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Mike Cameron
Mike Cameron
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 231 of 1043 players
Michael Terrance Cameron
Born: January 8, 1973 at La Grange, Ga.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.02 Weight: 195

Mike Cameron was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on December 18, 2005, and August 30, 2015.


First Mets game: April 6, 2004
Last Mets game: August 11, 2005

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April 24, 2004
Just a really nice guy; always smiling and happy. I love him!

Mr. Sparkle
May 14, 2004
So far so bad. I've seen Mr. All World defense drop two balls so far this season that hit him right in the glove. I guess he won't be getting another gold glove this year. He does have a lot of range and covers a lot of ground but those two drops were horrendous. Offensively he has done very little and has yet to earn his $7,000,000.

Bald Knees
May 22, 2004
Mike's been my favorite player since his rookie year in Chicago. I live in Seattle and it was the happiest day in my life when he became a Mariner. Hope you all enjoy his playing in New York! Mets fans are a ton of a lot cooler than Yankee$ fans.

May 22, 2004
Unfortunately Cammy is starting to remind me of Brian McRae-adequate defense and he'll hit 17-20 homers while batting .221 for the season.

Mr. Sparkle
May 22, 2004
Ok this is getting ridiculous. Last night he dropped the 4th ball that I have seen to hit him in the glove. Right in the glove and he dropped it. Keith Hernandez said he should have caught that one and 99 times out of 100 he does. Try 96 times out of 100.

I don't think I saw Roger Cedeno drop 4 balls that hit in his glove. It's not like the ball ticked off the edge of the glove. It hit right in the middle and he couldn't catch it. Gold Glove my ass! And I have missed a lot of games having been on vacation for a couple of weeks and I usually don't get to see that much before the 6th inning when my kids get to bed. Has he dropped others?? Plus, he is hitting under the George Theodore line (.219).

I know he's better than this but come on. None of the 4 misses were cans of corn but they were all catchable. Maybe I'm getting a little over worried since he does cover a lot of ground and has made some nice plays but I really have never seen one outfielder drop so many balls. And this is only game 43!

Joe Figliola
May 26, 2004
To Sparkle and Shari: Both of you have to calm down and stop trying to turn Mike Cameron into the everyday version of Steve Trachsel.

Let's take a deep breath and review what Mike has done so far. I think he is doing a SUPER job. As far as I am concerned, he could hit .016 just as long as he is playing center field the way he is supposed to be. And I ask you, Sparkle, would Roger Cedeno have GOTTEN to some of the balls Cameron dropped? At least Mike is putting in an effort.

All of you have to realize as well is that Mike is playing with a bad hand, which he hurt during one of the games against the Giants earlier this month. Personally, I think he should've been put on the DL, but who are the Mets going to play in center field in his absence? Jeff ("Mr. Clutch Hitter") Duncan? And Esix Snead, as much as I love watching him, is still raw. Super Joe McEwing? He's really not an everyday guy.

Yes, he strikes out a lot. So what? Mookie Wilson K'd over 100 times per season as well. I don't recall any of you booing him or calling him names. Leave Mike Cameron alone! Be thankful for what you have!

Frank Grimes
June 12, 2004
I agree with his detractors, he has been horrible. Still hitting under .200 as of June 10th is a joke. He struck out with the bases loaded again the other night to help kill a rally. Of course he got a meaningless hit in the 9th but can't do it in the clutch situation. His defense has not been close to what is was supposed to be. I saw a few of those drops and they were embarrassing.

Mr. Sparkle
June 18, 2004
Mike homered with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th tonight to beat the Tigers. The slump is over. There is hope!

June 19, 2004
He is just getting started. 6-game hit streak now. His defense IS everything I imagined. The guy tracks down more balls from CF than any other player. He's got wheels on that body. When it's hit to CF, I just say, he's got it. Next out please.

We have a CF, and he will be here to stay.

Anthony R.
August 3, 2004
He has 20 dingers so far this year, and a couple of multi-homer games. I hate the .231 average, but the fielding has been what we expected, and more pop than expected for a big park like Shea. We might actually have THREE outfielders this year that hit 20 homers a-peice. WOW!!!!

