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Ty Wigginton
Ty Wigginton
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Ty Allen Wigginton
Born: October 11, 1977 at San Diego, Cal.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.00 Weight: 200

3b 2b 1b of

First Mets game: May 16, 2002
Last Mets game: July 29, 2004

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May 24, 2002
Want a summary of Wiggington's at bats with the Mets? Here goes...Good morning, good afternoon, and good night. At least he did foul off one pitch.

Can you say "overmatched?"

Edgy DC
May 30, 2002
Ty Wiggington on his first big-league hit: "I was getting loose on deck, doing my regular routine that I've done the last four years or whatever, and get up there and look for a pitch to hit, and Rey Rey's on first so I was trying not to hit me a doubleplay ball; that's about it," Wigginton said.

Great phrasing.

source guy
July 29, 2002
His statistics look amazin' in Triple-A, but he is definitely overmatched by major league pitching. He also needs to improve on his strike-zone judgement, since he has problems making contact consistently.

flushing flash
August 5, 2002
Was at the game yesterday won by the Diamondbacks 12- 7. Ty Wigginton really impressed going 4-5 with a three-run bomb over the centre field fence. Wasn't overmatched by big league pitching that day...although, the Diamondbacks starter wasn't named Schilling or Johnson.

August 7, 2002
Ty is 3 for 3 tonight against the Brewers, and yes they are a horrendous team, but it's more frustrating when these guys don't get hits agaist teams like this. He looks really good, and you all know where good young Met talent goes, he should be traded shortly on his way to be a superstar ala Nolan Ryan, Mike Scott, Jeff Reardon, Neil Allen, Amos Otis, Preston WIlson and now probably Jay Payton.....Well you all get the picture.

Salamander Q
August 9, 2002
Wonderful hitting his first week. His "TYing" HR against Arizona was probably the Mets' last gasp of hope in '02. He probably has a higher average in the major leagues so far than in any league he's played in, major, minor, college, high school, Little.

The guy's had a great few games so far, and I hope he does well, but tell me this: how many 25-year-old rookie secondbasemen can you name who went on to have successful MLB careers?

I'm wa-i-i-i-ting.

The reason you're having so much trouble is that there haven't been any. I don't think Ty's going to be the first 2bman 25 or older to be an impact player, sad to say.

Mike Gore
August 13, 2002
I had the pleasure of watching Ty Wigginton play in college and the Mets need to keep him. This guy can hit! Give him a break with some of your comments. So the guy got stuck in the Mets minor league system. His hitting got better every level he went. He's bounced back from an arm injury last year where he missed most of the season. The guy is a winner. Support a guy who plays 110 percent every game unlike some other Mets.

September 3, 2002
Ty should be proud of his playing this year. He had a great season. I drove up from Florida for the Tides' last away game this past weekend against Charlotte. Bobby Floyd has a great player in him. Just my two cents, but Steve Phillips needs to hang onto him.

September 10, 2002
I actually went to high school with Ty at Chula Vista High. I had no idea he was even still playing baseball until I heard his name on SportsCenter tonight. Damn we even played on the same football team. Anyways I wish him luck and maybe a trade to the Padres!

September 10, 2002
Move over Mo Vaughn (if you can).. Here comes the new 1st baseman. There's no TY for the better fielder, and Wigginton can hit for average and power (better than Todd Zeile's warning track power.) Sign this guy for next year please..

Mr. Sparkle
September 13, 2002
He reminds me of the rookie Gregg Jeffries in 88 but without all the press. He's been pretty good since being called up the second time around. Hopefully he can crack the line up next year and do it all year long. We'll see. He has certainly get my attention so far.

January 2, 2003
This guy looks amazing! He hits for average (.302) and POWER!!! That is just what the Mets need! In a little over 100 at bats, he hit 6 homers. If he was a starter with 600 at bats, he would average out with 36 homers. Instead of getting some scrub like Jose Hernandez, they should bring up Ty. He might hit more homers, and for one thing, he'll strike out A LOT less.

