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Ruben Gotay
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Ruben Gotay
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Ruben Gotay
Ruben Gotay
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 642 of 1043 players
Ruben A. Gotay
Born: December 25, 1982 at Rio Piedras, P.R.
Throws: Right Bats: Both
Height: 5.11 Weight: 160

Ruben Gotay was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on March 28, 2008, September 21, 2010, December 3, 2010, and September 2, 2012.

2b ss 3b

First Mets game: April 30, 2007
Last Mets game: September 30, 2007

Nephew of Julio Gotay

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Joe Figliola
May 24, 2007
Gotay needs to demonstrate more aggressiveness on defense. A great example of this took place in the first inning of the Mets/Brewers game on 12 May. Tony Gwynn hit a hard grounder to Gotay's left that could not been more than five feet from him. He let it go. Had Valentin, Easley or even Anderson Hernandez been at second base, that ball likely would have been knocked down and an out would have been achieved. But Gotay let it go and the fans let him have it for the lack of hustle.

It's warning signs like Gotay's "statue of Liberty" play that lead to bad losses like the Mets suffered that afternoon.

Rhaysa Michelle Gotay
May 24, 2007
Hey baby you're the best you know that. Love u so much your baby sister. I'm very proud of u besosssss TE AMOOOOO tu hermanita ..

Jamey Bumbalo
June 5, 2007
His defense is fine and as of yesterday (June 4) he's hitting above .300. I'm ready to forget about Jose Valentin, who is good but is in the downside of his career, and give Gotay more of a chance. His uncle was a fine player, too.

June 29, 2007
Gotay has certainly surprised me. At first I didn't like giving away Keppinger but knowing we got Gotay in that trade made me feel better about it. He is a decent player and as of right now I'd pick him over Valentin!

Marlboro Man
July 17, 2007
Gotay needs to get more playing time at this point. He hasn't stopped hitting since they put him in (though it's a small sample size). A semi-platoon with Easley would be best, put Valentin on the bench.

August 5, 2007
All he does is hit, (his d is very shaky though) but with the trade for Luis Castillo sadly he's going back to the bench while hitting .350

Mrs. Met
August 14, 2007
I like Gotay, he has a spark in him. I feel comfortable with him at second, and if Castillo (knock on wood) should ever get hurt, Gotay hits and fields well enough to fill the gap. Albeit he does need some fielding tips, but Easley has the same margin of error in that respect.

Menachem G. Jerenberg
March 28, 2008
Seems a shame he's being dropped in favor of a journeyman (Clark) or a washout (Tatis).

Mets fan in Maine
April 3, 2008
Gotay definitely got screwed by the Mets...twice. The first time was when they acquired and gave a big contract to Luis Castillo, who gets hurt a lot and who is certainly on the downside of his career. The second time was when they waived him. He would have contributed more to the team than some of the washed-up has-beens on the roster.

armando looper
June 10, 2008
Terrible injustice when he was dropped for Brady Clark on the roster, simply because Willie didn't like him. He joins the Heath Bell club in that respect. He is now a Brave and hits against the Mets every chance he gets. I really liked him as a Met and he has become the only Brave I will ever root for.

Mr. Sparkle
June 17, 2008
Currently hitting .200 with one RBI in 40 ABs spanning 44 games for the Braves. He was a marginal player that I couldn't believe everyone was so upset over losing. He would not have helped the Mets win one additional game this year. Their bench is pathetic as it is and Gotay would not have made it any better.

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