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Graeme Lloyd
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Graeme Lloyd
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Graeme Lloyd
Graeme Lloyd
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 554 of 1043 players
Graeme John Lloyd
Born: April 9, 1967 at Victoria, Australia
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.07 Weight: 225


First Mets game: March 31, 2003
Last Mets game: July 26, 2003

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April 2, 2003
With his height and his hometown's passion for Australian Football, I'm surprised he's not playing ruck rover professionally for his hometown Geelong (that's pronounced juh-LONG for all of you out there) Cats of the Australian Football League. Nevertheless, he was one of the only Mets who didn't embarrass themselves in yesterday's Opening Debacle.

Jonah Falcon
April 7, 2003
You really have to feel for Graeme Lloyd. He lost his wife, his house and got injured in the space of a few months. No matter who he plays for, I hope he excels.

May 30, 2003
Art Howe never shows any emotion towards anyone or anything, but I have to believe that he obviously hates Graeme Lloyd. He's the only relief pitcher this year who hasn't gotten shalacked in back to back appearances. He's had a bad outing or two that I saw but nothing like Weathers, Starnge, Cerda, and Armando "I only get 1,2,3 innings when it couldn't possibly matter any less" Benitez. Maybe it's the way Lloyd spells his first name that rubs Art the wrong way, or the fact that he's an Aussie, or maybe he resembles Mick Fleetwood too much. Whatever it is he should put aside his feelings and let him pitch because out of the lot he's been one of the better relievers so far.

July 27, 2003
I played baseball with Graeme Lloyd for about 7 years. When he was ten years old everyone who saw him play knew that he was going to be something special. But apart from his obvious physical talent, "Lloydy" had the one quality that I, and none of his Australian contemporaries had: The mental toughness to make it top the top.

He struggled last year, no doubt, but I don't think he is finished yet. He is a tough competitor.

He has been an icon to the Australian baseball fraternity.

July 30, 2003
As his Aussie compatriots would say, Graeme copped it sweet getting traded off this year's wretched Mets team, to the front-running Royals. Good on ya, mate. You did a decent job with us. Your getting to go to a first-place club is fair dinkum.

July 30, 2003
I was sorry to see him go, I thought he pitched well - that is when he got to pitch. Howe never seems to express himself or show emotion but in his quiet little way I don't htink he cared much for Lloyd at all. He rarely used him even though he showed he was decent. Howe would rather watch baseballs sail over the centerfield fence than put Lloyd in the game to hold a lead.

September 4, 2003
My favorite memory of Graeme is not on the field; it's from that MLB commercial where they showed the international character of the game by having a bunch of different overseas players sing a line of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." Most of them were in foreign languages. But Lloyd got the bit, "root-root-root for the home team." He had a mischievous grin, and I'm sure he chose that line on purpose (I don't think the marketing guys are that subversive) -- "root" is Aussie slang for "have sex!"

Maxwell Kates
January 3, 2004
To be fair dinkum, I cacked A over T when I saw Lloyd in that MLB commercial. Also notice that in a line about the "home team," Lloyd was the only player wearing a road uniform. There's a good bloke!

July 5, 2004
Being a guy whose adopted home is Christchurch, New Zealand, I have a special fondness for any and all ANZACs, and Graeme Lloyd's excellent pitching and general toughness lived up to their reputation.

I remember him in the big 1998 fight between the Yankees and Armando Benitez when Mr. Benitez whacked Tino Martinez. (Always hurting New York) Graeme Lloyd decked Armando, and was damn proud of it.

I also understand Graeme's family struggles. Crohn's Disease killed his wife. My brother has had Crohn's since he was 13. The doctors jammed him with steroids from that point on that left him permanently nauseous. 10 years ago, they took out 12 inches of his intestine. All burned ash from Crohn's. I admire Graeme's courage.

So does Australia. In 1998, when Australian Prime Minister John Howard came to New York for a United Nations event, he stopped off at Yankee Stadium to tell Graeme that all of Australia was proud of him. I hear he may pitch for Australia in the Olympics. I hope they kick Japan's and Cuba's rear end into the Mediterranean.

August 27, 2005
As far as I am concerned, Graeme Lloyd was the MVP of the 1996 World Series. I know Wetteland saved all 4 victories, but Lloyd got some of the biggest outs of the series against McGriff and Klesko to help the hated Yankees win. I always thought it was a joke that Wetteland was named the series MVP over Lloyd and Mariano Rivera because those two got the toughest outs.

October 6, 2006
This guy was a good bullpen specialist. Can someone explain why he never played in the majors again after 2003? If you look at his numbers he had a pretty solid year.

April 3, 2009
I too was curious as to why Lloyd never played in the majors after 2003. Looking back, he was supposed to be with the Red Sox in 2004, but a visa problem got in the way. The U.S. immigration department announced its annual quota of working visas for Australia had been reached. You'd think the lawyers could have worked it out.

Graeme was on the Australian Olympic team that won the silver medal in 2004. He was the bullpen coach for the Aussies at the WBC.

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