Etch 35
February 4, 2003
It would be nice to see Wiggy be Fonzie's successor at third base. He's a home grown guy just like Fonzie was. I'm confident he'll put up some decent power numbers if he gets a full seasons worth of AB's. But his K's may be high and his BA low because he is still confused by Major League pitching. Plus, his defense needs work. But we'll see...discipline at the plate may come with time and patience. And being at 3rd exclusively and not being shuffled around from position to position may help his glove. I say give him a chance to get familiar with being an everyday player. He probably will never be another Hojo, Ventura or Fonzie, but he could surprise us if we give him a chance. He seems to be a gamer and right now that's enough for me.

Won Doney
May 6, 2003
You have to love the way Wigginton plays every game. He plays harder than any player I have seen in a long time. Even when he is in a slump, you can tell that he is playing as hard as he can, whether it's in running out a ground ball or crashing into a catcher, trying to score a run. Wigginton knows how to play the game.

Mr. Sparkle
May 14, 2003
I love this guy. First, I'm a big supporter of minor league talent and I'm happy to see the Mets may finally have developed a decent, although, unexpected one. Second, he's a gamer and a throwback. He's had a couple of home plate collisions where most guys would have slid, and he definitely gives it his all out there. He got his fifth triple of the year tonight and now leads the league which shows he's all hustle. It's a bit early to say that he's going to be great but if he stays consistent he will be a very good player for many years. He is the only guy in the history of his college to make the bigs. He was drafted in about the 30th round so there weren't very high expectations. Hopefully, he won't be a flash in the pan. Wiggy is the man!

June 10, 2003
I heard a lot of Met's fans being negative about having Ty Wigginton playing third base after Edgardo Alfonzo left. But, I always thought Ty Wigginton could be at least adequate at third base. He signed my spring training program this year at spring training and I even had the pleasure of attending an autograph session with him and Vance Wilson at a mall in my area on May 31. It was sooo awesome. I went with one of my best friends Jim who is also a big Mets fan. As we were waiting for our turn to go meet them, they were giving out prizes. I won a $30.00 box of baseball cards for having my 2003 Mets spring program with me (and with a whole lot of autographs on it). Jim and I also each won four tickets to the June 8 game against Seattle for answering questions right.

I took the ticket to get Ty Wigginton's autograph and my friend took the one for Vance Wilson's autograph. Ty Wigginton wrote, "To Anthony, best wishes, Ty Wigginton". I even got my picture taken with him and got to shake both of their hands and told them that I still had faith that they could make the playoffs in 2003. They were both real nice.

It seems Ty Wigginton is already becoming a fan favorite. I heard people knocking his defense before the season, but he has done a fine job even in that area so far.

June 11, 2003
I love the guy! Don't get me wrong I was a huge skeptic about him taking Fonzie's place, but he really shocked me. He actually cares about the outcome of the game and not the personal gain and glory involved in being a major league player. When the camera pans out to the dugout he is one of the only Mets players actually watching the game intently, which tells me two things: one he's watching the oppostion's weak spots and two he's a fan of the game just like you and me. He's gotta be to stay in AAA as long as he did and it paid off. I'm sure he'll get better in the Mets organization because he knows that he's starting every game now, he knows where he will be playing, he will have much more time to get used to the big league pitching, and on top of everything else the Mets need more players with heart like him.

Karl de Vries
June 17, 2003
Yeah, I know it's early, but this was reported over the wires on MLB.com a couple of days ago...

"Ty Wigginton won't go crazy thinking about the possibility of joining the Rookie of the Year race in the National League. But through the first two and a half months of the season, he has certainly proven himself worthy. Going into Saturday's game he led all NL rookies in runs scored (40), RBIs (32), doubles (15) and triples (five). He is second in hits (65), total bases (102) and is tied for second with 15 multi- hit games. He is also third with a .277 batting average."

Tom Seaver, Darryl Strawberry, and Ty Wigginton...I wonder if he's going to be the one representing the Mets in Chicago this July...

