Steve Albert
Steve Albert

Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Broadcaster 1979 - 1981

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flushing flash
April 22, 2002
Let us reminisce about Steve Albert's signature home run call:


And then there was the ball hit at Wrigley Field in early 1981 that got stuck in the ivy:


Larry Burns
June 6, 2002
He was an awful announcer. He had the tough task of replacing Lindsey Nelson, which would have been tough for a talented announcer. Instead he brought some lowbrow observations delivered in a dry sardonic voice. It was like eating a sugarless bubble gum sandwich. I remember being hopeful that games would be on SportsChannel because he did not announce them. I guess he could never get over that he was less talent than his freaky, kinky brother Marv. But I do fondly remember that he was replaced by Lorn Brown. I could not believe in the universe, there was another announcer who was worse than Steve-a-roonie, but lo and behold they found him. What is Steve doing now?

June 7, 2002
I was a kid when he worked for the Mets but I thought he was great. I liked his trademark "HE'S OUT"

Joe Figliola
September 17, 2002
I didn't mind Steve Albert in the booth. I thought he was enthusiastic and he seemed geared towards making the Mets an interesting bunch to the younger Mets fans.

After he left in 1981, I was over my friend Jimmy's house to watch the Mets play the Expos. He went to the bathroom. Someone on the Mets got an extra-base hit and I just went completely bonkers on the play. I did this wild announcing job and then I heard Jimmy yell from the bathroom, "Hey, Steve Albert, will you shut up?!"

The Mets won the game 1-0. Thanks for the three years, Steve!

December 23, 2002
He grated on Ralph Kiner beyond end. Ralph's announcing really suffered those years because he disliked his partner so much. Kiner finally snapped back when he was teamed with Tim McCarver.

The Mook
December 6, 2003
Marv-Lite was hampered by the shadows of his brother and Lindsey Nelson. He was further hurt by the fact that he tried to be funny and insightful and was neither, which gradually grated on Kiner until Kiner seemed to talk to him as if he was a fetid rotting pile of dung. He atually started out OK, but as time went on, devolved into a major Putz. The originator of the John Pacella "Cap-count."

Wasn't too bad as a basketball/hockey guy.

Bob Frey
October 24, 2004
I grew up next door to Steve. I was a few years younger than him, but I got to know him very well. With all the fuss of Marv becoming famous, and Alan also nearly becoming an NHL player, I was always pretty excited about hanging around Steve. It was as much my dream come true as it was his when he became part of the Mets broadcast team. I never saw Steve again after that although I did run into Alan at a few Nuggets games.

One thing I must say with all truth, in all the years I annoyed Steve (usually he would be outside with his friends and I would come along pestering him) he never ever told me to leave him alone or anything like that - He was genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever known in my life. I wish his stint with the Mets had lasted as he has proven himself to be an excellent broadcaster in many other areas of the sports world.

Jonathan Stern
January 20, 2005
Steve "Not-Marv" Albert. Sad, but true. I vaguely remember a guy who looked a bit like Marv, talked a bit like Marv... and put me to sleep within seconds. True, these were the dog days of the Joe Torre Mets, but other announcers made the early 90's Mets work for me on some level. Beyond the similarities to his brother, Albert had all the pizazz and appeal of a bowl of jello.

I will say, though, that he did pretty well in his brief stint as Nets' radio play-by-player.

Paul Roper
May 10, 2007
Steve is currently the TV announcer for the New Orleans Hornets.

June 25, 2008
In his first season as a Mets' broadcaster, Steve often pointed out that he wanted to be on the air for a very unusual baseball moment. Soon enough, a game he was covering ran into, of all things, a fog delay and could not be continued. I guess he got his wish.

In '86, he was in the locker room covering the division championship celebration for the Channel 9 News. Just as he was about to interview Lee Mazzilli, somebody threw shaving cream all over his face. Back in the studio, his brother Al said that he never looked so good.

Quality Met
November 23, 2015
I thought Steve did just fine as a Mets announcer. A replacement for Lindsey Nelson, it had to be a challenge for him as the team's first new booth member after seventeen years of the same three-men unit. With local fans already familiar with the Albert broadcasting family, Steve was the right person for such an assignment. He handled the task very well.

Although he (and his brother Al) stayed connected with the team from a Channel 9 studio for a few more years, the Mets should have kept Steve on live telecasts from the ballpark. His voice would have been a lot better to hear than that of his successor, Lorn Brown, who was a big flop.

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