkyDome. How cool was that? I remember Sports Illustrated doing an article about it back in 1991 or 1992, although the employees at the hotel said he wasn't a big tipper. His biggest blunder, however, is not the spitting incident; it's the fact that he's dating that psychopathic bimbo Mary Pierce! UGGH! Oh, well, nobody's perfect.

Mr. Sparkle
May 16, 2002
Not for nothing but how the hell did the spirit of Ron Gardenhire get into Alomar's body? OK it's early and you should give him more time but he has done nothing to impress me. His fielding has been atrocious, ala Gardenhire, he can't hit, ala Gardenhire, and he's trying to bunt for a base hit with runners in scoring position. They say he needs to find his groove because he has no confidence at the plate. How can a future hall of famer have no confidence at the plate? I'm still hopeful that he'll turn it around but so far, I'd say he should be managing the Twins, oh no wait, that's Ron Gardenhire!

May 24, 2002
One word describes Alomar's first two months in a Mets uniform. Inconsistent. Okay, two words: Wildly inconsistent. Not just at the plate, but in the field, too. One day you swear he's ready to break out, then the next day he's 0-5 with 2 Ks. And he's shown flashes of brilliance in the field, followed by a couple of ghastly errors. And we've all heard that he analyzes the game on a plane far above the fans and other players, but his penchant for bunting with a guy on second base and nobody out is just flat out stupid. Alomar is a run producer, not a sacrifice bunter. That is not higher thinking, that is idiocy.

A Met fan
May 24, 2002
Some trade. What a bust. He will be the next George Foster but at second base. Typical trade. We get a great player and then on the Mets, he can't play. What a jerk.

Larry Burns
May 31, 2002
OK, I am still 100% behind this acquisition, but I am getting nervous. Why is it that whenever we sign "Hall of Famers" (Especially 2nd basemen) they come here and don't do well? I still think he turns it around, but with our track record... My blood pressure is going up. And to think I spent the winter defending his spitting in the umps face!

June 5, 2002
Let's face it. He's not going to hit any better and I've never seen him field worse. He plays as if he's sleepwalking and as a supposed base-stealer, he stands there like a statue when on base. He's obsessed with bunting - even when batting third. He's just not a New York kinda guy. Whatever other players have said about his having a higher perception when he's out there, I ain't buyin' it. Let's trade him to the White Sox, where he could rejoin his brother, Sandy, and get Ray Durham (5 homers, 15 steals, .283 average to date) to replace him and a couple of prospects while there's still time.

June 19, 2002
I'm sure Alomar will turn it around. Unfortunately it'll probably be mid-July and we'll be 14 1/2 games out by then. When did this guy become a character in Space Jam? His talent seems to have been sucked out of him by the MonSTARS, a la Jordan, Ewing, and Barkley in the movie.

While everyone was going crazy in the office the morning of the acquisition - I couldn't help but join the rest of the diehards thinking "Lightning couldn't possibly strike twice - are we in for another Baerga? Naaah..." So far, he has proven to be just that. This is the front desk calling with your wakeup call, Mr. Alomar. WAKE UP!

Mr. Sparkle
July 1, 2002
Now he is complaining that that infield grass at Shea slows the ball down and that's why he is hitting 40 points below his career average. Sounds like Vince Coleman and why the dirt in the infield will keep him out of the hall of fame. Maybe those slower ground balls are why you've had so many errors Roberto huh? Denies saying he's looking forward to his next team after the Mets. Either way, I don't care. I hope they trade him before the deadline and get some good minor leaguers since they have a pretty deficient farm team right now. Roberto has got to be the biggest dissapointment in a long, long time.

July 1, 2002
I didn't like him since he was out of line with that umpire in 1996 and made comments about the guy's sick kid. I think he has no class, and he looks like he doesn't want to be here. I also think someone might have slipped him Baerga's old cleats.