June 26, 2003
He hasn't shown quite as much long-ball pop as he did last year, but as Anthony observed, Wiggy's fielding has been a very pleasant surprise. A lot of people thought he would be a butcher, but he's been more than adequate and sometimes even downright flashy. Earlier tonight he made a great read charging on a bunt and turned a double play that looked like something out of the Keith Hernandez playbook -- you could tell that Mex approved highly from the broadcast booth!

June 30, 2003
I did a little homework this weekend and discovered that Wigginton is currently on pace to break the following Mets rookie records:

AT Bats ( Lee Mazzilli 1977) Hits ( Ron Hunt 1963) Runs ( Cleon Jones, 1966) Doubles (Hunt and Gregg Jefferies 1989) RBI ( Darryl Strawberry 1983)

Thats pretty much a clean sweep-- surprisingly the single best rookie season by any Met (hitter) ever if he stays healthy.

Karl Weber
July 2, 2003
Is he the second best player named "Ty" in baseball history?

July 5, 2003
I like this guy, he's just a good old fashioned solid player. He plays with heart and spirit, and (TAKE A LESSON HERE ALOMAR) he TRIES, and doesn't take it for granted to be getting paid for playing baseball. We knew he could hit but his fielding at third base is an added bonus. He may not be a hall of famer, but he is definitely a Keith Hernandez caliber player, he was my favorite and if Ty can live up to Keith's play in NY that's good enough for me.

Joe Figliola
July 8, 2003
One day soon, the phrase "BIG FLY FROM BIG TY" will become a welcome cry from such idiot Yankee yelps as "Bern, baby, Bern" and the equally ridiculuous, "It is high... it is far..."

Anyway, despite scoring another Met loss on 7 July against the Braves, Ty did set a JF seasonal scoring record by hitting his 11th double, breaking the shared mark of 10 set by Bernard Gilkey (1996) and Mike Piazza (2000). For you scoring addicts out there, I scored 35 or 36 hits of his, including two triples, two homers, two thefts, for a batting average around the .330 mark.

I knew he'd be a good one. Hope the trend of the Mets to give their younger players a chance continues and pays off in big championship dividends.

July 8, 2003
Is it me but does Ty remind anyone besides me of Ron Hunt? He's the kind of ballplayer we need in the coming years, not overpriced "Phillips' type of free agents.

Etch 35
July 16, 2003
Ty is the real deal and so far, he's the unofficial leader of the Mets youth movement (along with Jason Phillips).

TY WIGGINTON FOR ROOKIE OF THE YEAR! (Although Dontrell Willis is very deserving, I think it should go to an everyday player.)

Phil Thiegou
September 30, 2003
Watch Wiggy in the field and at bat. This guy grabs his cup a lot, and I do mean A L0T! I heard about a college fraternity in the city that sends someone to Shea and has a camcorder on Wiggy the entire game and that weekend they have a drinking game, every time Wiggy plays with his "Wiggy" they take a drink. Usually everyone is hammered by the 3rd or 4th inning. It is so hysterical. Maybe if Wiggy played 3rd base as much as he plays with his cup, the Mets wouldn't have sucked big time in 2003. However, in all seriousness, one of the few, and I do mean FEW good things about 2003 was seeing Wiggy go from being a 2-bit minor leaguer to being an everyday 3rd baseman in the majors. Granted he still needs some work on his defense, but seeing Ty start 2003 from fighting for a spot on the Mets to being considered a candidate for National League Rookie of the Year is something to be optimistic for 2004. As Mets fans, we should all "Get Wiggy wit it."

December 19, 2003
I have to say that Mets rookies this year have shown tremendous promise, and few are as exciting to watch as Wigginton was. His offense was solid, but his defense was even better, committing only 16 errors this year. He has obviously silenced his critics, and shown that his versatility (switching from 2nd to 3rd) is a great asset. I believe that he and Jason Phillips will be the future leaders of this team, and who knows? Maybe Met fans can see their team in win the World Series again.

