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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 20 of 1043 players
Jose Bernabe Reyes
Born: June 11, 1983 at Villa Gonzalez, Dominican Republic
Throws: Right Bats: Both
Height: 6.00 Weight: 160

Jose Reyes has been the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup 94 times, most recently on November 24, 2017.

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First Mets game: June 10, 2003
Last Mets game: September 30, 2017

Winner of Sterling Player of the Year award, 2002.
Named Shortstop on the National League Silver Slugger team, 2006. (New York Mets)
Winner of National League Player of the Week award, June 18, 2006, June 25, 2006. (New York Mets)
Winner of National League Player of the Month award, April 2007. (New York Mets)

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June 11, 2003
The Mets have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by seeing how this kid plays for the rest of the year. Let's hope Reyes stays longer than the "2 week trial" period Phillips is saying it is.

I hardly think Reyes will be a marquee guy, but his first game was promising. Best of luck to Jose.

Joe Figliola
June 11, 2003
Good start.

In just one game, he (along with Ty Wigginton) has vastly improved the left side of the Met infield.

Derek Jeter, take notes.

Hot Foot
June 11, 2003
Catch the Rising Stars- First teenager to play for Mets since Dwight Gooden in 1984. Let's hope this signals a new era.

Karl de Vries
June 11, 2003
Reyes made his ML debut last night (which I got on tape), looked pretty good. I'm trying real hard to not get too excited given the history of guys like Escobar and Payton, but anything positive in a season like this is welcome. As for me, I'm watching the Mets solely to watch guys like Reyes, Wigginton, Phillips, and Vance, and I'm hoping that the Mets will acknowledge the obvious and start putting in the young kids on a regular basis...speaking of which, why haven't we seen Heilman yet?

June 17, 2003
In every game Reyes has played in so far in the majors, the announcers always talk about what a stellar career he's going to have, and that worries me. He's made some good plays defensively, and I think he'll stop making errors once he gets used to playing in the majors, but who knows if he'll ever start hitting? He had 2 hits in his first game, but he hasn't done much since then. Anyway, I'm hoping for the best with this guy.

June 17, 2003
OK, I'm an idiot. Roughly two hours after I made a post saying that I doubted Reyes' hitting ability, he hits a grand slam. Maybe I should go around saying that I doubt Alomar and Cedeno's hitting ablitiy. I think I might be on to something :)

June 17, 2003
He is what I like to see. I figure he will be great in about 2 or 3 years. So far he's amazing in the field, the jury is still out on the hitting-although he did hit a grand slam yesterday and had 2 singles after that. He's so much fun to watch, along with Jason Phillips, Vance Wilson & Ty Wigginton. I do hope that when Sanchez is activated off of the DL they keep Jose up, and use Sanchez as a bench player, but I'm sure thats just wishful thinking.

June 17, 2003
Bravo! for Jose Reyes. What a game yesterday! I went to the game in Anaheim Saturday night and saw his smooth fielding. Great range. From his pateince at the plate and his speed, he's got leadoff potential. We can only hope Duquette will keep Reyes and dump Sanchez, who Steve Phillips can write a glowing recommendation for, to manage a Super Cuts franchise.

Mike Piazza's number one fan
June 17, 2003
I think this kid has great potential and could be a rising superstar. He had a great start and is definitely one of the only hopes left for the Mets. He brings good things into this franchise and Howe should definitely give him lots and lots of playing time. Good Luck to Jose.

flushing flash
June 19, 2003
If Jim Duquette attempts to send Reyes down to Norfolk when Rey Sanchez is activated, there's only one thing to do: hijack his plane and turn it around.

June 25, 2003
Well, once again I feel I have to be the voice of reason. OF COURSE Reyes should be sent back down this year, and probably for 1/2 of next year too.

He is avery talented, very raw player. The errors he is making in the big leagues right now are actually a good thing-- first they show that he is not quite ready to be here, and secondly they point out some exact areas for the Mets minor league instructor to work with him on.

So far, he hasnt honed his bunting skills ( Get Rod Carew in camp for 2 weeks), as well as his defensive footwork.

Reyes is only 20 now-- brining him up next june will mean he will still be the youngest player on the team. To keep him up here now will only mean he gets to play for a losing team in a ballpark that will get emptier as summer rolls on. This club is going nowhere with or without him-- let him develop. Remember, he has never played above AA before this year.

Just ask Ed Kranepool and Jose Oquendo what it cost them by coming to the majors too early.