August 23, 2002
I'm starting to think that Roberto Alomar is just another dog in the tradition of Tony Fernandez. He just looks like he doesn't give a damn and wants out of Flushing as fast as humanly possible. And it is guaranteed that once the inevitable happens and Alomar is traded away, he will once again put up Hall of Fame numbers. So far in a Mets uniform, he's put up Kelvin Chapman numbers.

Mr. Sparkle
August 26, 2002
It's funny how Roberto finally started playing well just before the trade deadline to keep the Mets from trading him and then went down the tubes after the deadline. He screwed himself into playing here for the rest of the year. I do hope they trade him and yes, I think he'll have a great year next year when he's out of NY. He'll go down in Mets lore with the Richie Hebner's and Tommy Herr's of the world. Thanks for bringing your hall of fame career for a stop in Flushing Roberto, we got the worst you had to offer!

September 6, 2002
All I have to say is that I feel like spitting on Alomar. Here is another supposed All Star who simply is a dog for the Mets. Trade him and put Fonzie back a second-and leave him there! Maybe Robin Ventura would interested in returning to the Stems next year.

October 1, 2002
Please, Robbie, demand a trade. Please. Go. Take your little ball strategy from the third hole outta here, anywhere. This guy's HR and RBI totals for the whole year would've been a bad first half. Do you all realize if you combine his and Burnitz HR and RBIs, you'd get 30 HR and what, 105 RBI? How bleeping pitiful is that? And the worst part isn't losing anyone we traded in the deal to get him - it's losing the player we traded in a deal for someone we traded to get him. While Robbie booted his way through the year, Rick Reed won 15 games for the Twins this year and is pitching in the post-season. Please, Robbie, go away. You're a shadow of your former self.

Jonathan Stern
November 10, 2002
How fascinating it is to read these comments and watch everyone go from thrilled to livid as the season progressed. C'mon, Steve! Didn't you or anyone else have any idea at all what you were getting when you traded for Alomar? We fans had every right to expect a Hall-of-Famer and have every right to be furious with what we got instead. Someone in the front office, someone who is paid to evaluate talent, should have seen this coming. You folks, not us fans, are the baseball experts, right? That's what you'd like everyone to believe, at any rate.

The Mets have had plenty of over-the-hillers in their history. Eddie Murray may have had a bad attitude and may have lost range at 1B. But he still swung a mean bat. And he NEVER slid into first base. Robbie did not even begin to resemble a Hall-of-Famer. He didn't produce at the plate or in the field, and he demonstrated all the instincts of an average nine-year- old. In a perfect world, this season alone should keep out him of Cooperstown. What a waste!

Jonathan Stern
December 17, 2002
Unlike Eddie Murray in '92-3, I saw absolutely no evidence during 2002 that Robbie is or ever has been a future Hall-of-Famer.

February 20, 2003
OK I'll share my memories of Roberto Alomar-All of them SUCK. I thought he was a classless piece of sub-human trash when he spit on that umpire and cursed his disabled kid in the AL Play-offs back in 96 or 97. And now he has a sub-par year and he whines to all of the newspapers about the Mets not extending his contract. That's the only decision the Mets have made so far that I agree with. I know I'm always lavished with bonuses at my job when I don't pull my weight. Come on Alomar stop being an over-paid whiny-ass cry baby and show us Mets fans something before you start crying to all of media about not getting a contract extension. I HATE this guy with the white hot intensity of 1000 suns! Your father and brother are probably ashamed that they are related to you.

Jonah Falcon
March 14, 2003
Just so you know, Roberto Alomar and John Hirschbeck have LONG made up, and (I'm not kidding) they're close friends now. In fact, Alomar has done a ton of work with Hirschbeck's charity organization. It's a brilliant end to a sorry beginning.

March 21, 2003
Thats very nice that he made up with Hircshbeck but the incident itself shows this piece of crap's lovely character in the first place. There are reasons why teams let all-star players go. I know the Indians were having a fire sale, trying to cut their salaries down, but Alomar is a known cancer in the clubhouse, and is obviously a horrendous influence. He got Rey Ordonez into the bad habit of sliding into first base (as if Ordonez needed another bad habit) What kind of leadership is that when he twists the fundamentals of the game and gets other players to go along with it? He's a piece of crap. I don't care if he becomes a member of the 40/40 club this year, I will always despise him.

