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Jeff Torborg
Jeff Torborg
Jeffrey Allen Torborg
Born: November 26, 1941 at Plainfield, N.J.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.00 Weight: 195

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Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Manager 1992 - 1993

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Anthony J Reccoppa
March 29, 2001
What can you say...the national league baffled him to no end. He made more stupid double switches in his short time here than anyone. it only took 1-1/2 seasons to have the front office figure out it made a big mistake in hiring this guy.

Coach HoJo 20
March 31, 2001
I hate this guy with a passion. Without a doubt one of the worst managers ever. Definitely the worst in Mets history. Being the worst must be a Torborg family trademark. He has a son who worked for WCW as the Kiss Demon and boy was he the worst wrestler in that company. Dale Torborg put me to sleep every time he wrestled.

Torborgs stink!!

May 24, 2001
I hate Torborg more than any previous Mets manager. Even more than Dallas Green. Torborg was completely clueless. There is one game that epitomizes everything I hated about Torborg. In the first inning, the leadoff hitter for the Mets got a single. The second batter up stares at the 3rd base coach for a while and then squares to bunt. Foul ball. I assumed he was bunting for a hit. Wrong. He squares again and sacrifices the runner to second. This idiot Torborg was playing for one run IN THE FIRST INNING!!!! What a moron!!! Of course, the Mets didn't score and ended up losing the game. That was the absolute dumbest play I'd ever seen a manager call. He was the worst.

Happy Recap
May 31, 2001
If any further proof was needed that the Montreal Expos are a doomed franchise, we got that proof today. They fired Felipe Alou as manager and signed Jeff Torborg to a three-year contract to replace him.

Torborg actually seems like a nice man. And he has a grandson who's a pig. (Don't ask me! He said so himself during a Mets-Marlins broadcast on Fox Family last week.) But he has no business managing a major league baseball team. He completely lost control of the Mets clubhouse when he was at Shea in 1992 and 1993. It took the Mets years to recover from the damage done by Torborg, Al Harazin, and Dallas Green. Torborg won't last three years in Montreal. And the Expos probably won't either.

I'm sure, however, that the pig is proud that his grandfather is back in a big-league dugout.

August 19, 2001
One word, six syllables...BOOOOOOOOOOOO. His entrance into the organization helped bring about our downfall in the early 90's that lasted for the greater part of the decade. To top it off, he gave his WCW sucking, Kiss Demon wanna-being son a job as a hitting instructor, which will forever label Jeff as a bad decision maker.

a mets fan
April 4, 2002
Often Mets fans remember him as a stupid move guy, who made the worst decisions of probably any Mets manager in history. I remember a game where it was the bottom of the 9th inning and the Mets were winning and Cone was about to pitch a complete game and this jerk decided put in Pena who was awful all year and always gave up runs. And the Mets had blown the win because of Torborg's stupid decision.

clubhouse report
May 12, 2002
Unworthy of the venom of most of these comments. Torborg was saddled with a bunch of overpriced underachievers who basically quit on him. Much better suited to a younger, hungrier team such as his White Sox clubs which gave Tony LaRussa's A's all they could handle. Also a class act who once, long after his Mets managerial run, on a Mets pre-game interview said, "I was walking past the Mets Hall of Fame by the Diamond Club and saw all the busts -- they should have one for me -- I was the biggest bust in Mets history!"

Larry Burns
May 30, 2002
Without question the WORST manager in the history of the franchise. He was completely overmatched by the likes of Jim Leyland. He managed as if he were coaching a Little League team---small ball at the worst moments, looking for a huge rip from light hitting shortstops. He let the inmates run the asylum and lost control of the team from a psychological point. He blamed his appearance on FAN for problems---good job from a "leader" blame those around you for your failures--that will certainly rally the troops. If he were George Washington he would have written a book stating that his plan was perfect but the Minutemen suck so we still are owned by England. I would not hire him to manage an Arby's unless I wanted it to go out of business with as much acrimony and bitterness as humanly possible.

September 23, 2002
Every time I go to a Marlins game and something goes wrong and he pops out of the dougout all I yell is "It's all Lupica's fault". I know he hears me because my kids T-Ball games draw better then the Marlins. And to think the Marlins just announced they are bringing him back for the 2003 season. Why you ask? Because he is owed a Million and a half for next season.

October 16, 2003
Marlins start season with Torborg as manager. Marlins end season in the World Series. Torborg gets canned in the spring, and watches all this on TV. Best move the Marlins made: to dump this clown.

Jonathan Stern
November 10, 2003
Oh, man. The Marlins win the World Series! The Marlins win the World Series!

I'll never forget the day I joined with the Shea fans in booing a Torborg Mets Mastercard commercial shown on the Diamondvision. You know - the one where he repeatedly snaps his fingers and disappears whenever a reporter shows up.

I'll also never forget how he looked during his last weeks on the job. I have never seen anyone crumble so badly in the public eye, not even Walter Mondale. Torborg must have aged twenty years in only 1.3 seasons. He looked morbid. I almost felt sorry for him.

Still, Torborg (unlike Harrelson) came in with experience and was asked to manage a talented team. The Mets NEVER played well while he was there (at least Buddy left with a winning record), while a few key players behaved atrociously off the field to boot. Might be a nice guy. But Jeff Torborg was definitely the worst Mets manager ever. Even he might agree.