June 30, 2003
Great ball player, but I agree with the previous posts that he should be sent back down. He has the talent and seems like a desire to learn. Fine tuning him for the rest of this year, winter ball, and the start of next year should prepare him for the new "revitalized young look" the Mets are shooting for.

Mr. Sparkle
July 2, 2003
Everyone says he has a lot of poise but he's looked pretty sloppy in the field at times although very sharp at others. I think he's not quite ready for the show but he's definitely got huge upside and for once I think he's a guy that will live up to the hype. He does need more AAA exsperience but since we're going so lousy, no real harm in learning in the bigs. I would think, unlike Ed Kranepool, Jose should be able to deal with it. With good support from management it'll be a plus for him. He's been great with the bases loaded so he may turn out to be a very clutch player, something the Mets sorely need.

Etch 35
July 27, 2003
I just watched the game this evening against the Reds that Jose and Al Leiter won almost by themselves, 3 to 1. Al with 7 shutout innings, and Jose with non- stop effort and hustle. Forget the errors and don't worry too much if his batting average never gets above .270 this season.

This guy is for real. He is not only ready for the major leagues, he's ready for NYC. First to third on
Jose Reyes baseball card
a ground out, then scoring on an overthrow. Taking advantage of an over-aggressive left fielder and turning a single into a triple. New York fans demand results, that much is true. But even average players become respected heros here if they show heart, hustle and loyalty (think Mookie).

I was also impressed with his post game interview with Matt Loughlin. I read somewhere that Jose only started learning English within the last 2 years. They say he is picking it up fast due to his work ethic and desire to learn (hey Timo, Rey-O, Armando and countless other Latin ballplayers never made that effort). But his english is very choppy, as is to be expected. And as he bit his bottom lip while listening intently to Matt's questions, you could tell Jose was straining to understand what he was saying. But his personality came shining through anyway and for all the English words he mispronounced or messed up in some way, he finished the interview strong. He told Matt "Thank you very much" in perfect form.

I don't mean to over critique his English skills. I just do it to make a point. Jose Reyes puts out 100% effort to make himself a better player on the field. But not only that, he is working hard to learn the language, making himself more accessible to the media and thusly, more of a mainstream New York figure. He made sure to be polite, smile and say "thank you" as well. That smile will be all over the back pages of the papers and on TV commercials as the future unfolds for Jose. Much like another Dominican, Sammy Sosa, Jose's ability and personality will make him a superstar in America more sooner than later.

August 8, 2003
Reyes had an at bat last night in Houston that showed me he is a very smart hitter. After falling behind in the count to Wade Miller, Reyes waited on the curveball, knowing the pitch was coming. Instead of getting out on his front foot looking only for the fastball, Reyes stayed back on the pitch and hit it into left field for a single. He wasn't doing that 6 weeks ago, but he has made the adjustment. The fact that a 20-year old was able to make that adjustment that quickly really gives me high hopes about his future.

Smart and athletic...those qualities have been in short supply in Flushing over the past few years.

September 3, 2003
Reyes continues to amaze. The other night Reyes became the youngest player in MLB history to hit home runs from both sides of the plate in one game. Against the hated Braves, no less. This kid has all the tools and apparently also the head to go with it.

Joe Figliola
November 15, 2003
Here's why I can't stand WFAN "announcers" like the very clueless Richard Neer. A couple of Saturdays ago, this deejay-turned-sports authority said Reyes had difficulty stealing bases. I don't know Jose's exact count, but he did reach double-digits in his 60+ appearances in 2002. Pro-rate that for a full year and he'd have close to 30 thefts. Then again, Neer is the male Suzyn Waldman who can only see Yankee pinstripes.

I wish that Reyes would've received more consideration for the NL ROY award. I applaud the one writer for recognizing the potential talent that is to come.

April 9, 2004
Here's a guy who can be great. I hope he is! But, please Jose what's with all these nagging injuries? Oh, my poor hamstring hurts so I can't play -- my ankle doesn't feel so good -- Please I go to work every day in pain - and I'm not getting the money you do!

Cliff Dozier
July 1, 2004
Jose Reyes is yet again the future of the Mets. His bright return to the fold in the summer of 2004 was foretold by me, for I am the great handicapper. Although there is no telling how far he will go, we all know it will be high, high, high in the sky!!!!!

September 12, 2004
It looks like Reyes will never live up to his potential. He is too brittle. If he plays, will do so with the thought of getting injured. Can't have that. I wonder if Texas will re-consider trading Soriano for him. Doubt it.