Jonathan Stern
August 20, 2004
Stealing third base is only a good idea if you make it. The other day, Mike Cameron was thrown out trying to steal third with one out in the 7th, Mets down 2-0 against Randy Johnson and the D'backs, and a good bat (the promising David Wright) at the plate. One good swing and the game would have been tied. Unhittable though he was throughout, The Big Unit was still learning how to pitch to Wright, a legitimate power threat. The Mets went on to lose 2-0.


Cameron has been inconsistent in the field, began to hit only after the Mets were proven to be pretenders, and even had the gall to insult us fans during a recent roadtrip. Asked about Larry Walker receiving a standing ovation from Cards' fans before and after his first at-bat with the team (he struck out), Cameron replied that the treatment Walker received from the St. Louis faithful would have happened anywhere except New York.

I don't know about that. But I do know that few teams other than the Mets can afford to pay Cameron's salary.

Our big plan this year was to improve ourselves defensively up the middle while empasizing fundamentals. So we move the fragile Jose Reyes out of position to make room for... Kaz Matsui, and put Cameron in centerfield. Reyes is probably done for the year (if not for good!), Matsui, also currently on the DL, has been an embarassment in the field, and Cameron has been more or less what I have described above. So much for our big plan. Let's Go Mets!

Kevin C. Delahanty, MD
August 28, 2004
What's the deal with the shirt pulled out of the pants at the end of a game? Anyone? I, too, am a displaced Mets fan living in the Seattle area. I remember his photo displayed on the giant screen at Safeco. His Mets photo is almost identical. Do the players have a say in what pictures are chosen? The only things preventing Mike from pulling his hat down over his face are his ears. Be good to those guys!

I haven't followed baseball as closely as I did when I was a kid, but the love is undiminished. It's a strange, unique, yet comforting feeling to hear cheers for the accomplishments of long-departed players when visiting their old stomping grounds. Do other sports have this sense of continuium with its fans? I wonder...

September 9, 2004
And the winner of the Mo Vaughn Award for hitting the most meaningless home runs----MIKE CAMERON. (Award was formerly known as the Richie Hebner Award). He could 50 home runs by the end of the season and it will not mean anything. Where was he when the Mets still had a chance? Oh yeah--striking out. I found a Baseball Weekly that reviewed outfielders following the 2002 season. Cameron was listed under players on the down slide. I thought he was supposed to be a great defensive outfielder?

Mr. Sparkle
September 12, 2004
I saw him drop ball #6 the other night, a "can of corn" that hit the middle of his glove and fell out. This guy has been a below average center fielder this year. How the hell did he ever win a gold glove. I know he has range but he drops balls, runs over them, misses cut off men. Did they not teach fundamentals in Seattle? Too bad with his contract we are stuck with him for another 2 years.

And as far as his attempt for 30-30, please, I don't want to see him set a meaningless milestone. He can't touch Hojo and Straw.

October 20, 2004
To me, Cameron was a big disappointment defensively. The play that sticks out in my mind was a game in Minnesota, when Cameron missed two cutoff men by 40 feet, allowing Matthew Lecroy (who would have a hard time beating Jason Phillips in the 100 meter dash) to score from first on a double by Jose Offerman in the bottom of the 9th to tie the score. A truly horrendous play by Cameron.

However, to give Cameron his due, he became the first Mets outfielder to hit 30 home runs in a season since Bernard Gilkey in 1996. Is that a big deal? Of course not. But it does show that the Mets organization is absolutely pathetic at developing and scouting outfield talent.

January 10, 2005
I thought Cameron hit the lowest impact 30 homers in Mets history, Cammy other than the Detroit series, came up small in big spots. Cammy struck out seemingly every time we had guys in scoring position. His home run barrage started when the team was dead in the water. Who could forget Cammy acting like he hit a series winning homer when he hit his 30th in a 10-1 game? Cameron's D was very medicore -- he dropped balls, misjudged them, overran some, and overthrew cut off men. Cameron was worse than his eight errors suggest.

Joe Figliola
January 14, 2005
As everyone knows, I'm pro-Cameron. But I think this reversal of his decision not to play right field concerns me.

I think he is a talented player who can make the switch to the corner field very easily. If he is slipping as a center fielder, the fact that right field does not offer him as much coverage as the other position could help him defensively (hope that makes sense).

It also could be that his comment that he'd move to right field if the Mets acquired Carlos Beltran could have been on the humorous side. Perhaps Mike underestimated Omar Minaya and his manner of getting top-notch players. Now that Beltran's here, Mike must deal with the option that faces him. He either must suck it up and make the adjustment, otherwise, it's adios, amigo!

