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Tony Tarasco
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Tony Tarasco
Tony Tarasco
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 445 of 1043 players
Anthony Giacinto Tarasco
Born: December 9, 1970 at New York, N.Y.
Throws: Right Bats: Left
Height: 6.01 Weight: 205

of 1b

First Mets game: April 10, 2002
Last Mets game: September 1, 2002

Share your memories of Tony Tarasco


Gary from Chesapeake
April 12, 2002
Will Tony T. ever live down the rap as being the outfielder who had the ball swiped from him by an 11-year old kid in the ALCS? He adds a little pop, versatility, and experience to the Mets' bench. I hope his stay is sweet! Erase that old memory with some superhero plays, Tony! Make your dad proud!

Mr. Sparkle
April 26, 2002
I just read in Mets Inside Pitch that Tarasco had his BMW stolen during spring training. All I could think of was how unfair life is. Not because the poor guy got his Beemer ripped off but because a scrub like that, just barely hanging onto a career and at the bottom rung of his profession has a BMW in the first place. There is no justice.

June 20, 2002
Hey if he never does anything else in this game, he at least has one Met highlight. He hit what proved to be the game winning 2 run homer last night at Shea versus the Twins. Good for you Toby Tabasco! Keep it hot! Nice dreds, sorry about the beamer.

Paul Pugh
June 22, 2002
This one time Tony was playing 2nd base and he was looking at the SS and some dude hit a ball at him, and it hit him real hard in the balls. that was funny

Larry Burns
July 1, 2002
Oh come on, now we have reserve outfielders doing the wacky weed with young pitchers until they get convulsions! This season, now being helped along by Tony, is quickly becoming as bad as the bleach and firecracker seasons of the early 1990s. What a nightmare. Can the Mets at least release this athletic Cheech Marin before he turns the entire lockeroom into a ragtag group of rastafarians!

Andy from Rego Park
July 21, 2002
Maybe the most incredible aspect of the "Mark Corey/Tony Tarasco -- I suffered convulsions after smoking dope" story is how quickly everything was forgotten. No fines, no public rebukes. No punishment.

Think about that... here's Tarasco, the fifth outfielder on the team, a total journeyman just hanging on to his big league life, and he hospitalizes a rookie pitcher with suspect weed.

And, apparently, nothing happens!

Gosh, I remember Fergie Jenkins getting busted for having a baggie full of pot in his luggage while crossing from the U.S. to Canada in 1979, and the sportswriters were swearing he'd never be on their Hall of Fame ballot.

Of course, Fergie's in the Hall and nowadays if somebody is found with some Acapulco Gold in his locker, everybody says, "well, at least he's not doing coke."

Casey Stengel said it best... "Amazing, amazing, amazing..."

August 12, 2002
I saw Tony for the first time yesterday at a Cards/Mets game at Busch Stadium. I was sitting right behind the Mets' dugout and I smiled at Tony once and he smiled back. He kept looking at me throughout the game and I thought he was pretty good looking. I asked him if I could take a picture of him and he nodded, so he gave me this big smile and I got a pic! I love his hair and he's my new favorite ballplayer!! He seems like a nice guy!

January 10, 2003
I've been a Tony Tarasco fan since he's played for the Braves, and I've got to tell all those playa haters out there that Tarasco has managed to prove his worth, even when all the odds were against him. So give credit where credit is due.

Frank Grimes
January 16, 2003
Tony Tarasco has proved his worth.....which is about a buck fifty.

But seriously, he's not bad, a decent utility player, but smoking weed on a street corner is bulls---. Again, he's a nice player and had a few big hits for the Mets this year but a lot of guys can do the same thing.

Gregory Gewirtz
March 31, 2003
He embarassed himself and the Mets organization with the marijuana incident.

Tarasco was completely generic and replaceable as a bench player. I shake my head when a team as far out of contention as the Mets were down the stretch could not dig up an OF with potential to take Smokey's place on the roster.

December 11, 2003
This brings back bad memories. For me, as well as many Mets fans, Tarasco will always epitomize the slow agony that was the 2002 season. I'm surprised that we kept him around after the first transgression. What a terrible clubhouse influence.

Phil Thiegou
December 22, 2003
I met Tony before a game, oddly enough a day or two before the pot smoking incident. He spent about 20 minutes signing autographs and was really nice to us. I asked him if that Jeffrey Maier incident still bothers him, he said, "Every day." Maybe that explains why he "lights up." After that whole thing there was an article in the paper on how growing up in L.A., Tony was a big shot with either the Bloods or Crips and gave it up to focus on baseball. Granted he didn't do that much in the Majors, except be a footnote in Yankees history but hopefully he can do the same for some kid from Compton who will hopefully fire fastballs instead of an AK-47.

January 5, 2004
I think Tony is a great guy who has dedicated his time, effort, and money to improving America's youth. All of you can holla up a storm of negativity but the God honest truth is that there is more to a book than its cover. I think it is time you looked at his struggle (I to have been fan since he played for Atlanta) strife, determination, and abilty to succeed when all odds are against him. I would love to see any of you take a bat to him or his ability. What great critics you all are...so what team do you play for? Oh yeah...NO ONE!!!!

I have lived in NY for my whole life and I have been a METS fan since day one (probably only missed about 6 games total) and I have never seen any other player show so much love to the fans and stay out signing autographs as long as he. Let's start looking at things with a little perspective! When his road got rocky he paved it. So shut up and give a man some credit for being an outstanding MAN!

Mr. Sparkle
January 8, 2004
Honesty, OK, Tony is a great guy who signs autographs. That is to be commended. But, that doesn't change the fact that as a player his talents were marginal and as a role model he was a negative having smoked weed on a street corner with Mark Corey. Don't blame the fans for criticizing what everyone sees merely because of something nice he does that only a few people see. Being a nice guy doesn't make him a player that we need on the team. I appreciate your point, but Tony has to take responsibility for his actions. Smoking weed on the street corner makes him a questionable character no matter what he does with autographs. I have nothing personal against Tarasco, but he's no role model.

March 5, 2012
I had an opportunity to become friends with Tony when he was with the Columbus Clippers. This is one of the nicest stand-up dudes you will ever meet in your life. We had a great time when he was in Columbus. Too bad all people know about him is what they read. Hopefully he is enjoying life in Santa Monica, CA. When you come back to Columbus hit me up; you know how we do it!!

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