Won Doney
September 24, 2004
Despite the fact that he will end up with every injury known to man before he officially retires, he is the most exciting Met to watch in recent years. Even with all of the injuries, I would continue to keep him untouchable.

Danny Baseball
November 16, 2004
I like the guy..but he's injury prone and if I were Minaya I'd trade him while his stock is still up, possibly for Soriano and a a kick a$$ middle reliver.

Mark Stewart
March 13, 2005
A comprehensive 5,000-word biography of jose has been posted at


Johnny Boy
May 26, 2005
Reyes is so bad! Error after error, losing game after game! Your leadoff hitter should be batting better than he is! Very disappointing!

Mr. Sparkle
June 3, 2005
A bit of a disappointment so far as a lead off hitter but he's a triple machine over the last 11 games with 7 of them. He's lightning on the bases and when he does learn that plate discipline he will be awesome. I'd love to see him break One Dawgs triple record.

Anthony R.
July 7, 2005
I love this guy's enthusiazm, but a real leadoff player has to be disiplined at the plate. I have seen this guy turn 3-0 counts into Ks too many times already. I know Willie is a patient man, and doesn't want to hurt that enthusiazm he (Jose) brings to the field, but if we want to stay in this wild race, we need that speed on the basepaths creating havoc to start games, not on the pine.

July 7, 2005
I think he needs to stop batting lefty-he has a terrible swing from the left side, and if he swings at another breaking ball inside and in the dirt I will reach through my television and strangle him with my bare hands. He has a much better swing righty and he should just stay that way and perfect himself as a right handed hitter. What good is having him two steps closer to first base batting lefty when he stikes out and pops up?

July 21, 2005
He's one of the top five fastest players in baseball, and his on-base percentage is under .300! Jose, do you see the infield? Do you see the grass and the dirt? Hit the ball there. Thanks.

October 4, 2005
Earlier I posted complaining about Jose's injuries. I was wrong - this year he has been great. When he gets on base he is maybe the most exciting base runner in the game. Stay healthy Jose - and try to get a few more walks.

October 13, 2005
I think Jose Reyes is great. Ok, he needs some work, he'll improve with time, you know what they say, 'practice makes perfect'. He is THE MOST EXCITING PLAYER out there. I watch the games just to see him. I'M HIS NUMBER ONE FAN.

October 30, 2005
Talk about having a breakout season. Reyes led the team with hits, ABs, games played , stolen bases (1st in the NL; 2nd in the Majors), and triples (1st in the Majors). The only knock on his offense is his lack of patience at the plate. But he's young. I believe that he will improve on that. But the most important thing was that he was healthy. He was an iron man this season, playing in all but 1 game all season. I pray that he keeps believing in himself.

Wally Dykstra
May 3, 2006
Jose has the tools to be a very good player, but as everybody says about him, he has to learn to work a pitcher. Some guys are just aggressive at the plate, and are so competent at making contact that they will almost always put the ball in play by the 3rd pitch every time. Jose's one of these guys.

Fixing this problem is tough because hackers have a hard time understanding what you mean when you tell them to be selective or to wait for a good pitch. Everything that's capable of being hit looks good to them, even if it's below the knees or 4 inches off the plate. Pressing them to be selective will backfire, because since they really can't tell the difference between strikes they should swing at and strikes they should take, they'll usually just robotically take pitches and the pitchers will catch on and then grove their first pitch to get ahead.

I agree with Willie Randolph's approach to not push Jose too hard on the walking, but to let him play and hope he'll mature.

Maybe as Jose's power develops, the pitchers will work him more carefully and he'll get more free passes. We can only hope. With his speed, if he could get on base at over a 40% clip, he'd be an awesome weapon.

Joe Figliola
May 13, 2006
Jose has the potential of being able to blend budding power with established speed and line-drive hitting. However, I understand that Willie Randolph isn't exactly thrilled when Reyes goes off on home run tangents. One example was during the four-game series with the D- Backs last year. I think Jose hit something like three dingers and Randolph later appeared annoyed in his post-game comments. He wanted him to forget about hitting home runs and slap the ball around.

I have to disagree with Randolph. There is a player named Alex Rios on the Blue Jays who I think is very similar to Reyes (although I think he's an outfielder) in terms of his hitting approach. This year, Rios on pace to reach 20 homers and has yet to lose the explosiveness he brings in terms of spray hitting and stealing bases.

I think Randolph should leave Reyes alone and let him employ and develop all his offensive weapons. (BTW, I'm also proud to say that I've scored three of Jose's home runs in the four years that I've scored him. This includes the two-homer day against the Braves in '03. What a thrill!)

