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Aaron Heilman
Aaron Heilman
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 211 of 1043 players
Aaron Michael Heilman
Born: November 12, 1978 at Logansport, Ind.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.05 Weight: 220

Aaron Heilman was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on November 12, 2006, August 12, 2008, August 22, 2011, January 25, 2017, and January 26, 2017.


First Mets game: June 26, 2003
Last Mets game: September 26, 2008

Share your memories of Aaron Heilman


Joanna Semsey
July 8, 2003
I'd like to be the 1st to welcome Aaron Heilman to the majors. So far he's pitched VERY well, but all he's got to show is one loss ( in which he gave up 5 runs/ 1 earned) and 2 no-decisions. Sooner or later, I know he'll get his first win. And I know he's here to stay and help out the rotation for years to come.

Joe Figliola
July 16, 2003
He doesn't show me any guts. He seems afraid to pitch inside and doesn't challenge hitters. I wish his pitching was as tough as his mug shot. Then he'd have a chance to win one.

August 9, 2003
I watched his horrendous performance in Houston last night, and it appears to me that he needs a hell of a lot of work on his delivery. His release point is all over the place, and he has absolutely no command of his pitches. He appears to have a live arm, but he has no idea how to use it. This kid needs a lot of work. Not even close to prime time.

September 1, 2004
Another 1st round bust, this guy isn't worth a pound of snot. Just got hammered by the Padres and is currently pitching to a 2-8 record with a 7.00 era. One of the worst pitchers you'll ever see. It's batting practice with him out there.

Mr. Sparkle
January 14, 2005
It's too bad Heilman was not our number one prospect when we got Zambrano instead of Scott Kazmir. What a bust this guy turned out to be. If he's lucky he'll pull a Paul Wilson and be good 10 years from now. Watching him pitch you gotta wonder what the Mets were thinking picking him #1. He was like batting practice after a few innings. Worse than David West.

Jonathan Stern
January 27, 2005
Such medias bigs as Mike Francesca and Keith Hernandez, among others, have mistakenly called him "Eric Heilman," mixing him up with early 90's Met journeyman, Eric Hillman. So far, it seems to me, Hillman was the better pitcher.

Frank Grimes
April 13, 2005
He blows. He really does. He sucked in his first start and will never be the pitcher that Hank Webb was. Bring back Mike Bruhert while you are at it. Lets trade him for some other loser who has not lived up to his potential and maybe we can turn him around since there's no way we can get this guy on the right track. Peterson will have as much luck trying to get this guy on track as he would have bringing Corky in to pitch.

Seriously, I'd rather have Jae Seo starting while Benson is out having Anna nurse him back to health, than to have Heilman touch rubber at Shea.

April 14, 2005
Another example of the Mets trying to put a round peg in a square hole; they keep shoving this guy down our throats every chance they get. He was awful when he made his debut in 2003, and he is just as awful if not worse in 2005. I have never seen him give up less than 4 runs every time he pitches. He's got no velocity and no movement or accuracy when he throws. They should have traded him before the rest of the league found out that he can only throw batting practice.

Hail Notre Dame
April 16, 2005
One-hitter tonight. He absolutely dominated the 3-4-5 guys in the Marlin line-up. The one hit was a swinging bunt. This guy is legit. They'll have to make room for him in the rotation once Benson comes off the DL.

Fank Grimes
April 16, 2005
Tax Day 2005, Aaron proved me wrong with a 1 hitter. Awesome performance. Can he keep it up? We'll see, but for one night, he's the man.

April 20, 2005
I'm a big believer in admitting I'm wrong so here it goes-he pitched a brilliant one hitter the other day and made a liar out of me and I'm very glad! Although it's only one game, so I hope he stays that focused and consistant.

April 20, 2005
I was sitting 3rd row behind home plate for Heilman's one-hitter against Florida. I came into the game thinking I was going sit in the best seats of my life to witness one of the biggest pitching mismatches in recent history. Thankfully I was wrong.