Mr. Sparkle
January 5, 2004
I was a big supporter of Ty's going into the off season of 2002 after a nice display the tail end of that year. No one really wantd to see him get the every day job, but since I love to see a guy from the minors come up and make it, I was all for giving him the every day shot. And, after the first half of 2003 I felt pretty confident that Ty was doing a great, if not outstanding, job. But the last couple of months Ty tailed off quite significantly, and all the talk of "Rookie of the Year" quieted to a halt. His average went from a steady .280 to .255 and if the season went another month it could have been .240. Part of the reason for this may be that he played more games then ever before and part of it may be that he had no one else around him in the line up. His homer number of 11 was a disappointment. But, overall I still believe Ty will be an asset to the Mets in the future. He should get better with average and power as he matures and I expect big things out of him. Overall Ty was a nice player who has good potential but he's hardly a guy we can build a team around.

Mr. Topps
March 17, 2004
With David Wright probably making his Shea debut in 2005 Ty may be on his way out. I can't see him moving to shortstop or second with with the investment the Mets made in Kaz and Reyes. In addition, first does not look good with Phillips and Piazza.

Maybe Ty should play some winter ball and develop into a rightfielder.

Joe Figliola
March 22, 2004
Mr. Topps brings up a good point. Ty offers a lot of versatility, and I think he would adapt to the outfield without a problem.

But according to Harold Reynolds of ESPN, Ty will never cut it in the bigs because of his "lack of power as a third baseman." Reynolds is a jealous man whose opinions are as narrow as the lapels of his $1,000 polyester Kmart suits, He has never said one nice thing about Ty (or any of the Mets, in fact). Just because Ty has hit more home runs in two years than Harold did in your 14-year career (or thereabouts) doesn't mean that Harold has to keep putting him down.

Ty can develop into a good 20 homer, 90 RBI guy who can run and can adapt to any position he plays. He's a very good athlete, but he is not the type of player you build a team around. Your main Met men offensively are Piazza, Floyd, and possibly Jason Phillips. Ty falls in the category of a major supporting player. And if you don't have guys like him on your team, you can't win pennants.

Feat Fan
April 1, 2004
Ty has value as a "utility hitter" in the mode of a Dave Stapleton or for us older dudes, Pete Runnels. I can see him sticking with the Mets for a few years and getting plenty of time at 3b, 2b, 1b and potentially the corner of positions. I don't see 20-90 but I do see tons of hustle, 425 ab 12-55 .275 on a regular basis.

Anthony R.
July 13, 2004
Gotta love this guy. He plays with a real bulldog mentallity, and never pulls up. He's always busting it out of the box. he's not a 22-90 guy, but I'll take his 30+ doubles, 13 hrs, and 75 ribbys at second base any day. Hopefully the infield will read as follows in 2005: C: Wilson/Piazza 1b Piazza/Valent 2b Wiggy ss Reyes 3b Wright

Let Kaz go back to wherever he came from!

Bob Sagget
July 13, 2004
Ty is a gamer who is the epitome of the blue collar Mets. I can't wait to see David Wright but they have to find a place for Wigginton. He could be an all-star in another year or two.

Anthony R.
July 13, 2004
Traded or not, he will have a chapter in Mets lore as one of the heros in sweeping the "empire" at Shea in 2004. A bulldog with a "Ron Hunt" like work ethic, a great example for young players to follow. I hope he stays, but baseball is buisness first these days.

buddy siso
July 13, 2004
I have read numerous comments from Mets fans regarding the imminent trade of Ty Wigginton...but bad mouth comments blow me away. When a player over-achieves in major league baseball, it happens because of hard play, heart and desire. Ty left it all on the field every day and he has compiled big hits and numbers that he has no need to be ashamed of. If David Wright can perform as well right now, I will be surprised. I know Ty has 13 errors this year - leading to four unearned runs - but his 12 homers and 19 doubles more than offset this. How many homers or doubles will Wright produce? Wherever Ty will go, I wish him only the best. He has gotten better at each level, and is a better player this year than he was last year. And he's only 27 years old. I wish the best also for David Wright.

July 23, 2004
Ty reminds me of Dykstra -- not so much the style of play or capability, but in attitude. Watching him in the field or at the plate, you can sense the intensity and you know that this guy can make something happen no matter what the situation. This is one of those players you can't know by reading his statistics which is way too often how players are judged by the organization and the press. But not the team, and not the fans.