Malcontent Met
August 23, 2006
Once upon a time, everyone was ripping young Reyes as “overrated” or the next Greg Jefferies. Thank God he has proven the doubters wrong. Reyes is one of a limited number of current Mets that I connect with because he is our product and he has suffered through the growing pains that are necessary in order to have a Mets’ heart. Although we’re doing well, the rest of the team just doesn’t have the magic of the Mets of old. Thankfully, if the Mets win the World Series, I can appreciate the moment because real Mets like Reyes and Wright will be mainly responsible for it.

Jamey Bumbalo
September 17, 2006
Where in the world are all the Mets fans who post to this site? Why aren't people raving about this guy? Jose Reyes has been the sparkplug of the 2006 Mets, and if weren't for Ryan Howard (and maybe Albert Pujols) he should be the National League MVP. Batting near .300, he has 17 triples, 19 homers, 77 RBI, and 57 stolen bases (as of Sept. 16). He plays with intensity and exuberance (how about the inside-the-park home run?). After shaking the injuries (cross your fingers) that plagued him earlier, he had a break-out season last year, and has been even better this year. I love watching him in the field, and every time he comes to bat you have to be excited. What a future he has! He is threatening to displace Bud Harrelson and Lenny Dykstra as my favorite Met of all time.

November 1, 2006
Oh My God! Jose Reyes is the reason I watch baseball. He made me a Mets fan. Go Mets! We are going all the way this year. I wish I could have the opportunity to meet him. He is soooo great and you can tell by his excitement while he is playing that he loves what he does.

Mr. Sparkle
November 3, 2006
He has slowly but surely turned into the player we heard about coming out of the minors. He's only going to get better. He's truly the most exciting player on the Mets since Mookie/Lenny and he'll probably be better than both. Love his enthusiam and his spirit. Keep it up Jose.

November 3, 2006
Back in July of this year. I got to attend a Mets game with my father. My Dad hasn't been to Shea in 35 years. Jose gets up and smokes a triple to to start the Mets inning. I asked my dad if has ever seen someone that quick in all his years of watching baseball. He shook his head and said that Mantle was the quickest he had seen until today.

February 8, 2007
I retract my prior comment. Reyes is the most exciting player in baseball. Without him the Mets go nowhere and that is the definition of MVP. It is a disgrace that Reyes only finished 9th in the MVP voting for 2006.

armando looper
April 14, 2007
I truly feel that although Wight is the cover boy, Reyes is the better player and probably is, for all he does, the best player in the game. And guess what folks, hes 23 and still getting better. How would you have felt if they traded him for Robbie Alomar?

Feat Fan
April 19, 2007
Lou Brock and Ricky Henderson rolled into one! The sky is the limit as long as he stays healthy and teachable. You could see staggering single season numbers.
650 203 38 21 24 79 .312 67

Jonathan Stern
April 27, 2007
Reyes is such a fun player to watch, I've learned to live with that "Jose, Jose, Jose" song the stadium always plays whenever he's at the plate. What I like most about Reyes is that he has brought the triple back to the game after a decade-plus during which posing and preening musclemen usually settled for doubles.

John L.
May 1, 2007
Probaly the most exciting Mets position player EVER. In retrospect the move to second base for Kaz Matsui is beyond comprehension.

May 20, 2007
The most talented player in MLB at this time, bar no one!

armando looper
August 9, 2007
I love Jose, but even now in his fifth year, he gets overanxious in big spots. If he could learn to harness his emotions, we will see a reduction in the first pitch popups category.

Mr. Sparkle
September 12, 2007
In 2006 he was very clutch. He was the guy I wanted to see up there in a big spot. In 2007, he's stolen a ton of bases but has not been at all clutch. Plus, he pops up way too much. I think he will continue to improve but he can't be hitting so many fly balls and pop ups. He needs ground balls and line drives. Come on Jose!

September 23, 2007
Jose has been a BIG dissapointment of late. We can call him Mr. Pop Fly! Jose - go back to what you do best!

September 23, 2007
Jury still out on this guy.

Has taken the second half of 2007 off. OBP is down, power is down, gets caught stealing third to end an inning. He is going backwards. Not sure who the real Jose Reyes is.

Right now I'd rather have Rollins or Utley if I want to win a pennant. If I'm just looking to be entertained for one game, I'll take Jose because he is exciting.

Not sure if he is a winner when it counts though.

Tom L
September 25, 2007
Is it just coincidence that his drop in numbers seem to occur with the arrival of Ricky Henderson as a coach?