Heilman's pitches were moving all over the place, but he was still picking off the corners. I don't remember a single pitch in the middle of the plate, and there wasn't a hard-hit ball all night against him. The Marlins had absolutely no clue where the next pitch was coming from or where it would end up. And what impressed me most of all, with 1st and 3rd, nobody out, and the trio of Miguel Cabrera, Carlos Delgado and Mike Lowell coming up, he did not melt down (which he is prone to do) and got out of it with relative ease. I'm still in shock from what I saw.

Mr. Sparkle
April 25, 2005
I guess we can expect one good start in every 4 or 5 out of Heilman. One good start so far, and it was awesome, sandwiched between a bad one and an awful one. I don't think he'll ever have the consistency to be anything more than a long man, spot starter. I think he has the desire to win but just doesn't have the skills or the mentality to be a decent pitcher. He's not even good enough to be in Generation K.

Anthony R
April 25, 2005
What a performance! And against a very potent Marlin line-up. He goes on a great list of Met pitchers who threw 1-hitters in their great pitching history. I was very happy for him. Maybe he is starting to mature to where he CAN be in our rotation. Time will tell. (Let's hope it wasn't a fluke.)

Mr. Sparkle
May 9, 2005
I don't want to jinx him but maybe I was wrong and this guy is finally coming into his own. Maybe. I'm still not 100% sold but he has looked a lot better lately and did a great job against the Phillies after coming in for Benson, in Kris's first start of the year. Don't foget, Tom Glavine sucked his first couple of years in the league too before becoming a great pitcher- before blowing it all when he came to the Mets. So, I can have a little more patience with Hielman and maybe he'll be OK after all. I hope I don't jinx him.

June 13, 2005
I'm starting to see what the Twins and the Mets saw in him! He's gaining confidence every time he goes out there! My question is, "Who changed his arm angle to start with?" Looked for certain to be another bust, but has really turned it around! I'm happy for him. He took a beating with the press and the fans. Go Aaron!

Mr. Sparkle
July 12, 2005
He's been upgraded to inconsistent in my book which is definitely an improvement. In the pen he has been sometimes unhittable with a definite plan and other times he is very hittable. I don't know what the difference but I hope he figures it out. I'd love to see him take over for Ishii but with Tracshel back in August, Aaron will stay in the pen. I could see him being groomed to be closer since he has decent stuff but I'm not sure he has the make up to close. Still a work in progress but at least he now has more pluses then minuses.

August 18, 2005
You stole my thunder Mr. Sparkle. I also agree with you that the Mets future closer could be Aaron Heilman. His change up is often unhittable and would make for lethal stuff in the ninth. I think he actually does have the mental makeup to be a closer though his preference and the Mets is probably to start him. Of course the third option is that the Mets deal him in the offseason for a bat. I hope they don't because after all his struggles early in his Met career, I think a light went on for Mr. Heilman that will have him sticking in the majors for a while.

November 6, 2005
I admit, I had my doubts about Heilman this season, but after his one hit shutout, and the success that he has had out of the bullpen, maybe he has shown that the Mets' faith in him had been well rewarded. If he stays healthy and keeps improving himself, then opposing batters will have reason to fear him.

Mr. Sparkle
July 21, 2006
I have zero confidence in him when he comes into a game. He was great out of the pen most of last year and earlier this year but has been fairly inconsistent the past month or so that I am not sure he'll be a great starter some day or a good closer for that matter. I could be wrong, but I would trade him to get a good starter down the stretch if I could provided we could get someone to fill his spot in the pen.

Frank Grimes
July 23, 2006
He stinks. In today's loss to the Astros, he fielded a ground ball, jogged to first, didn't toss the ball to Delgado for the out or run hard to first for the out, no, he jogged and the runner was safe which allowed a runner to score from 3rd with 2 outs. That was the worst play I have ever seen. We should have traded him when he had some value. Now he just sucks.