Frank Grimes
April 11, 2003

Over 6 years with Cleveland Carlos averaged about 90 runs per year, 18 homers, 90 RBIs and about a .340 average. Alomar averaged 105 runs, 15 homers, 80 RBIs and about a .305 average. With the Mets Carlos dropped off to average 50 runs, 8 homers, 52 RBIs and a .308 average. Alomar's one year gave him 73 runs, 11 homers and 53 RBIs plus a .266 average. If Alomar has another lousy year which I expect he will I see no difference between the two.

Hall of fame my ass!

April 22, 2003
This guy just makes me want to rip my hair out, now he's afraid of getting taken out by the base runner in a double play? I've seen pee wee little leagers play with more heart, spirit and just a pure love of the game. Some of the losses you can blame on Benitez but Alomar's "I'm too valuable to get clocked while doing my job" is a close second. What an ass. Hey Roberto-Give me your salary and I'll let Ty Wiggington bowl me over at home plate once an hour! You lame sorry excuse for a so-called Hall of Famer!

May 20, 2003
It's been said before, and it will be said again. He is the second coming of Carlos Baerga. We will be very lucky if he can provide .280-12-65. But he won't.

Larry Burns
June 10, 2003
Can everyone stop comparing him to Carlos Baerga. Baerga was much better with the Mets than this guy. Another example of Steve "I am gonna get creative" Phillips signing an over the hill player. I will admit I backed the original signing, but then we compound it by letting an original Met, Edgardo Alfonzo, go. I guess we kept the wrong Hispanic infielder. I truly hate this guy.

June 11, 2003
I agree Larry. I think once they unload this overpaid, non-producing whiner you'll see a change in the attitude of this team. He's a cancer in the club house and his crappy attitude affects the entire team. Once they dump him I think the clouds will lift around Shea. I'd gladly take Carlos Baerga back in place of this piece of trash. What good is a Gold Glove if you're afraid of someone sliding into you at 2nd and not turning much needed double plays? What a waste of space he is.

Mr. Sparkle
June 19, 2003
I was flabbergasted the other night when he came up with runners on first and second no outs and he bunted. Is he kidding me? We need RBI's from you pal, not bunt singles with runners on. Don't leave it up to the next guy, have some balls! Shari is right, the clouds will lift as soon as El Roberto leaves. Unfortunately the clown is hurt and we may not get any value for this future Hall of Famer and current hall of suckdom! The only way a contender will trade for this guy is if they are desperate for a 2nd baseman or stupid. Of course once traded he'll probably hit .350 with power but it would be justice if in his first game elsewhere to see him slide head first into first base and break his hand!

June 19, 2003
I'm volunteering to help load his stuff in the moving van once a trade for him is finally - and mercifully - announced. Anyone else out there with me?

Joe Figliola
July 2, 2003
C'mon, Griff, since the trade was announced, I'm ready to meet you at Flushing with an Allied Vans truck.

Good riddance, Robbie. He cost me $10 last year because I said he would have a higher batting average than Soriano. I ought to write him and make him pay me back.

July 2, 2003
God Bless Jim Duquette. Finally, we are rid of this overrated, sad sack, prima donna who mailed it in over the last year-and-a-half. He utterly sucked as a Met and did nothing to show himself worthy of the Hall of Fame. The only way he should be admitted is if he's bought a ticket, like the rest of us. As for the trade, I would've liked the Sox' 2B Willie Harris in return as one of the players and I damn sure wouldn't have paid any of his remaining salary. But, beggars can't be choosers.

July 2, 2003
HOORAY!!! Finally! I'm so glad this piece of garbage was shipped off to Chicago, sure he'll go on to hit .400 now, but I hate him, he has no class, a lousy attitude and I for one am thrilled that he's out of the Met's lives. Now maybe we will see some inspired play without this downer hanging around the clubhouse.