At least tell us your poker game has improved under the tutoring of the Rickster, Jose.

September 28, 2007
What has happened to Jose? Is it the fact Ricky Henderson is now telling him what to do or is it that he has changed ever since Willie pulled him from a game or is it the big contract he signed? Right now, Jimmy Rollins is a better player.

Mets fan in Maine
September 30, 2007
Jose Reyes is my favorite Met of all time, but despite some good numbers, he let the team down at the end of the season. Since mid-August, his batting average has steadily dropped 20 points and his OBP has dropped almost 20 points. With one game remaining as I write this, his last stolen base was on Sept. 15, and he has only attempted one SB since then (because he hasn't been getting on base). It looked to me that he was popping out way too often this year; he wasn't driving the ball. I hate to say it, but a big reason for the Mets' spectacular collapse is Reyes' poor performance since mid-August.

Go Away, Jo-Se, Jo-Se, Joooo-Seeee
September 30, 2007
Dog. Have seen enough of you.

0 for 3 here today in Game 162 of the all-time debacle.

Yesterday, you did not run out a ground ball.

Who hired Rickey Henderson? He is probably in Jose's ear with the poison that got him thrown off the Mets the first time.

Phils have Rollins.

We have this .256 in second half of 2007 DOG!

Won Doney
October 1, 2007
I love the Jose Reyes who played for the Mets between June of '03 and July of '07. He was exciting to watch, and it seemed like there was nothing he couldn't do. He was getting better all the time, and it looked like there was nothing he loved more than playing baseball. The guy who we have now has none of that. He looks lost, like he doesn't care and like he's not enjoying himself. It's painful to watch this new Jose Reyes. It could very well be that this collapse wouldn't have happened if we had the old Jose Reyes as a spark plug.

October 1, 2007
Reyes is a good player, but I think giving him all that money last year went to his head.

Also, he has to stop that stupid HR clapping stuff.

April 29, 2008
Here is a look at Jose's stats from 4/27/07 to 4/27/08 -- I use this time frame because Jose seemed to start to drop off starting 5/1/07.

AB: 686 Hits: 182 BA: .265 HR: 12 RBI: 50 SB: 70 CS: 21 SB %: 77

Not good for a guy who has so much talent. In fact, based on those numbers, he is just an average player.

Feat Fan
April 30, 2008
Anyone else here starting to think that the kid's heading for off-field chaos and is a ticking clock?

My radar is up, something isn't right here. Way too much talent for the erratic and at times lackluster effort.

This kid's subject to change without notice!

Shickhaus Franks
May 3, 2008
Last night (Friday 5/2/2008) in Arizona he ALMOST hit for the cycle (just like he did in 2006) but missed out on a inside the park HR when he didn't slide or try to run into the catcher. Feat Fan, let's hope Jose stays in a good way in his off-the-field life because after watching a certain screaming anti-American preacher all but destroy a man's Presidential dream and seeing photos of an underage TV/music star that are WAY TOO CREEPY, we need positive celebs MORE THAN EVER!

July 11, 2008
Let's give this guy a break - he is a great talent who just needs some disipline.

Mets fan in Maine
September 2, 2008
Reyes has received a lot of criticism, most of it probably deserved, for his production tailing off late last season and early this season. He's my favorite Met, but I was losing faith in him too. Well, all the critics should admit they were probably wrong, because he's having a fine season. With about a month to go, stolen bases are down, but he's near career highs for average and doubles and tied for his career high in triples. He's doing everything he needs to do. All you Jose Reyes critics, give credit where credit is due.

Menachem G. Jerenberg
September 11, 2008
Congratulations to Jose Reyes for claiming the Mets' all-time stolen base record, passing Mookie Wilson with his 282nd last night (and following that up by stealing third for #283)! This in the same season that he also broke Mookie's record for triples, too.

Note: It took Jose 378 less games to set the SB record, too.

Paul Zibben
September 11, 2008
Well, last night Jose Reyes passed Mookie Wilson as the all-time Met stolen-base leader. And this at an age when some kids have barely gotten their first taste of the majors. I think that, by the time he hangs them up, Jose Reyes will be all over the top of the Mets record book. This is the first career mark of many.

September 18, 2008
I no longer have patience for Jose. Look at his numbers in the month of September for his career. Except for 2006, they are awful. Clearly, cannot handle the pressure of big games. It is time for the Mets to consider trading him.

Menachem G. Jerenberg
October 1, 2008
Let me get this straight. You WANT the Mets to trade away their fastest player ever, their best shortstop ever, and one of the highest-rated players in all of baseball??