Trade David Wright for a great pitcher and let's make a run for the title this year.

Joe Figliola
July 23, 2004
Here's a suggestion: Why not trade Joe McEwing and let Ty become the official utilityman? Like Super Joe, Ty can play second, third, and first base (remember when he spelled Vaughn for a couple of games there in late '02--he did a nice job), and I think he'd be a quick study to learn and play the outfield. Unlike Super Joe, Ty brings more line-drive and longball power.

True, you won't get much in return for McEwing, but I think Mets fans would love have both Ty AND David Wright on the roster.

Bill Deegan
July 30, 2004
Wiggy's gone. I think they should have tried to hold on to this hustling ballplayer. The Mets will come to regret this trade.

August 6, 2004
Ty offered a lot as a ballplayer. He always hustled on the field, played every day, and genuinely loved New York. When you find a guy that doesn't get injured, produces consistent numbers at the plate, and can play four positions--you gotta keep him. Mets should've found SOME way to keep Wigs.

I was at the Mets-Braves game last week (July 25), and I came early to watch batting practice. Ty came out of the dugout and signed a bunch of autographs. I got one.

He will be missed.

Diamond Dave
August 6, 2004
I agree we made a bad deal, he was on pace for 22 bombs, 80 ribbies and hitting .285 in only his second year, the Mets always give up on players too soon. Wiggy may become the next Jeff Kent except for the jerk part. I hope Wright is the next HOJO and not the next Jefferies.

Will Musto
August 6, 2004
Trading Ty Wigginton was a stupid, stupid move. He is like a Jeff Kent-esque player. He is getting better and better, and it will come back to bite us in the rear. I can almost guarantee you Benson will walk. Just a gut feeling. I wish Duke hadn't done this.

Mr. Sparkle
September 24, 2004
I loved this guy. He was a blue collar guy who was 100% hustle. Ty was not a great player but I was hopeful that they could keep him. With David Wright at third and the Mistake of Kaz Matsui at, hopefully second next year, there really was no place for Ty. He's too good to be a utility player but not good enough to be an every day 1st baseman. He is a complementary player and not a leader which you would need at 1st. I'm OK with the trade provided we sign Benson long term. Still, Wiggy was one of my favorites and although I understand the move it's too bad we won't see him barreling over any more catchers.

September 24, 2004
Ty was a great player. My friend Emma received his autograph. Ty would play any postition you wanted him to. He wanted to play and played hard. He never gave up. Someone like Ty you should never trade. The reason why I don't think we should've traded Ty is because he was a great player, did what he had to do, and helped us win a lot of games. He is a friendly ball-player and always had a smile on his face, also. Those are the kinds of players you want.

October 18, 2004
Good solid hitter, got better at third base and has a great butt!

October 21, 2004
The rap on Wigginton seems to be that he's not hall-of-fame caliber. OK..He's only a hard nosed,smart, gritty 100% hustle guy with decent power who hits for a good average. The kind of guy who might someday mean the difference between first and second place, the kind of player I'd want on my team and precisely the type of player the Metsies are lacking. Mark my words, barring injury, Ty Wigginton will have a 15 year career, play in 2-3 WS and a few All-Star Games amass 2500 hits and hit 200-250 HRS, including a few dramatic ones. Sort of a Gregg Jeffries-type career with heart and style.

And we'll all bitch and moan about another one that got away.

Wilpons = Dolans
December 16, 2004
Decent player and seemed to thrive in clutch situations, something not many Met players have exhibited in recent history. Often exhibited a stupid grin and empty stare, much like Jay Payton or Timo Perez, suggesting he was afflicted to a certain degree with lunkhead disease (though perhaps to not quite the same extent as the 2 aforementioned players), meaning you could expect a really stupid in-game move every now and then (I know I saw him make 1 or 2 really dumb moves in games but can't recall the specifics offhand), but his hard play and decent results offset that. Was a good idea to trade him, given David Wright, but a bad idea to trade him for a soon-to-be free agent pitcher that they could have just waited a few months to sign at no loss of players. They essentially traded a decent young player for a 3-month pitcher rental in a season where a serious playoff run was unlikely.

