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Cliff Floyd
Cliff Floyd
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 134 of 1043 players
Cornelius Clifford Floyd
Born: December 5, 1972 at Chicago, Ill.
Throws: Right Bats: Left
Height: 6.04 Weight: 240

Cliff Floyd was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on May 24, 2003, April 24, 2010, June 30, 2010, September 15, 2012, July 11, 2013, June 1, 2015, January 18, 2016, and July 3, 2016.


First Mets game: March 31, 2003
Last Mets game: October 19, 2006

Share your memories of Cliff Floyd


December 23, 2002
I vividly remember Cliff Floyd playing first base for the Expos in a game at Shea. He had to reach into the runners basepath for a throw, resulting in an ugly fracture of his wrist. This was in 1995 (when the Mets were worse than last year) and hardly anyone was in the ballpark. Floyd's screams of anguish were broadcast loud and clear over SportsChannel -- a very upsetting scene.

April 18, 2003
I remember Cliff Floyd mostly with his days with the Florida Marlins, as I live in South Florida and attend a lot of Marlins games. (Yes, it is a waste of money, but it is baseball after all!) I always made sure to go when they played the Mets. The fans loved Floyd down south as they even had a banner behind the left field foul pole (he played left for Florida) above section 110 for all the fans that sat there reading "Cliffhangers". It was fun, since he was pretty much the only good player on the team.

April 25, 2003
What I've seen of him so far I like, but he is always ailing and aching someplace. I just heard on WFAN radio that he needs day games after night games off and he doesn't want to play on Astroturf because of his tender Achilles. So I guess he'll only play about 100 games, not exactly what Steve Phillips bargained for, and not exactly what a desolate hitting outfield needs.

flushing flash
May 6, 2003
Cliff Floyd 1975 baseball card
Bad achilles and all, this guy is still aces in my book. He hit a grand slam yesterday and made a great leaping catch at the wall. You can clearly see he is hurting but he is not making excuses or asking for days of. Right now, he's the anti-Mo Vaughn.

Etch 35
May 13, 2003
Damaged goods? Perhaps.

Heart of a Lion? Without a doubt.

I will root for Cliff Floyd no matter what he does. He cares about this team and plays hurt. A good soldier no question. God Bless him.

bay ridge mets
June 12, 2003
Like Cliff thus far. It's June and he's playing 270 ball, but hitting for power. I respect this guy cause he's got problems with his ankle and he's still out there. Best of luck Floyd.

Mr. Sparkle
June 14, 2003
I gotta say I like his attitude. He's playing hurt and heating up. He's the only real threat we have right now. Doesn't like being a DH which says a lot considering his achilles is hurting him. He's definitely a gamer and probably Steve Phillips' last good move.

Etch 35
July 4, 2003
Cliff seems like a throwback player to me. He gets paid well to play baseball, and he probably feels like he should be out there earning his money and giving Mets fans something to watch. I said it before and I'll say it again: he is a soldier and a player worthy of respect. Not his fault we suck.

August 2, 2003
I was real glad when they signed Cliff Floyd. I remember any time he hit against them in tight games, he always made me nervous. He is still fairly young at age 30. He is still putting together a solid season, even with his injuries, and the fact that the lineup sucks. He seems to refuse to go on the DL. That is the type of attitude this team needs.

He also seems like a nice guy. At spring training back in March, he was signing by the fence around the players parking lot at the Mets spring complex.
I quickly went over with my spring training program, which already had a lot of signatures on it. He told me to press the program against the fence, so he could sign it through one of the holes in the fence. I was real excited to have gotten his autograph. I hope he continues to be good for the Mets through the rest of the years on his contract. He has become one of my favorite players.

Bazz McClain
November 15, 2003
Cliff is Mr. Baseball! He has more heart and dedication to the game than anyone since Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter. I hope next year Met fans get to see a full season of Cliff. I had the MLB Ticket and knowing he was in the lineup kept me watching. And boy did he end his season with a BIG BANG!

Jonathan Stern
August 20, 2004
I appreciate his honesty, his desire to live up to his contract, his seemingly good work ethic. I don't appreciate his weight and his tendency to pose at the plate. The real problem seems to be with the Mets front office and the medical staff. Didn't anyone analyze this guy properly? Even during last season, his first with the Mets, Floyd brought up the word "retirement" at least once. This season, he stated that he hopes to retire after fulfilling his Mets contract. But he may not even make it that far! The man is making too much money and is being counted on too much offensively for this to be remotely acceptable. We thought we were getting a star in his prime, not the second coming of the 1972-73 Willie Mays.

And how amused must Bobby Valentine be right now? Remember that Floyd (along with Glavine) stated, upon signing with the Mets, that he would not have come to New York if Bobby V. was still the manager. Wipe that grin off your face, Bobby!

But give old "Damaged Goods" Floyd some credit. He is trying to prove worthy of his money, while Mo Vaughn worked out at buffets and strip clubs. Would this be a moral victory?

Jonathan Stern
August 28, 2004
Old "Damaged Goods" is really starting to try my patience. I know he's hurt (who on the Mets isn't?). But you MUST observe basic fundamentals. Especially if you're earning more money for one season than men like Hank Aaron, Tom Seaver, and Jackie Robinson earned for their entire careers.