David Klein
August 24, 2006
Since Duaner Sanchez went down for the year Heilman has been unhittable as the 8th inning guy. Aaron has looked a lot like the dominant reliever he was last year. Hopefully he keeps it up in October.

armando looper
November 1, 2006
Now that you have thrown your last Met pitch, it's gonna feel good to say this. The homer to Molina aside, you always were gonna be more valuable to other teams than the Mets. Willie didn't like you; it showed when he used Geremi and Lima and Soler ahead of you. He even seemed to like Mota more once he got here. I liked you, but we'll get more than your worth back in a trade.

April 19, 2007
Armando Looper spoke too soon. He's still here.

I'm glad that this page isn't full of comments ripping him for the Molina HR last season. Truth is, if the offense had made some more noise that night, Heilman wouldn't have even been in his position. It's not his fault. He saved the Mets hide after Sanchez got hurt, performed great in the postseason, and he's being counted on to do it again this season.

He's hurting right now but once he rights himself, I'm sure he'll regain his form of last August and September.

Me. Sparkle
September 12, 2007
He's been pitching fairly well except for the home run ball. He gave up the homer to Molina last year and the only thing that has hurt him this year has been the homer. Because of this, I think he's better off as a starter than a set up man. If he gives up a couple of homers as a starter as long as no one is on base he can get away with it since his BAA is fairly low. But as a set up man any homer he gives up kills us. Mets however don't need another starter if Glavine comes back but I do think Aaron would be better off starting.

Gets By Buckner
August 4, 2008
It is so frustrating to watch this guy pitch. What do the Mets see in him? How many losses will it take to send this guy to New Orleans? He obviously needs work. He had promise as a starter in 2005. I still have memories of Molina's HR in game 7. UGH!

Menachem G. Jerenberg
August 6, 2008
While I cannot wholeheartedly blame him for Molina's shot (it was a tie game anyways), right now his season can be summed up in two words: Epic Fail.

Feat Fan
August 10, 2008
Start him or trade him but do something!

Mr. Sparkle
August 14, 2008
My patience with this guy has finally run out. I know he has talent, but he has pitched so poorly this year that he can't be trusted, period. His blown save against the Pirates was the last straw for me. I went from thinking he could be a closer a year or so ago, to thinking he should be a starter this year because he gave up some homers, but not a lot of hits, to thinking he can't be trusted with anything. It's too bad because his trade value must have plummeted. He sucks.

September 16, 2008
At least Jerry Manuel seems to get the clue better than Willie regarding his usage. He should still be used less often (you know, like NEVER).

September 22, 2008
If Aaron Heilmann is still a Met in 2009 I will become a dedicated Rays fan. Let him choose a more suitable profession... like GARBAGE MAN!

Mets fan in Maine
October 4, 2008
I've never been sure what to think of Heilman. This season he was absolutely horrible from the start, as his ERA (5.21), among other stats, shows. However, his ERA in the three previous seasons (3.03, 3.62, 3.17) was very good. Before giving up on him (and let's face it, his trade value has dropped dramatically, most likely), the Mets should think about giving him a shot as a starter. Heilman has always made it clear that he wants to be a starter, and the 2009 Mets will desperately need starting pitchers, since right now the rotation appears to consist of Johan Santana and John Maine. Why not give him a chance to start? It's at least worth thinking about.

feat fan
October 9, 2008
ERA's of relief pitchers are misleading; his propensity to blow games is not. Start him or trade him.

Mookie is #1
October 18, 2008
August 11, 2008 - A game the Mets SHOULD HAVE WON if it wasn't for Aaron Heilman's pitching performance. Enough said.

December 12, 2008
I know after this trade most of the comments about Aaron will be negative, but I'd like to say thanks to Heilman for the good pitching he gave.