March 3, 2005
I have been a Mets fan for 35 years, and I constantly see other Mets fans grow what I call “Mets-eyes”. What “Mets-eyes” are is the process of lowering your standards on what you see as a good/winning ball player. This is achieved by way of constantly watching bad Mets players.

Ty Wiggington is a prime example of this. Why would anyone object to Ty being moved out? I have heard numerous calls to WFAN stating that his exit is the reason why the Mets did not make the playoffs in 2004! Ty is a hustling ball player and that is where talent ends for the most part. He can’t hit for much power or average in addition to being a below average fielder. You don’t win with this kind of player in your everyday lineup.

Raise those standards Mets fans, perhaps you can start with David Wright.

April 4, 2005
I'm sorry to disagree John! We should have found a way to keep Wiggy! Hustle, heart, and desire have been in short supply around Shea for quite awhile! Many teams could use a guy with his ability to hit 18-20 HR's and 80+ RBI's, with above average defense at 3 infield positions! We let another gamer get away!

Bklyn Met
October 13, 2005
I cannot believe that anyone would call Ty an above average fielder at any position. The Mets never could find a place for him to play. Ty was a butcher at 3rd as balls would bounce off him, go past him and if he caught it he would throw it away! At 2nd base he has terrible range and bad footwork around the bag trying to turn two. The Pirates are having a difficult time with where to play him as well. Ty is SO GOOD he is having trouble staying in the Majors with Pittsburgh! Just hustle does not make you a major league ballplayer; you have to be good at something more than that. Ty has yet to show anything else.

June 28, 2006
I'm sure you all are missing Ty now! Guys who go 13 for their first 21 (or something like that) are destined for short careers, especially with the Mets; I can't believe everyone (myself included) got so excited about him. He did OK in '03, but the average and K's (124!) really ruined his stats. Anyway, we now have a future HOF and potential '06 MVP in Wright, so who cares?

Mr. Sparkle
July 14, 2006
Wiggy is having a good year with the D-Rays. He sucked withthe Pirates last year but is coming around nicely. It's good to see. He would have been better at second base than Kaz.

October 4, 2006
Although Ty was really a stop-gap measure until the Mets could someone else to play third, he ended being the heart and soul of the 2004 team. The Mets were contending for first place at the time he was traded and the team just fell apart after the trade.

Mr. Sparkle
May 28, 2007
Currently the 3rd highest paid player on the Devil Rays at $2,700,000. Wow.

November 24, 2010
OK..I'll spare you the "I told you so". So far Ty has had a pretty decent career: 989 Hits, 143 HRs, .286 in 9 years.. Might end up with 2000 Hits and 300 HRs if he stays healthy. Not too shabby.. And who knows? His stats have gotten better since 2006. Might he have helped in the great flop years of 2006, 2007 or 2008? Who knows.. but the Mets would have had at least one player busting his gut out there.. Where are Anna and Kris these days anyway? Hangin' with Victor Zambrano? No doubt David Wright was a major upgrade, but they certainly could have used Wiggy somewhere. Oh well, 20-20 hindsight.

June 7, 2012
Same Ty, he hustles while showing some pop in his bat. Doesn't drive in many runs as he is terrible with men in scoring position, strikes more than double the amount of times he walks which results in an awful OBP. His errors are not as high as you would think, that is because he does not get to anything no matter what position he plays. He is a good guy and continues on with his career, teams want him for the short term to plug gaps then he moves on when they realize he is not a full-time anything.

Doctor Worm
June 15, 2012
Essentially traded for John Maine. Advantage Mets.

Jonathan Stern
December 6, 2012
He won a lot of people's admiration with a Pete Rose-like home plate collision (I don't remember the collision). The Mets traded him and he has hung on with many teams.

Shickhaus Franks
June 30, 2013
Remember the 1981 song "Talking Baseball (Willie, Mickey and the Duke)" by Terry Cashman? He sung about Bobby Bonds can play for anyone!! If there were a 2013 version; it would be Ty Wigginton can play for anyone since he's played with 8 MLB teams (St. Louis for now).

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