January 18, 2005
Here is one Mets fan who will personally pay for Cameron's plane ticket to where ever he wants to go. Heck, I'll even carry his bags. This guy was screwing up routine defensive plays yet was supposed to be the best defensive outfielder in baseball? The most amazing thing he did was hit 30 home runs without anyone noticing. And what's with walking around the field with his jersey untucked after every Mets win? It is completely infuriating to read about the arrogance of a player for a last place team to go back on his word to make a switch to improve the team. He obviously cares only about himself and not his team. Hopefully the Mets trade his .231 average and 143 strikeouts.

January 18, 2005
Even back to his days on Seattle, my best friend and I always said that if Mike Cameron could consistantly hit .280 or better, with his talent and attitude, he could be a superstar. Of course after watching him day to day I didn't realize how farfetched my dream of seeing him hit .280 was.

I like Mike for his attitude and ability but with Beltran signed for the next seven years I can also deal with trading away Cameron. I do find it kind of hilariously ironic that Cameron said he would move to right if the Mets signed Beltran while probably not thinking there was a way in hell they would actually do it! LOL! Oh the poor guy.

Mr. Sparkle
March 3, 2005
Considering the poor first half he had offensively, you gotta think Mike will have a much better season average wise in 2005. His defense should be better than it was in 2004 and having two gold glovers in our outfield should make our defense stronger. Why then, do I get sick every time I read something about him? Just shut up!!!! He's supposed to be a great teammate and probably is, but can he stop whining about the position change? He said he would do it before they signed Beltran and now that they have, he doesn't want to do it. He reminds me of Archie Bunker when he told Edith it was OK to have her fat cousin from Philly come visit- when he didn't think it was going to happen, and then exploded when he found out she could come a different weekend. Mike, just shut up and play or get out of town. Be a team player, please!

June 4, 2005
I lived in Seattle when Cammy played for the M's. He was not only the classiest guy on and off the field (besides Edgar Martinez), but so fun to watch. I remember the game when he hit 4 HRs off of the White Sox and what would have been his 5th to the warning track. Unbelievable! There was another time when he made two sick plays in the outfield and then I ran into him at a restaurant much later that night. He was sitting very mellow with a bunch of people from Fox Sports. I was so shy and embarrassed to say anything to him, but he could not have been more gracious and kind. Maybe a guy doesn't have to hit .300 with 45 HR and 95 RBI to be a superstar guy.

Frank Grimes
July 27, 2005
The worst two-strike hitter in all of baseball. When he's 0-2 forget about it, he's done. Or any count for that matter with two strikes he's a long shot to even get a sac fly. His defense has been better this year in right and he had a good first month but his average has been sinking ever since and he is as unclutch as they come. When are we going to trade him? Can one of the trade rumors please come true?

flushing flash
August 18, 2005
Refuah shleimah, Mike. All Met fans are praying for your speedy recovery, and we hope to see you back on the field for the stretch run.

Jonathan Stern
September 24, 2005
I haven't seen the footage of Mike's collision with Beltran and do not want to. What I have heard about it is enough. To Mike: wishing you many more years of good health and baseball.

flushing flash
November 17, 2005
What a shame that our last vision of Cammy as a Met will be of him smashing faces with Carlos Beltran. I'm happy the Mets got Xavier Nady, though. He can play several positions and looks like a good young player, plus we save $7m of Cammy's salary. All Met fans wish you good luck in San Diego, Mike, and come back healthy and sound.

November 23, 2005
Sorry to see Cameron move on. Had some pop in this bat, a good glove, and some speed on the base paths. He also seemed like a good guy. We probably could have gotten more in return, but this was obviously a salary dump on the part of Minaya.

April 12, 2006
He replaced Ken Griffey Jr.; that would be like trying to replace Joe Paterno or Larry Bird. Not only did he do a good job, he became one of the most beloved Mariners of all time.

The worst day for me was when the Mariners let him go to the Mets. Not only did he always play hard, but he is a great guy for the clubhouse. If you have Cameron on your team, you are lucky, his skills may be declining and he may not be the best hitting center fielder, but the guy never mails it in and always does what he can to help the team. I would take Cameron back to the Mariners without hesitation. I still think he has some good years left in him.

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