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Ed K
July 23, 2007
Poor Terrel! He is one of at least five players who made it to the Mets roster during a regular season but never got in a game. The other four are: Jerry Moses in 1975, Mac Suzuki in 1999, Justin Spier in 2001, and Anderson Garcia in 2006. These four, however, all played elsewhere in the majors at some point. Terrel never got the chance.

Terrel was drafted in the fourteenth round by the Mets in 1984 but chose to go to WSU in his home state. Three years later, he was drafted again in the fourteeth round but this time by the Expos. He broke in as a pitcher but became an inf-of and kicked around five or six farm systems in a thirteen-year minor-league career that included over 200 homers and ended with the Chico Outlaws in an independent league in California in 1999. He played with Tidewater (Norfolk) in 1991 and 1992.

Terrel's only major league stint happened mid-week on April 29-30, 1992 when the Mets were finishing a homestand against the Astros. Vince Coleman was on the DL and the Mets called him up to sit on the bench wearing #21. Both games were one-run games and Terrel did not get in either one. Vince Coleman was activated from the DL for the roadtrip starting in Atlanta on May first, Terrel was sent down to AAA never to return to the bigs.

Terrel's short stay on a MLB bench doesn't qualify to get him in but I believe it does get him a small pension from the Baseball Players Association. I wonder if he stood by the players strike during the 1995 spring training or did he seek to be a replacement player?

Travis Dowdy
May 4, 2010
Terrel was one of my favorite all time Tidewater Tide players. He got the last hit at the old Met Park and gave me the bat from the last hit because he knew that I didn't like the GM and he wasn't a big fan of Dave Rosenfield at the time himself.

He was traded to Montreal after that off season and their AAA team played the Tides in the home opener and he also got the first hit at Harbor Park. Before the game I was talking to him and had him autograph the bat he gave me the previous season and joked with him that if he got the first hit if he would give me that bat as well. He said "Why not?" and ended up getting the first hit. Unfortunately my seat was on the home side and I didn't get over there until he had already left the field and gone to the clubhouse. But his claim to fame has got to be the fact that he has the last hit at Met Park and the first hit at Harbor Park.

He was a class act and I was so mad at the Mets for not giving him a fair chance to win a roster spot at the major league level, because he had all the potential to be a solid major leaguer but they let him rot in AAA until he was too old for another team to give him a chance.

September 27, 2010
In one of the two games he got to see as a Met, Terrel was going to be a pinch-hitter. However, Jeff Torborg changed his mind and let Mackey Sasser hit for himself.

August 11, 2015
To answer the above query, Terrel Hansen did indeed play in the replacement spring training for the Mariners.

From the reports it seems he was very outspoken about why he did it. Mostly because the players union did not seem to care about those not on the 40 man roster. He also saw it as a chance to show his skills.

I wonder had his cup of coffee been longer, if he had gotten any at bats, if his choice might have been different.

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