It's sad how 95% of Mets fans forget that he was a very quality reliever for 3 years here. He was not a Mel Rojas and did not deserve to be treated like he did.

He gave up a big homer, yes, but that series was lost 6 other ways besides his one pitch. And EVERYONE forgets this but he was lights out down the stretch in 2007 when our entire pitching staff was collapsing.

Thanks Aaron. Sorry some of our fans never appreciated you.

Menachem G. Jerenberg
December 12, 2008
So long and a heartfelt good riddance.

Mets fan in Maine
December 14, 2008
I'm not sure trading away Heilman was a good idea. Sure, he struggled this past season, but for the three previous years he did well. JJ Putz does not want to be a set-up man and he will be a free agent after the 2009 season. I think the Mets should have penciled in Heilman as a starter. The Mets need starting pitching desperately, and Heilman has always wanted to start. The Mets should have kept Heilman as a fourth starter, I think.

Feat Fan
December 18, 2008
Putz, if healthy can be lights out. Heilman needed not only a change in role but in scenery. The amount of games that will be won now due to the combination of Putz and K-Rod will be a lot more than the possible 10-13 that Heilman MAY or MAY NOT have won as a starter. How many blown games last year, 38 or so? Deal or No Deal...DEAL!

Mike B
December 19, 2008
A real standup guy who needed a change of scenery. People do forget how good of a pitcher he was over the years. He was the target of the "fans" boos before he threw his first pitch. He never hid behind any injury or excuse. Here's hoping you pitch lights out in Seattle, Aaron. You deserve it.

Shickhaus Franks
January 21, 2009
If it wasn't for Aaron grooving that pitch to Yadier "Bleepin" Molina in the 9th inning in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS, we fans would've been celebrating a 3rd World Series championship for the Mets. The only "good" thing about him was his entrance music: "7 Nation Army" by the White Stripes. The best of luck pitching in Safeco and here are 3 wisdoms of advice for you:
1) Watch your Starbucks intake.
2) Don't give up too many gopher balls.
3) Don't wear anything that says OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER on it.

February 2, 2009
I can't wait to see old Aaron pitching in Chicago at Wrigley Field with the wind blowing out! Didn't take Seattle long to get rid of "Home Run" Heilman!

Shickhaus Franks
February 2, 2009
This past week, Aaron was traded to the Chicago Cubs!!! Btw, the Cubs make their only visit to Citi Field from Sept 4-6, so let's give Mr. Heilman a standing BOO-vation when he enters the game for the Cubs.

February 16, 2009
I would not boo Aaron Heilman when he visits with the Cubs. I think he feels badly enough that he didn't do as well as he would have liked.

Heilman should have been encouraged to develop a breaking pitch. With a fastball-changeup repertoire, even Johan Santana gives up a lot of homers. But Santana doesn't enter the game in the late innings, when a gopher ball can be fatal.

The Ghost of Blown Saves Past
April 30, 2009
Don't look now, but Heilman is 2-0 with a 0.84 ERA and no blown saves. Putz' ERA is 4.14 and K Rod a respectable 2.12. Of course Shoeneweis is 2.34.

I know it is early, but as Indiana Jones would say, "I got a bad feeling about this."

Good Luck Aaron- you will always be a Met.

Upstate baseball fan
May 10, 2009
The Mets made a mistake trading Heilman. He has outstanding stuff and the Mets misused him by putting him in the bullpen. I think he should have been given more of a chance as a starter. With all the rotation problems now I'm sure he could have contributed. Also The Ghost of Blown Saves Past raises a good point, Heilman is doing great with the Cubbies.

Feat Fan
May 12, 2009
Notice that he is still in the pen and of late, still blowing games. I agree, needed to and still needs to start

Hebner's Shovel
November 3, 2010
My sources tell me Alderson is going to re-acquire Aaron Heilman and make him a starter.

August 11, 2015
My memories of Aaron Heilman are, that he was one of those guys you could always count on blowing a lead.

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