Matt Loughlin
Matt Loughlin

Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Broadcaster 1996 - 2005

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May 18, 2002
In the Seinfeld episode in which they try to meet at a theater, Elaine descibes Kramer as a tall lanky doofus with a bird's nest hair. Had Matt Lughlin beeen there they would have pointed towards him. However, unlike Kramer, Loughlin is not funny at all in fact he is unbearably annoying.

Some Matt Loughlin lowlights: swimmimg in the pool at the BOB, sliding down Bernie Brewer's slide, wearing 1970's clothes discarded by John Travolta for 70's night in Chicago.

Mr. Sparkle
May 20, 2002
I have to agree Matt is annoying. I do laugh at him, not because he is funny, but more so because he is a dork. At least Healy was an ex-jock. What's the Mets' excuse for hiring this ankle grabber?

December 24, 2002
I am glad you guys bashed him before I got here. This guy may be THE bushest personality to broadcast NY sports in my watching career (since 1966). I have met him several times. The good news is he is even more of a horses backside in person.

Bob Mercier
June 7, 2003
I feel that Matt Loughlin is a very annoying Mets announcer. I feel that he is one of the worst announcers in Mets history. I just hate so many things about Matt Loughlin. Mainly his voice. I do agree with what that other Mets fan said about Matt Loughlin and the Mets. I wonder as well, what is the Mets' reason for hiring this idiot? Because when watching the Mets games On MSG and Fox SportsNet Matt Loughlin is the only annoying and uncomfortable part of it. I just feel like when he is on the TV I want to put the TV on mute or change the channel.

December 19, 2003
Quite possibly one of the least appropriate things that I have ever seen on daytime cable tv was the responsibility of Matt Laughlin. More than a few years ago (1998 I think) Fran and Howie cut to Matt mid-inning for a little annecdote. At this point, Laughlin indulged us all in a heart-warming story of how all the Mets players sang Happy Birthday to backup catcher Alberto Castillo's daughter.

He told how first the entire team sang to her in English, and then how all the Latino players sang to her in Spanish. Then, he said that Masato Yoshii and Hideo Nomo stepped up to sing and that everyone expected them to sing in Japanese, but instead they sang in the best English they could.

Pretty innocent story, eh? Not bad for idiot Laughlin. (By the way, do you think actually pay him a living wage? Because they definitely shouldn't. A guinea pig could do his job.)

Well, innocent it was not because Laughlin did not merely describe Yoshii and Nomo singing in heavily accented English, he went as far as to immitate their impediment on live television. (He sang "haaappy bafday" etc etc etc).

While I do not believe that Laughlin was trying to make fun of Nomo and Yoshii, it sure seemed like he was. It was quite possibly the most tasteless thing that I have ever seen from a broadcaster, and the moron didnt even realize what he was doing. The tv editors should have cut that before it was broadcast and the Mets should have fired him that evening. Unfortunately, they didn't, and we still have to put up with that idiot for nearly every cable game.

Jonathan Stern
January 18, 2005
You know, I never had a problem with him. Sure the tacky stuff can get a little out of hand, and the above-mentioned business with the Japanese accent does sound offensive. But most of TV sports tends to be lame these days - too much bad humor, too much tastelessness, way too many meaningless graphics. These are only a few of the many reasons why I do not have cable anymore.

But, years ago, I did like Loughlin's work more often than not, Mets and Nets. And the several times I actually heard him call a game, he did, in my opinion, very very well. I don't think he deserves this type of venom even if I would never put him up there with Murphy, Cohen, Kiner, Rose, McCarver, et al.

0riginal mets
May 25, 2005
What is the purpose of this guy? He never says anything that any Mets fan does not already know. I was kind of wishing there would be a hockey season so he could go work for the Devils.

Julie Benkeiser
August 24, 2006
Matt was great with the Mets. He is great with the Devils. He brings humor to the broadcast.

SNY should grab him.

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