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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 738 of 1043 players
Mark Travis Little
Born: July 11, 1972 at Edwardsville, Ill.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.00 Weight: 195


First Mets game: August 1, 2002
Last Mets game: August 3, 2002

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August 4, 2002
My son and I attended the Hall of Fame game last week, between the White Sox and Rockies. When we arrived and headed to our outfield seats, there was a crowd in the stands. There sat Rockies outfielder Mark Little, signing autographs! The fans loved it! Once the game started, the right field fans quickly rooted for Mark. He responded by interacting with the fans, who continuously chanted positives about him. He hustled...wound up setting a HOF game record of 5 hits. (in 6 at bats) He even homered and was named MVP of the game. (Won by Colorado, 18-10) I wish more players were like Mark Little. Not aloof, ignoring the fans. He gave us a lot that day. I know my son will never forget him. We are huge Mets' fans, and it is great that Mark has come to New York. Hopefully he will adjust to the "Big Apple", and become a fan favorite! We'll be rooting for him!

August 5, 2002
Little has already come and gone, designated for assignment. Good for you, Mark Little. You didn't want to be part of this disgraceful 2002 Mets team any longer than you had to.

Joe Figliola
August 7, 2002
I actually scored and saw Mark Little play live in the first game of that disastrous doubleheader in the oven known as Shea Stadium on 3 August. His designation for assignment is very Steinbrennerian--you fail to sacrifice, you get picked off, you get kicked off. It's that simple!

August 16, 2002
He exemplifies the extraneous personnel Steve Philiips has a habit of acquiring in recent trades or claiming off waivers, then unceremoniously dumping. Anyone else remember - from this calendar year - the likes of McKay Christensen, Gary Matthews Jr., Craig House, Ross Gload, Danny Peoples, Mark Sweeney, or Lou Collier?

January 28, 2003
He was The Unsung Goat of the distastrous doubleheader. Critical spot in that game: he fails to get a sacrifice down properly and reaches on a FC instead (Burnitz out at second). He summarily gets picked off first. Then Ordonez singles to right. GRRRRR! It may be unfair to judge a guy on such a limited performance but: Hey, Mark Little! BOOOOOOOO!!!!

Yankee Fan
December 19, 2003
I have known Mark Little since he was a minor leaguer in 1994 with the Hudson Valley Renegades. He is a classy person and an exciting player who unfortunately has had his share of injuries. Too bad the Mets didn't give him a chance. He is a terrific outfielder and excellent baserunner, excepting the game he was picked off for the Mets. He may also be one of the funniest guys on the planet.

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