July 2, 2003
Adios! Roberto will go down in Met history as the all- time disappointment, and with the Mets, that is saying a lot. What strikes me particularly strangely is his utter lack of good instincts and baseball smarts. Wasn't he known for that? What is the problem with the Mets talent evaluation?

Mr. Sparkle
July 3, 2003
I am so happy this zero is gone. He is the ultimate selfish player. He did not say anything bad about the Mets organization after the trade which is a good thing but he did hint that he wasn't motivated in NY since the Mets were a bad team. Not in April they weren't! Plus, his father said he can't play well on a bad team. That just shows he only gets up for big games and does not care about the team. Jeromy Burnitz (who wants out of NY) said last night he plays the same way no matter what place the Mets are in and I do believe he gives it his all. Alomar, Hall of Fame bound and all, does not deserve to be a Met if he can't get motivated. I'd rather have Ron Gardenhire back instead!

Hot Foot
July 4, 2003
Let me use two quotes from our Godfather Mr. Sparkle to describe the life of a Met fan during the past two years:

Mr. Sparkle (December 14, 2001) "This guy's a winner, period. He's another perennial all-star, next to Piazza, and now he's a Met...He's going to be awesome!"

Mr. Sparkle (July 3, 2003) "I am so happy this zero is gone. He is the ultimate selfish player...I'd rather have Ron Gardenhire back instead!"

If this contrast doesn't describe what it has felt like to be a Met fan in the past two years, I don't know what does.

Etch 35
July 4, 2003
Wow, I can't believe it ended like this. I never would have thought that a perenial all-star and gold glover, who was highly respected around the league as a "heady" ballplayer with great instincts, did nothing for us. HE DID NONE OF THE ABOVE!! He was a bad fielder, couldn't hit at all from the right side (not that good on left either), and played the game with less enthusiasm than almost anyone I've ever seen.

If he was at some time a "smart" or "cerebral" ballplayer with "good instincts", then I did not see that either. Bunting with 2 outs and nobody on...bunting with runners in scoring position...throwing weakly off his back foot to turn double plays...head first slides into first...never got a jump on a pitcher when trying to steal. (Never tried to steal, for that matter.)

How could this happen? I love this team and I always give the team the benefit of a doubt. I always try to keep a positive attitude about things, but honestly....Are we cursed, Mets fans? God Help Us.

Andy from Rego Park
July 6, 2003
Etch... the only curse surrounding the Mets is their historic propensity for acquiring "names" not skills (see, also: Jim Fregosi, Dean Chance, Randy Jones, Ellis Valentine, George Foster, Bret Saberhagen, Tony Fernandez, etc.)

Alomar's early commments with the ChiSox reveal what he's all about... he says he's motivated to be playing for a contender. Maybe Steve Phillips forgot to tell Alomar that he was one of the players that was supposed to make the Mets a contender.

A truly great ballplayer rises to the occassion and carries a team when nobody else can. Alomar just stood around waiting for somebody to inspire him. Apparently an $8 million contract wasn't sufficient.

Tha Shacmasta
July 15, 2003
I'll give Alomar a little credit. He didn't make any excuses about hiss Met tenure. When he was asked what went wrong in New York he said it just didn't work out plain and simple. He could have said they kept moving me in the batting order or the grass was too high... He kept his mouth shut, but my personal opinion I think when the writers look to vote this guy into the Hall they should really take a hard look at the 1 1/2 years he put in, because he showed his lack of knowledge for the game and his inability to adjust to the much harder throwers of the National League. A future Hall of Famer should be able to make those kind of adjustments.

July 15, 2003
This guy was a bum from the second we got him. I knew it was going to be a bust because this is the Mets we're talking about. He's a bigger bust than Mo, if that's at all possible. I much rather watch a person who cares play than this joke.

