Mickey Brantley
Michael Charles Brantley
Born: June 17, 1961 at Catskill, N.Y.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.10 Weight: 180

Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Coach 1999

Mickey Brantley managed the following Mets farm team:
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January 16, 2002
I remember the first day Brantley was hired, he looked like a genious as the Mets bombed the Yanks!!!

March 30, 2002
Just look at the Mets offensive numbers and winning percentage while Brantley was hitting instructor compared to before and since. The numbers speak for themselves. Valentine was not happy when Phillips abruptley replaced one of Valentine's "boys" with Brantley in the middle of the 1999 season. Phillips used Brantley as a bargaining chip with Valentine after the '99 season. Brantley was replaced with another of Valentine's "boys". This is only one example of why the Yankees will always outclass and out win the Mets. The Yankees reward successful members of their organization while the Mets have a GM and Manager who are both willing to sacrifice what's best for the team and what is "right" in order to stroke their own egos and to increase their power within the organization

July 23, 2004
I read an article in the Virginian Pilot re: the call-up of 3rd baseman David Wright. The article mentioned that hitting coach Mickey Brantley has been in town this week. I could not help but wonder whether or not this was the same Mickey Brantley that was from my home town of Catskill, NY. I went to school with his siser Paula. At the time (mid 80's) it was a big thing for a small town / small high school athlete to make it to the big time! Mickey was such a nice guy!

Jonathan Stern
March 8, 2005
The numbers don't lie: the 1999 Mets hit better after Brantley replaced Tom Robson. Then he was gone, and has yet to resurface. He was not a Bobby V. guy, nor was he part of Art Howe's Astros' fraternity. I hope the Mets give him another chance some day.

August 18, 2005
Spoke with Mickey a couple of weeks back and he is for sure the same Catskill, NY guy.

He is with Toronto as their batting coach. Interesting how he did work with Gibbons in NY. Great guy and more importantly, an excellent teacher of hitting.

December 28, 2005
Mickey is a class act. He spends countless hours with the youth in our area and has helped produce many high school standouts like his son Michael. In the time I have known Mickey he has taken my son from a .240 hitter to a .375 hitter. I now have a high-school-age son that enjoys baseball and knows he can achieve but as the dad I am glad Mickey professes you have to be clean off the field before he lets you on the field. School and a positive attitude is what he commands. Does it work? Look at David Wright and new star in the making Mike Jacobs.

May 10, 2006
Spoke with Mickey a couple of weeks back and he is for sure the same Catskill, NY guy.

He is with Toronto as their batting coach. Interesting how he did work with Gibbons in NY. Great guy and more importantly, an excellent teacher of hitting.

September 15, 2006
Mickey has always been a class act. Way back when we were all in High School you knew Mickey was going to go places. He was just a natural gifted athlete. Knowing Mickey's family as I did it was easy to see where such a fine young man came from. Mickey will always be someone I consider a friend and the best thing to come out of Catskill as an professional athlete.

debra singletary
October 14, 2006
I was a classmate of Mickey Brantley at Coastal Carolina. We were in a computer class together. Towards Christmas break, Mickey would write and attempt to sell computer programs to make enough money to travel home. He was a very determined and friendly young man. Glad to know that he is enjoying a successful career.

Rich A
January 30, 2008
Attended "08" Fantasy Camp and had the privilege of having Mickey work with me on hitting. He is one class act, showed true interest and really helped my swing.

Paul Jude Szoke
December 23, 2008
A little known fact about Mickey is he is a heck of a fisherman. I first met him while flounder fishing in Sebastian Inlet, Florida. It was some time in the fall in the mid 90's. He seems to have a honey hole there! Most people fishing around him had a few flounder, while Mickey seemed to limit out! Every year the same thing. This year, 2008, I had 3 flounder and was singing my praises.(Everybody else had maybe one.) I went to clean my fish and there was Mickey with his limit and his son had his! Mickey can hit, Mickey can teach men to hit AND Mickey catches fish. And he's one hell of a nice guy! Good luck in all you do MICKEY!

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