The other night at Shea, the Mets trailed the Padres 4-0 going into the bottom of the 9th. Leadoff hitter Cliff Floyd hits a line-drive base hit to start things off. That was good.

But he did not hustle out of the batter's box. That was bad.

Then he attempted to stretch his single into a double. That was dumb.

Then he was thrown out at 2nd. That was unacceptable.

Final score: Padres 4, Mets 0.

Hey, "DG" Floyd! Up until now, the shame over your signing belonged exclusively to the front office. Try to keep it that way. Stop whining and start performing like a major leaguer.

September 1, 2004
When the Mets signed Floyd we all knew his was going to miss large parts of the season with injuries and that is why it was a bad move to sign him. Is he trying to win the MVP or the Academy Award for acting? Appears that he is always trying to get sympathy from fans and even grimaces just simply jogging for a ball. He must injure himself even when he sleeps.

September 8, 2004
Whenever he takes a step he looks like James Caan after he was hobbled by Kathy Bates in the movie "Misery". I can't watch him even walk from the on deck circle to the batter's box anymore, he makes me cringe.

Mr. Sparkle
September 9, 2004
Last year he tried to play hurt and seemed to have a very good attitude and put up some decent numbers while getting clutch hits. He was a real go to guy.

This year he is the opposite. Bad attitude, lousy numbers. Strikes out a ton and has no clue against lefties. His numbers are horrible.

Another bad signing by the Mets. He must go in 2005.

Jonathan Stern
September 24, 2004
A couple of weeks ago, Damaged Goods caught a fly ball, then tossed the ball into the stands and started to run off the field... even though there were only two outs and a Phillie baserunner was crossing home plate. The Phillies went on to beat the Mets, 8-1, sending the unAmazins' to their seventh consecutive loss and their twelfth out of their last thirteen.

This will be my last Cliff Floyd entry.

December 18, 2004
Here is my second posting about Cliff Floyd. Since Al Leiter is gone, he is currently my favorite player on the team. I got his autograph again along with a picture with him back in March. He makes me look so small in size. I do not blame him for saying that this team is not a contender during when they started to falter. How can you blame him with what the state of the team had been? He played even though he was in pain a lot of times. Give him credit for that. I hope he stays for 2005.

Mark Stewart
March 9, 2005
A comprehensive 5,000-word biography on Cliff has been posted at: JockBio.com.


July 16, 2005
Turnabout really is fair play. After an abysmal 2004 campaign, Cliff Floyd has really turned it around this year. The season is barely halfway through, and Floyd already has 22 dingers and 55 RBI. He shares the NL lead with outfield assists and had a 20-game hit streak going earlier in the season. He owns lefties after having lefties owning him last year, and seems a lot more comfortable hitting, fielding, and swiping bases (maybe coming from the fact that he has been healthy so far this year). The only thing that I have to complain about is the fact that he was snubbed in the All-Star selection this year. Now if only Jose Reyes got on base more consistently, Floyd could drive in more runs. I have to admit, even I am impressed. Keep it up, Floyd! We believe in you!

Mr. Sparkle
October 13, 2005
I think Cliff's "bad attitude" in 2004 was really a frustration with losing more than anything else. He bounced back nicely in 2005 and was one of the best guys on the team. From his comments throughout the year, you can tell the guy just wants to win. He's a gamer and plays hard, runs the bases well and played a pretty damn good outfield this year. Way to go Cliff.

Gets by Buckner
April 3, 2007
His last at bat as a Met could have made him the hero of New York City. Instead he had to whiff! I'm sure Cliff would have loved a second chance. I wish he were still a Met in '07 but I wish him well with the Cubbies!

Eric Valent
September 2, 2008
Cliff remains one of my favorite Mets of all times. I know sometimes his aura of constantly looking for pity for his injuries was annoying, but I think that was only partly the case. Was he acting when the Beltran/Cameron collision brought him to tears? Nope. He's a stand-up guy with leadership qualities, ask anyone in Tampa Bay nowadays how happy they are to have a healthy Cliff in their clubhouse and lineup providing clutch hits and stability. And I defy anyone to deny the sheer excitement that was manifested in the cobweb-tinged corners of every Met fan's soul when Gary Cohen would announce one of Floyd's signature "laser" shots barely over the first baseman's glove and yet somehow still too big for Shea to hold. Best of luck in Tampa, Cliff.

April 3, 2009
What a career he could have had if he didn't get hurt. When he first came up with the Expos He reminded me of Andre Dawson at the plate. I loved his sense of humor. He was using the theme from "Sanford and Son as his intro music when batting. I guess it made sense with his ankle being bad.

September 29, 2011
Cliff Floyd was a big help getting Jose Reyes playing again after sitting out with odd leg injuries, to work hard and get back with team. Many thanks to him for that!

June 7, 2012
A good guy who had some real bad luck; he really did seem to want to be a Met, but I think it got to him when things - most beyond his control - didn't work out. I hope all is well with him.

Shickhaus Franks
March 19, 2016
The MLB Network recently had a 1-hour special called the THE WONDERFUL OR COLORFUL MONTREAL EXPOS talking about the history and many heartbreaks (Blue Monday, the 1994 Season) of the Expos! Along with Rusty Staub and Pedro Martinez, Cliff is featured in the special which is narrated by Montreal native and all around arrogant show biz "legend" William Shatner!!

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