Whatever you're smoking, I want none of it.

Joe Figliola
October 1, 2008
How do you achieve 200 hits in a season yet hit UNDER .300? I can see .299, but .297? That's got to be a record for the lowest batting average for a guy with 200 hits with a sub-.300 mark.

Seriously, I don't know how to take Reyes's results. Is it a good year to finish like that?

Mets fan in Maine
October 6, 2008
As we Mets fans digest another disappointing season, I looked back at Jose Reyes, my favorite Mets, on this site. From the first posting about him, which was June 11, 2003, opinions about Reyes have varied widely. Opinions range from he's great to he's lousy to he doesn't perform at the end of the season.

So look at his batting average and on-base percentage month by month over his career. Here it is: April- .277/.338, May-.277/.338, June-.284/.328, July- .312/.398, August .305/.359, Sept.-.249/.310, Oct.- .238/.238. He obviously does decline at the end of the season, at least in these two categories (I didn't analyze triples, homers, stolen bases, etc.).

Mets fans can draw their own conclusions. As far as I'm concerned, Jose Reyes is the most exciting Met of all time and while I'd like perfection from him, it's unreasonable to expect it. HE IS ONLY 25!

Gets by Buckner
November 4, 2008
All this talk about trading him is nonsense! Yes, he does tend to be a hot dog after hitting a home run but hey, he adds a spark to this team and I beleive he will grow up and become an awesome Met. Who cares what the Philadelphia Philthy's think of him. They have their own problems with Jimmy "big mouth" Rollins. Enjoy your one year World Series win philthy's ...The Mets are coming back in 2009!!!!

Feat Fan
June 1, 2009
Found this on the web, Monday 5-25

According to the New York Daily News, Jose Reyes stated that there is no chance of hi returning to the lineup by Monday.

Our View: Reyes is dealing with a sore calf and it doesn't sound like it's improving. He chose not to test it at all today and decided against participating in his running drills. A DL stint could be on the horizon.


One wonders if his feelings are still hurt after a recent benching? Who wouldn't ( in the least) test out their wheels....Whats up with this kid....

September 3, 2010
Hurt again. I swear..hemophiliacs heal faster than this guy. I remember first seeing him and thinking his potential was limitless. Clearly, by "limitless," I meant "doesn't walk enough and is always hurt." What an overrated hot mess.

Hebner's Shovel
November 3, 2010
The end of the Omar era and the coming of Sandy Alderson may very well signal the end of Reyes' reign at short for the Mets. Mr. Moneyball never liked base-stealing while running the A's; their yearly leaders were usually in single digits for the season. This might be his best bet for an off-season blockbuster that would bring a boatload of players as he begins to mold the team along his lines. I suspect this will irritate and aggravate a significant portion of the fan base while pleasing some but not as many. Alderson is not averse to shaking things up, and Reyes doesn't strike me as his type of player. We may see David Eckstein at Citi Field yet.

Hebner's Shovel
November 24, 2010
I'd like to correct my last post regarding Jose Reyes before someone else does. Billy Beane, the former Met and current A's GM, is the only person who could accurately be called Mr. Moneyball. Sandy Alderson did, in fact, give Beane his start by hiring him as an assistant, and is his mentor. Beane's obsession with statistical analysis over traditional methods of talent evaluation come from working with Alderson. So, despite the club picking up his 2011 option, Reyes might not be a lock for next year's club because he might not fit the Alderson profile. Me, I'd like to see Reyes back and stealing 70 bases. However, Alderson, like Beane, is no devotee of the stolen base.

February 19, 2011
I want Reyes to be a lifetime Met just like Wright. If you think about it, which shortstop that is on the market is better than Reyes? There are none. Unlike ten years ago, shortstop is now a weaker hitting position. Hanley's with the Marlins long-term, I want no part of Rollins, Jeter's aging, and there really aren't any other legit top-of-the line shortstops out there.

The only reason I can't see Reyes coming back in 2012 is if he demands well over $100 million for six or seven years. I would do five but not six or seven guaranteed. Wilmer Flores will not be ready for the pros for at least another two or three or even four years. Thus, it's imperative that Reyes is here. If he isn't the Mets won't have a leadoff hitter and will not find a good replacement.

I think he will have a bounceback season this year and get back to hitting close to .300, 15+ homers, 70-80 RBI, 50-60+ steals, and an OBP between 350 and 400. He does that, and the Mets don't fall apart and trade him in July, he will stick around, as he should. He is not part of the problem, but rather a continuous solution to the future.