Jonathan Stern
July 20, 2003
Before Opening Day, 2002, Fran Healy said on the air, "I was talking with someone from the American League. And he told me the Alomar may be the greatest player in all of baseball."

To paraphrase Casey, "Can anybody in this day and age play this here game?"

July 23, 2003
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, and never come back. The White Sox got this loser and cancerous Carl Everett on the same day. What a surprise they're going no place.

And right - he says he played like a chump because the Mets were bad. Never occurred to him that the Mets were bad because he played like a chump. A "Hall of Famer" who can't make a team better. Just along for the ride.

Alomer is not just Carlos Baerga, he's Tony Fernandez. That lost look on his face, those weak swings - GOOD BYE.

Ramon Epstein
August 29, 2003
The one thing I remember about Robby as a Met in '03 is that every time he got to up to bat the most pathetic look was on his face. He looked like a man up for the guillotine. Maybe he was just squinting at the sun, but with the way NY was doing in July I couldn't blame him for a lack of enthusiasm.

September 10, 2003
What I remember most about his tenure with the Mets is his whiny sad-sack, big baby demeanor and less than mediocre numbers with the bat & the glove. It's no accident that since he's gone the team's spirit seems a lot better. He was nothing but a black cloud in that club house. I don't watch any American League games so it's nice not to hear his name or see his mopey face anymore. I hated his guts.

November 10, 2003
Alomar may hold one Met record. As far as I am aware he is the first second Generation Met. Father Sandy briefly played for the Mets in 1967.

In many ways Alomar may have been the Mets biggest disappointment - although I believe he was overrated the whole time. Playing in AL hitter's parks will give you nice stats. I noticed his numbers with the White Sox, who play in a non-hitters park, were similar to his Mets stats. Either washed up, overrated or both Alomar is a free agent this winter. He is a perfect Red Sox malcontent. Kingman is more deserving of the HOF.

January 13, 2004
This is all kind of humorous in a way to me as a Jays fan. I feel your pain but at the same time I'll always choose to remember the Robby of the early 90's, as one of the most exquisite and beautiful players I've ever seen on a baseball field. His defense was impeccable, maybe the greatest of all time at his peak. He always had the flair for the dramatic, and played the game the way it was meant to be played, in which no numbers could come close to measuring.

Obviously he left on a sour note, and since then it's been a roller coaster ride with him, and it's true that as his career has progressed he's needed to be on a somewhat competitive team or a fresh scenery every now and then to truly make his mark. Despite the jerk that many have painted him to be, albeit some of which he's brought on to himself with the mistakes he's committed.

I don't think he's an awful person. But then again, I could be biased beyond redemption because after all he'll always be my favourite baseball player and a guaranteed Hall of Famer in my eyes which lit up recently when he said if he goes he'd still consider the Blue Jays as his top choice, despite the constant booing he's gotten from Toronto fans since his departure.

Neil Toronto
June 19, 2004
The sad tale of Roberto goes on. There has never been a better second baseman in the history of baseball than Alomar 92-93. He was the media golden boy in Toronto until he refused to play on the final day of the 1995 season to protect his .300 average. The papers criticized him for the first time ever, and he snapped. He left Toronto in a hissy fit, saying all sorts of bad things about the city that gave him nothing but love, and signed with Baltimore in the off season. His thin skin could never take the booing the fans gave him every time he came back to Toronto, which certainly contributed to his frustration the day he spit in the umpire's face back at Skydome in September 1996. He never showed an ounce of contrition for that incident, cursing the Orioles to another decade of high-priced mediocrity. Baltimore was happy to let him go after his contract was up. Cleveland found baseball's ultimate sucker, Steve Phillips, to take him off their hands. The rest is Mets history...and now Diamondbacks history, another sucker team that is paying him millions for nothing. While he had unbelievable talent, two WS rings, and HOF numbers, he should never get into Cooperstown. Right up there with Ty Cobb and Petey Baseball as a superstar with reprehensible character.