September 24, 2004
They called him "Jeff From Flushing" for all his appearances on WFAN radio.

Clueless about leading the Mets. Hung John Franco out to dry on the air, and let Vince Coleman (of all people) push him around. Better suited to be a college coach.

However, his replacement, while more fiery, was no improvement.

Actually followed the Mets in 92-93
May 11, 2005
All these clowns and Monday-morning-QB's, evidently are absolutely without a clue when it comes to baseball - particularly the 92-93 Mets. If you recall, that team was laden with a collection of some of the biggest prima donnas ever assembled. On top of that, all the hoopla of the free agent signings during the winter of 91-92 (Bobby Bonilla, Bret Saberhagen, etc.) fizzled almost immediately with awful years by those guys. Additionally, supposed 'leaders' of those teams, such as Vince Coleman, led by 'supreme' example by showing up his manager on national tv by turning and screaming at his manager who had run out to argue in his favor, as well as try to keep him from getting run from the game - great veteran leadership there! All Torborg's fault?

Just look at what Torborg did with the White Sox only two years before his stint with the hapless Mets: one of the greatest win-total turn-arounds in history, by taking the youngest team in baseball to 94 wins in 1990, second only to the great LaRussa-run A's team (and, incidently earning Torborg the AL Manager of the Year Award in '90). Yeah, the horse-crap Mets of 92-93 were entirely Torborg's fault. Can you say 'scapegoat'?!

Joe From Jersey
November 29, 2005
I actually felt sorry for poor Jeff; he had no idea what he was getting into once he arrived at Shea. His situation with those clowns (Bret, Grucci Coleman, Tupac Bonilla) is like you're told to fight a major forest fire and you're handed only a glass of water. Thank goodness that those 3 didn't decide to take up pro wrestling because son Dale woulda been waiting backstage with a steel chair.

January 3, 2006
Last home game of the 1992 season. I'm in the upper deck in short left field. At the end of the game they show a season highlight video on the diamondvision. The crowd is reacting to the video booing some things and cheering others. I'm just getting more and more steamed as I, like everyone else, had high hopes for 1992. Suddenly the screen is filled with Torborg's face and the crowd hesitates, wanting to be fair. I couldn't take it anymore. I cupped my hands around my mouth and let out this short, loud, BOO! and the crowd cracks up. I like to think that my booing Torborg had something to do with his quick demise the following season. Like a powerful but slow acting curse. But then again I keep booing President Bush and nothing happens.

Jared K
August 12, 2006
I'll have to agree with the Torborg defenders on here. To quote Dallas Green, his replacement, you can't make chicken salad out of chicken s--t! And that's exactly what his 92-93 squad was! Eddie Murray, Bobby Bonilla, Vince Coleman, Jeff Kent, Bret Saberhagen, a long past his prime and completely coked out and useless Doc Gooden... how could anybody even ROOT for these a-holes much less manage them???? Man, forget the mid 70s to early 80's... the early 90s were the truly dark days of Mets baseball!

Bob Inzerillo
February 22, 2007
Mike Lupica of the Daily News said it best when he started to refer to Jeff Torborg as "Jeff From Flushing". Torborg kept turning up on WFAN radio for interviews. It was unbelievable - but not as unbelievable as it was that Torborg even got the Mets managerial job to begin with.

He was the manager of the White Sox and Chicago granted the Mets permission to offer him the job. It was more like the White Sox begging the Mets to take him off of their hands, much like the A's did when they "allowed" the Mets to pursue Art Howe a decade later. There's a saying that goes something like, "Beware of friends bearing gifts." The Mets fell for it twice.

He was supposed to be this great communicator who had team meeting to go over the fundamentals and kept players on their toes. Complete nonsense. Under Torborg the Mets, with a huge payroll, sunk into the bottom of the NL East and Torborg made nothing but excuses for them while the whole bunch of them went wild in the locker room with absolutely no discipline from the manager. Vince Coleman was shooting off fireworks aimed at fans, Bret Saberhagen was filling "super soaker" water guns with bleach and shooting at reporters, Bobby Bonilla was threatening reporters ("I'll show you the Bronx") and wearing earplugs in the outfield - it was such a disaster.

It took the Mets several years to return to credibility after Torborg was done after less than 2 years at the helm. Thank you, Jeff from Flushing.

October 1, 2008
When the Mets traded for Bill Pecota, Torborg said that the fans were going to love this guy. It has been said that managers like players who were similar to them in talent. Both Pecota and Torborg were no hit mediocrities who were strictly bench fodder. One game early in the season Torborg had Pecota batting third. During an April game in the first inning both Coleman and Willie Randolph reached base with no outs and Torborg had Pecota bunt! If you believe this guy can handle the third slot why are you having him bunt? I knew then that Torborg was not a major league manager.

December 11, 2008
I followed every game during the Torborg reign, and he, GM, and ownership should share the blame. I don't care if he had a prima donna team, he was clueless...a deer in headlights, and idealistic college coach. New York ate him alive.

50 year fan
November 28, 2014
He was one of the worst of the "stay positive" guys that dominate baseball now. The team was last in triples and first in triples allowed. That just screams - no hustle!

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