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Endy Chavez
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Endy Chavez
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Endy Chavez
Endy Chavez
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 427 of 1043 players
Endy de Jesus Chavez
Born: February 7, 1978 at Valencia, Venezuela
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 5.10 Weight: 155

Endy Chavez was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on February 1, 2008.


First Mets game: April 6, 2006
Last Mets game: September 28, 2008

Share your memories of Endy Chavez


Wally Dykstra
April 28, 2006
This guy hits worse than Rey Ordonez. I think almost all of the few hits he has in April are either bunts or infield hits. Is it me, or does his bat look like it's too heavy for him?

Jane Jarvis
May 10, 2006
Chavez had a game for the ages the other night, in the Mets' 4-3, 12-inning win over the Bucs at Shea. Not only did Endy have four hits (he also reached on an error in the 8th when he hit a sharp grounder that nailed Pirates SS Jack Wilson in the, uh, 'cup'), but he also made a spectacular catch late in the game to rob a hit, diving full out between the on coming Beltran and Matsui. Mets folklore in the making, if ye ask me.

Dave in CT
May 10, 2006
Infield hits or bunts, it all counts and if he comes around to score, I don't care how he got on base. Endy has turned out to be a pleasant surprise. He has shown unexpected power and his play in the field has been impeccable. I don't know if he can hold up as an everyday player, but I will take him in a heartbeat. A good team guy and a solid player.

David Klein
July 12, 2006
Other than Jose Valentin he's the most pleasant surprise for the Mets. Chavez can hit a bit and can run, and has one of the strongest outfield arms I've ever seen.

Mr. Sparkle
August 19, 2006
When he was in the Mets minor league system a few years ago, he wasn't much of a prospect and it was no big deal that they lost him. He reminded me of Ricky Otero. He didn't do too much in Montreal and Philly. When we signed him in spring training this year, I wasn't thrilled about him coming off the bench. Once again I was wrong. He has been a great asset filling in for Nady and Floyd when they got hurt and has been pretty clutch. He's this year's Desi Relaford, only I think Endy can continue this in years to come, unlike Relaford.

Keep it up Endy.

September 15, 2006
If Chavez were hitting .240 this season I would still consider him a good pickup based solely on his defense. His arm and jumps on fly balls have been great to watch all year long. But when his .300-plus average and clutch hitting are added to the equation, the Chavez pickup jumps from good to great. I expected less than nothing from Chavez this season, and now I expect him to have an impact in the postseason. Crazy...

September 28, 2006
I have to admit, if there is any reason why the Mets have been so good this year, part of the credit has to go to Chavez. From shagging flyballs to legging out doubles, he has been a real pleasant surprise. Keep it up Endy.

October 8, 2006
He's been solid all year for us filling in nicely when he's needed. Great pick-up Omar.

October 20, 2006
Endy made one of the great catches in post-season history in Game 7 of the NLCS against the Cardinals, robbing a 2-run home run from Scott Rolen in the 6th inning that would have given the Cardinals a 3-1 lead. On a full sprint to the left field fence, he leaped and reached high above the fence to catch the ball in the webbing as his glove snapped backwards. He quickly threw the ball to 2B Jose Valentin who relayed it to Carlos Delgado to double up Jim Edmonds at first and end the inning. An unforgettable play that deserved a much happier ending, as the Mets season ended in a 3-1 loss.

Endy Chavez was a key part of the 2006 team and always a fan favorite at Shea. EN-DY CHA-VEZ!!!!!

Mr. Sparkle
November 10, 2006
Endy made arguably the greatest catch in Mets history and it will forever be a bad memory.

December 6, 2006
The Memory of the catch will endure long after the sting of the loss has faded. Twenty years hence, we will always remember Endy Chavez's '06 performance with a smile.

Thank You Endy Chavez. You got heart

Steven Gallanter
December 6, 2006
Not only did Endy make a marvelous catch he made a wonderful throw. If you watch the replay closely it can be seen that Endy spun the ball in his hand to insure that his fingers were across the seams, thus insuring an accurate throw.

Endy also raced to the foul line on at least 2 hits that hit the riser for the box seats.

Not only does Endy have excellent speed he is also the kind of heady, smart player who is a joy to watch!

January 6, 2007
Like Ron Swoboda and the late Tommie Agee's catches in the 1969 World Series, Endy's catch was simply amazing. Unfortunately, it didn't parlay into a pennant with Beltran going down on strikes to end it. But we'll have Endy's catch to remember in the offseason. Looking forward to more great moments in 2007. Endy will be a fan favorite at Shea thanks to that catch.

Jonathan Stern
April 24, 2007
I've often stated that Shea's "Monument Park" features little guys like Weis, Swoboda, Pratt, etc. Between his amazing play in the 2006 NCLS and today's drag-bunt, game-winning-RBI, Chavez is making his case to join the ranks of those old Mets. Definitely a fan favorite, for good reason.

Shickhaus Franks
July 17, 2007
2 years before he made "the Catch"; he was a part of Shea history as he was the last Montreal Expos batter in 2004. He grounded out to 2nd on October 3, 2004 as the Mets beat the Expos 8-1.

August 7, 2007
I remember game 7 of the NLCS like if it was yesterday. I was in the upper deck behind third base, so we had a good look at Endy's catch. My whole section and the entire stadium went nuts. My friends were smacking each other's heads with the rally towels that were handed to the fans prior to the game. Everyone was high fiving and hugging strangers. Diamond vision kept on replaying the catch every second while the Cards were taking the field and every time the catch was played, the crowd just roared again and again. No one at Shea thought we could lose that night.

Mrs. Met
August 7, 2007
Endy, thank you so much for that catch during the playoffs! That is something that I will never forget! I remember screaming at the TV with Pure joy. You are missed Endy, get well soon!

October 6, 2007
Endy chavez made the most spactacular catch I have ever seen in game 7 of the 2007 NLCS. I know that they lost the game but I wish I was there to see the catch in person not on televison

October 8, 2007
I'm sorry about the passing of his sister which is much worse that any baseball game loss. I'm sure he'll regroup and provide that spark that was missed much of the 2007 season.

Gets by Buckner
December 11, 2008
I just heard this morning that he was traded. The Mets needed to make this trade and like all Met fans, we will always remember that incredible catch in game 7 of the 2006 NLCS. He was a fan favorite and will be missed. The Mets need a roster shake-up desperately!! Go Mets!

October 11, 2009
Endy was a smart ballplayer. But it made sense to trade him away, since the Mets want a roster of players with absolutely no baseball instincts.

January 21, 2011
That catch was probably the greatest I have ever seen in such a game. That game occurred on my birthday and I really thought the Mets were going to win it all. However, it unfortunately didn't happen which broke my heart, but I will forever remember Endy for that catch, and for being one of the best defensive outfielders ever. Had he been a better hitter and started every day, he would have easily won many Gold Gloves. Best of luck to you, Endy, I've heard all about the recent injuries and I hope you are doing well and still making sensational catches... as long as it's not against the Mets.

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