June 19, 2004
I think the Mets performed an amazing trick:

They turned Roberto Alomar from being a future Hall-of- Famer and the best second baseman in baseball into a dull, ordinary, and whining second baseman! ("The Magic is Back!")

How did they do it? Inquiring minds want to know!

Joe P.
October 10, 2004
I was so excited the day they acquired Alomar. It didn't take long before I hated this man with every ounce of blood in my veins. Why did this loser always try to bunt himself on? The day they announced the trade, I let out a scream of joy while traveling east on the LIE.

Jonathan Stern
March 21, 2005
Retired? Wow.

The Roberto Alomar Story (not coming to a theater near you): He went to Shea and lost his way. No way this guy gets into Cooperstown.

I think of this guy and shake my head. What the hell happened here?

March 21, 2005
So "Malomar" just retired. You need to be inactive for 5 years to be eligible for the Hall of Fame. Since Alomar was traded to the Mets before 2002, when his stats took a nosedive, this means that he only has 2 years to go.

May 24, 2005
My most hated ball player ever. I am a Met fan in Chicago, so when he went to the White Sox after bombing with the Mets, I was on the Red Line to Comiskey with D-Batteries in hand.

We can only hope that his late career selfish persona baseball fans remember him by will translate to low vote counts at the Hall of Fame ballot box.

Tom Shannon
July 4, 2005
Well, look at the bright side, at least Alomar didn't go onto success with other teams after his stint with the Mets. We truly got him too late. Perhaps his attitude wasn't the best; but at least we know that he was trying (as evidenced by his putrid performance with the White Sox). This is much better than the ol' case of sackless Tony Fernandez.

November 6, 2005
The Alomar trade was not Steve Phillips' fault. Alomar was coming off a season in Cleveland, hitting .326 with 20-something home runs. He was only 33/34 and looked like he still had a few years left in the tank. Alomar's painfully poor performance in a Mets uniform was entire HIS fault. I have never seen a guy look so disappointing. He couldn't hit the ball for his life. I would see one grounder right after another. I know he probably will still get into the Hall of Fame, but I hope he hurt himself enough to not get in for the first few years of his eligibility. Alomar did NOTHING to earn respect from us New Yorkers. I said "thank goodness" when he was traded away. The Mets knew they made a HUGE mistake.

Tom L
November 23, 2005
Deja Vu all over again. Carlos Baerga, minus the likability.

March 22, 2006
A poor excuse for a good player. We all had high expectations when he came in, as we had with Jeromy Burnitz and Mo Vaughn, and he failed us.

October 12, 2006
Alomar was one of the biggest Met letdowns in the team's history.... another one of those guys with superb stats (and an attitude to match) who got a deal with the Mets and then proceeded to lose his talent immediately. He couldn't hit, his fielding wasn't that great and he did nothing but complain. As someone said a few posts earlier at least he didn't leave the Mets and put up star numbers again. He was indeed washed up.

The Ghost of Bad Met Trades Past
December 8, 2006
No way this Bum deserves the Hall. He played in hitters parks in teh AL where he padded his numbers, Shea is a great equalizer and his true lack of talent showed. Had he played in NY his whole career, would have been the Ron Hodges of 2nd basemen.

Tom Quinn
October 18, 2007
It's amusing to read the comments here from shortly after his acquisition compared to the consensus of opinion that began about two months into his tenure. This was one of the biggest busts in Mets history. Another in a select group of "great" players who were great elsewhere, came to Shea and contributed as much as the guys who were supposed to fix the plumbing in the Shea bathrooms in the 70's and 80's. It was amazing to watch someone go from sure-fire Hall of Famer to a near-guarantee of not getting in at all.

Bklyn Met
October 27, 2007
He was not good enought to fix the plumbing based on his performance here but make no mistake about it, he is still a sure HOF'er. His performace before he got here is one of the all time best for 2nd basemen. No trouble getting in the HOF.

