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Kirk Nieuwenhuis
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Kirk Nieuwenhuis
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Kirk Nieuwenhuis
Kirk Nieuwenhuis
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 914 of 1043 players
Kirk Robert Nieuwenhuis
Born: August 7, 1987 at Ripon, Cal.
Throws: Right Bats: Left
Height: 6.03 Weight: 210

Kirk Nieuwenhuis was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on July 13, 2015.


First Mets game: April 7, 2012
Last Mets game: October 31, 2015

Winner of Sterling award, 2009. (St. Lucie Mets)

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Hot Foot
April 20, 2012
How can Terry Collins possibly bench this guy when Andres Torres comes back from his calf injury? He's doing a great job and so far he's proven he belongs in center field (at least against RHP). If they send him back to the minors when Torres comes back, then someone's gotta whack Torres in the calf with a lead pipe.

Get's by Buckner
April 24, 2012
I know he has made a few rookie mistakes but I really like this guy! I too hope Collins doesn't bench him. He is gritty, can really hustle and adds a spark to the lineup!!!

April 26, 2012
Please, Hot Foot, let's not start a Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan kind of thing here. But I do see your point. Kirk is showing that he belongs at the major league level. The Mets will keep him on the roster once Torres comes back if they had any common sense. I'd rather have a player that will produce continually instead of one that gets injured in the first game of the season.

Hot Foot
May 4, 2012
I have faith he'll stay in the lineup as long as he keeps hitting and playing the way he does. He's become my favorite Met because he's like a throwback to the 86 team. Watching him in center is like seeing Lenny Dykstra out there all over again. That's who he reminds me of, because he plays hard like Lenny. When Bay comes back they'll have to play Kirk in center and use Torres as Bay's late innings defensive replacement or as a pinch runner. Sorry Andres. And sorry for the previous comment. I like Andres Torres; he's just not as good as Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Kirk's bat has pop (I'm sure it's not corked like Lenny's was) and he plays baseball like it oughta be played. I hope to see him in center field (or either corner position) for years to come.

June 17, 2013
With one out in the bottom of the ninth of a particularly dreadful game against the equally dreadful Cubs, I switched off the TV after Buck swung and missed pathetically at a strike 2 pitch. Who's coming up? Quintanilla and Nieuwenhuis? Game Over. Figuring Byrd's leadoff HR was only a tease, I went out to enjoy a beautiful Father's Day day. Figures.

Jonathan Stern
June 17, 2013
So I'm sitting in front of yesterday's Mets game, watching my team make little league mistakes, resigned to Terry Collins getting fired, haunted by a New York Post article stating that the Mets are on pace to lose 101 games, feeling as sick as I felt after recently having a bad fast food burger. Then, in the bottom of the 9th, with my heroes trailing 3-0, I'm thinking that another loss was a given. What do the Metsies do? Marlon Byrd hits a solo home run, then after the Mets load the bases, Kirk Nieuwenhuis (he of the .077 batting average) hits a walkoff Grand Slam and I'm screaming like we just won the World Series.

The Mets may still lose 101 games and Terry Collins will probably be fired soon, but it's moments like these that make me addicted to this basically pathetic, mismanaged baseball team. Kirk Nieuwenhuis, you rock!

August 11, 2015
Can't believe he is the first Met player ever to hit 3 home runs at a home game!

September 9, 2015
Will Kirk's game winning homer off the bench and out of nowhere off Johnathan Papelbon on Sept. 8 be the catalyst for the last three weeks of the season and into the postseason or just another nice memory before inevitable disappointment? Impossible to tell now obviously but what a homer by Kirk. You never could have scripted it like that.

What a clutch homer vs the Nats in 1 of the most important games of the 2015 season! Captain Kirk hasn't had a big role with the team since 2012, but the guy has certainly had his clutch moments! Also, props to him for being the first Met to hit 3 homers in a home game.

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