August 14, 2011
Hurt again. Second trip to the DL this season. You just know that if he signs a long term deal with the Mets, he'll play about 125 games yearly and go back to hitting .280. Should have traded him before the trade deadline.

Tom L
August 18, 2011
Will we ever win with Jose? You KNOW if we trade him, he'll be hitting .300+, stealing 60-70 bases and banging 15 to 20 triples for the next 5 years. But if he stays, you can bet he'll be spending an equal amount of time in a MRI tube as he will be on an active roster. What an enigma!

October 7, 2011
So disappointed when he took the easy way out and asked Collins to take him out of the game--possibly his final game as a Met in New York--in the very first inning, after getting the hit that all but locked up his batting title, without trying to put in any more effort. Not cool!

Jonathan Stern
December 3, 2011
I'm of the belief that the Mets should not bring Jose Reyes back. He costs too much money (of which the Mets do not have too much thanks to their off-the-field incompetence) and he's too prone to injury. Also, Ruben Tejada looks to me like he can take over at SS, although he probably won't be the All-Star that Reyes has generally been. Maybe if the Mets had the money, they take the risk, since he is as exciting a player as there is. But they don't, and you don't want to pay Reyes $100 million to sit on the bench, which very easily could happen. And, like most fans, I have no confidence in the Mets' medical staff.

I also have some small issues with Reyes's character. He was reputed to have stabbed Willie Randolph in the back after the manager tried to get him to act more like a professional. And his leaving the last game of the 2011 season after one at-bat in order to protect his batting crown wasn't wonderful. Also, the dancing is a bit much, although my favorite athlete of all time, Tug McGraw, did more than a little of that as well. Still, he is one the Mets' best position players ever, and may have done enough to take away from Bud Harrelson the title of best shortstop in franchise history.

December 6, 2011
Sickened by the news he just signed with the Marlins. Many thanks to the Coupons for again running this team like we're a small market club - this is NY - if you can't afford to re-sign a homegrown star, then it's time to sell the team - you have run this franchise into the ground - shades of the late 1970's. Jose, good luck in Miami. It was a joy to watch you play here for 9 years. You should have been a Met for life. I urge all Mets fans to boycott attending games at Citi Field until Freddy Coupon and Jeffy boy sell the team!

December 6, 2011
Reyes was a very good, not a great, player. Very talented guy but never had the baseball smarts to be an all-time great. For all his accolades, Reyes never had a .400 OBP (the closest he got was last year's .384) and his lifetime OBP as a Met was .341. Not great for a leadoff hitter. Also touched .300 just once before 2011 (his walk year).

The Mets were bad with him. They can be bad without him.

Shickhaus Franks
January 1, 2012
August 21, 1977: George Thomas Seaver returned to Flushing and beat Jerry Koosman and the Mets. May 7, 1991: Darryl Strawberry returned to Flushing and hits a dinger. So mark your calendars for April 24, 2012 for the return of Jose Bernabe Reyes to Flushing (provided that he is 100% injury free), so I expect Mr. Reyes to go 3 for 4 with 2 SB's and maybe a dinger as the crowd chants for the Coupons to SELL THE TEAM. As they say, things happen in 3's.

January 23, 2012
A supremely talented young man who is a very good ballplayer. But given his talents, he should be more than very good, he should be a great one. Jose has never won a Gold Glove and before his walk year in 2011, hit .300 just once. Moreover, his greatest strength, his legs, are also his greatest injury risk.

March 9, 2012
I still can't believe that Reyes is no longer a Met. Other than Rey Ordonez, he is the only Mets shortstop I've ever known since I started following the team in 1998. He's by far the greatest shortstop to ever wear a Mets uniform. Most of the Mets shortstops over the year were more known for their defense, but Reyes was a great hitter as well and even brought the Mets their first ever batting title. The guy made four All-Star appearances, was a perennial base stealer and triples threat for years and was arguably the most exciting baseball player on the field during his time as a Met. No one right now could ever replace Reyes for what he did for the Mets as a cornerstone of the team for nine seasons. Injuries of course were unfortunate for him and certain years of his career, but regardless, the Mets are gonna be screwed at shortstop until Wilmer Flores is ready for the major leagues. All in all, I'm going to miss seeing Reyes as the Mets' leadoff hitter. Filling his shoes will be very tough to do, so we'll see how Ruben Tejada or whoever the shortstop is will do this year.

