Nelson Doubleday
Nelson Doubleday
Born: July 20, 1933 at Oyster Bay, N.Y.
Died: June 17, 2015 at Locust Valley, N.Y.

Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Chairman of the Board 1980 - 2002

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Fan 5/31/64 to 8/11/94
March 22, 2005
It was the last home stand of the season about '92 or so. The stands were mostly empty, but we were there as usual in our Mezz box seats. Late in the game, Mr. 2B- Day was marching through the Mezz gathering the few that were there to take them to the Field Boxes. As he passed behind us, he yelled for us to join in. We waved him off and turned back to the watch the game.

Suddenly, he was next to me. Again, he wanted us to follow him downstairs. After politely declining several times, I pointed out to him that I was in my home. I pointed out that the plaque on the box bore my name and had done so for over decade at that point. He didn't get it.

That was one problem that I had all those years. Almost every team in the majors treated the folks who went every day particularly special. The Mets never even acknowledged our existence. The price of the Big Apple, perhaps. No big deal, but it's my only memory of the man and someone needed to add something here.

July 21, 2005
Reportedly, he couldn't stand Fred Wilpon's son Jeff. Considered Jeff arrogant and despised the fact that Fred was grooming him for ownership. Nelson, that makes you an OK guy in my book. Let me buy you a beer.

April 19, 2007
Whatever happened to this man? He was a good owner until the end. I would like to know where is he now and if he is in good health?

Jonathan Stern
August 28, 2007
Midway during the infamous 1993 season, Doubleday and Wilpon held a press conference in which Doubleday told the reporters, "You don't have to tell us that we've stunk it up badly. We know!" I think this was after Vince Coleman threw the firecracker, but I could be wrong.

Chris Bergin
April 6, 2012
My mom worked for the VP of Doubleday Publishing while Mr Doubleday was captain of industry. I had the honor of being around a giant. I remember when he bought the Mets in 1980. At that time he was a large stakeholder in the Islanders. He is a true fan of baseball though. He would listen to baseball on the radio, like any one of us. His heart was for the Dodgers in my opinion but he is Mr Baseball in my heart. Mr Doubleday loved his team and all of his people. My understanding is he sold Doubleday publishing to better it, to save it, and he thought he did the right thing.

Each year he invited numerous people to opening day. Even after he sold Doubleday, he invited the Doubleday Publishing gang to every opening day and to a Christmas party each year.

Later in life I joined the Marines and my mom had moved on as well. She always stayed in contact with the gang over the years. I was stationed by the grace of God back in NYC for three years. I asked my mom if she could inquire about us renting the picnic area. Nelson set up my unit with picnic area and a catered lunch. Yes he was a friend but let me tell you it was appreciated by all. We tried several times to thank him and finally had to corner him.

A humble NYC giant is the man I have come to admire. A leader among men in front of the team and behind the scenes. Boy does he love the fans. Nelson had a super box but chose to sit by the field. He hated when cameras would focus on him. I recall him actually telling WPIX no cameras on him. Very funny man. I can not recall one bad moment out of hundreds around him. Now he is loving the minor leagues!!

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