October 1, 2008
This season he was one of the people who changed the number on the Shea countdown sign in left center field. He stood there with his brother and father. I couldn't believe it, they seemed to do it super fast too. The announcer reminded me of the speed talking FedEx commercials that were on TV years ago. Roberto looked like he was embarassed and couldn't wait to be gone. Before the crowd could notice and give him the razzing that he richly deserves he was gone.

The Roberto Alomar Team
January 1, 2009
Hey Roberto fans,

Thanks so much for all your support! Make sure you check out, the Official Site of baseball legend Roberto Alomar!

There you can find Roberto's personal blog, signed memorabilia, and much more! Be sure to drop Roberto a comment or question while you're there-- the messages go directly to him!

See you in the stands,

The Roberto Alomar Team

Feat Fan
January 2, 2009
Attention Roberto Alomar Fans:

All two of them!!!!

January 26, 2009
I wish I had Alomar's agent. I am also over the hill, have limited range, and can't hit. May I please have a multi-million dollar contract?

flushing flash
February 16, 2009
Well now that these revelations from his girlfriend have come out we all realize that in 2002 the Mets got a Roberto Alomar who was HIV-positive and apparently had it really bad. So it wasn't a case of getting yet another player who was past his prime; it was a new Mets wrinkle: a case of getting a player who was very sick.

That said, there's still no forgiving the man for the season and a half he was here.

And why did he insist on all that sex with his girl? Why didn't he just spit on her? That probably would have infected her and, after all, he has experience in that field.

February 25, 2009
Interesting development here, because I always thought he was gay, and still do.

I recall all the buzz about Mike Piazza, which I never believed.


The Ghost of bad Met Trades Past
May 1, 2009
Saw him on the news recently. He looked OK. HIV/AIDS is a convenient excuse, although he never outwardly manifested anything. I think all in all he was always overrated with inflated AL hitter park numbers. He was on the downside of an above-average career when the Mets got stuck with him

Not a Hall of Famer - no way.

Feat FAN
May 3, 2009
Dude, do you think anyone would invent an excuse such as having HIV? Let's take a deep breath, he was a bust here but had a stellar career and more than that, is a human being!

Andy the Walrus
May 15, 2009
Good for you, Feat Fan, for your above post. I can understand that Mets fans are frustrated, but some of the whiney comments really are over the top.

Like most players, Alomar had some subpar years, particularly as he got past his prime, but he also had some marvelous years and won a couple of rings. His Blue Jays won titles in years when the Mets were one of the hardest-to-like teams in baseball. The Mets hoped Roberto would still flash the magic, but he didn't have it any more; all you can do is move on. Would I choose him for the Hall of Fame over A-Rod, Raffy Palmeiro, and Manny Ramirez? Yes, I would.

December 13, 2009
So Alomar is on the ballot for the HOF, and seems to be a favorite for first ballot status. I agree that Alomar does NOT belong in the hall. I too believe he benefited from playing in hitter-friendly parks. I was never impressed with his range and his attitude was always poor. I had heard whispers about him for a while (especially in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium- those guys were brutal), however I feel his poor Met stats have little to do with HIV or being on the downside of an above average career, but rather "The Shea Adjustment". Shea was the equalizer for overrated players from Joe Foy and Jim Fregosi to Carlos Baerga and Juan Samuel... and Roberto Alomar.

Take Ron Hunt... give him steroids..put him on a turf field in Toronto and you have Roberto Alomar with a good attitude. No Hall for Alomar!

April 4, 2011
This guy was absolutely dreadful as a Met. He looked like a totally different player than the guy who played in Toronto, Baltimore and Cleveland. But let's be realistic for a second. Despite his pathetic Mets career, he is easily the best 2nd baseman of the last 25 years and is without question a Hall of Famer. He was the best 2b in baseball for a decade, a 2x World Series hero, won a million gold gloves and made every team he played for significantly better.. except the Mets, of course.

Dan the Man
May 29, 2011
My favorite memory of him came after he was traded to the White Sox in 2003 and he visited Yankee Stadium. Even Yankee fans booed him at his first at bat for doging it so much as a Met!!

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