March 16, 2012
Jose Reyes said yesterday that he felt the Marlins were his best chance to win. He's been in the big leagues nine years and only been to the playoffs once. Maybe Jose needs to look himself in the mirror and see if he's the problem or the solution. .167 against the Dodgers in the 2006 NLDS. .200 in September 07 during the epic collapse. Clearly not a clutch player. Will be remembered as part of the underachieving Mets teams from 2006-2008 which should have won three divisions and probably a World Series.

April 25, 2012
I must say I was very disappointed with the fan reaction for Jose's return to Citi Field last night. Yes he left for the money and a division rival, however the Marlins were the only team to offer him a contract so he had no choice. He has been a great Met and is clearly a top ten player in their history. I think the negative reaction was product of the NY media's manipulation. He was about every Mets fan's favorite player during his time here and he deserved better. He absolutely deserves to be enshrined in the Mets HOF some day. Thanks for the memories Jose, from one of few guy who clapped last night.

Jonathan Stern
April 30, 2012
The crowd should have applauded him on his first at-bat then either booed or stayed quiet from then on.

Hot Foot
September 18, 2012
Jose, who had so much promise, fulfilled it in his early years, and then at his peak, was part of a collective Omar Minaya-engineered train wreck that tainted his Mets legacy in the eyes of most Mets fans including myself.

In the aftermath, he was mostly hurt (in 09) or greatly diminished from his peak (in 2010). In 2011 he was great when he was on the field, but it was a contract year and you knew he was playing for a big payday. Maybe he got an extra hundred grand for winning the batting title, but the way he did it, to take himself out of the game after a bunt single in his first at bat...well that just showed what a self-centered, non-team player he is, and probably was throughout his Mets career.

No wonder he was booed when he came back to NY in a Miami uniform. I was not sad to see him leave. The best offensive shortstop in Mets history, and yet somehow I think the Mets are better off without him.

Will Smith
September 28, 2012
Jose got his big contract and he's batting .277 and leading Miami to a last place finish. Just as when he was with the Mets, it's all flash and no flags.

Shickhaus Franks
November 11, 2015
Just heard that Jose hit his wife while on vacation in Hawaii. NOT COOL WHATSOEVER!! As a person who has seen domestic abuse at a personal level, I'll tell you one thing, I have 2 Reyes T-shirts on my hanger and they're staying on my hanger for good!! You would think with the Greg Hardy sadness going around that guys would get the message that PHYSICAL, VERBAL AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE TOWARDS A WOMAN IS 1000% UNACCEPTABLE!! I hope the Rockies throw him to the curb and tell him to go work at a pet store or as a garbageman!! And to think that I used to enjoy singing JOSE-JOSE-JOSE!!!

Will Smith
November 13, 2015
Since leaving the Mets, Jose has:

1) Been injured often 2) Not made an all-star team 3) Seen his production drop off 4) Been traded a couple of times 5) Seen Toronto improve dramatically the moment they traded him 6) Been arrested for beating his wife

Just in case anyone was keeping score.

Juan Samuel
June 26, 2016
Curious what Met fans think about this lowlife returning to the team. I remember him as the best SS in the NL next to Jimmy Rollins. Since the Mets traded him he's spent more time on the DL than Mike Marshall and Darryl Strawberry combined, I guess he needed time to beat up his wife. Anyway it will be interesting to see Reyes in a Mets uniform again.

Stu Baron
July 15, 2016
@Juan Samuel: The Mets never traded Reyes - he signed with the Marlins after the 2011 season as a free agent.

May 8, 2017
Ah, Reyes. He fills my lungs with pure oxygen whenever I witness his magic. His catlike skills are superheroic; not even the great Spider-Man could make plays that this Dominican webslinger wields. It has been said that such celebrities as Vin Diesel, Joe Benigno, Todd Schnitt, Kylie Jenner, and Emma Stone have difficulty restraining the liquids in their orbitals when witnessing the acrobatic feats of this blue-and-orange dynamo.

The plaque in Cooperstown is at the ready. Immortal infielders Honest Wagner, Books Robinson, and George Brett will be among the first to embrace Reyes into the pantheon of baseball immortality. We as Mets fans should be proud; let us stand at attention every time Reyes approaches the plate, and bestow from our tonsils, the Reyes chant that echoes majestically from sea to shining sea.

Mister X
June 13, 2017
Plaque in Cooperstown? You’ve got to be joking! Jose may have impressive stats among all-time Mets players, but his career pales in comparison to shortstops enshrined in the Hall. If you want to call him “immortal”, remove the letter T from that word to describe what he really is. The Mets never should have brought him back.

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